Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Tonight I've got for you an assortment of covers from various 1950's Pocket Magazines that featured 1950's actresses that rocked our world at one point or another!
Most pocket sized magazines were 5 1/2" tall by 4 1/4" wide, and came out weekly. Some of them were news worthy and some of them were pretty sleazy. Amazingly, they didn't normally have any advertising in them. The name pocket sized comes from the fact that they were literally made for men to be able to slip them into their pocket, so they could catch up on information as the week went on, kinda like cell phones today!
All these magazines are from my personal collection!
There is no order, but the magnificent Mara Corday is a real good place to start!
Mara was in three of our favorite movies, "Tarantula," "The Giant Claw," and "The Black Scorpion," and this cover reminds me how much I need to go back and watch all three of them again!

When she was thirteen, Terry Moore was in "A-Haunting We Will Go" with Laurel and Hardy, and when she was twenty, she was Jill Young in "Mighty Joe Young," and she is currently working in three films! What a gal! In the 70's, she claimed that she was a secret wife of Howard Hugh's after the billionaire had passed away, and I have no reason to doubt her!
Terry was also in the two very crazy films, "The Great Rupert" and "A Man Called Dagger."

The amazing Ava Gardner was in more than a couple of great flicks like "The Killers" in 1946, and "Earthquake," in 1974!

Martha Hyer was in so many great movies like "Riders To The Stars," and "Pyro...The Thing Without A Face," but my favorite film of hers is "House Of 1,000 Dolls."

Lilli, Lilli, Lilli! 
We love Lilli Palmer for her roles in films like "Chamber Of Horrors," "Only The Cool," and "Murders In The Rue Morgue." 
This cover picture doesn't really do her beauty justice! 

I do not believe that Linda Darnell is capable of taking a bad photo. She's just that pretty! Linda was in "Hangover Square," with Laird Cregar, and "It Happened Tomorrow." It was such a shame that she died at the age of 41.

Sheree North was in "Destination Inner Space," and with Elvis, John Carradine, and Vincent Price in "The Trouble With Girls."
(Just for the record, that's not a crappy scan, that's how blurry the cover actually is.)

The always intoxicating Mamie Van Doren has had one incredible career that as included such Dungeon classics as
"The Big Operator,"
"The Navy Vs. The Night Monsters,"
"Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet,"
"The Girl In Black Stockings," 
"The Beat Generation,"
and "Girls Guns, And Gangsters!" 

Here's three easy reasons to fall in love with Ruth Roman! 
In 1956 she was in Hitchcock's classic "Strangers On A Train."  In 1963, she was in "The Outer Limits" episode called "Moonstone." In 1974  she was in a film titled "Impulse" with William Shatner as a major weirdo and loser!

Mala Powers looks amazingly gorgeous on the cover of this Tempo magazine!
 Mala was also in an awesome assortment of movies like "City Beneath The Sea," with Suzan Ball, or

Abbe Lane is the only one here that we've never written about before, but we will some day, because she was in an Italian movie in 1960 titled "Il Mio Amico Jekyll," or "My Friend, Dr. Jekyll," and she was also in the 1983 "Twilight Zone" movie in the "Nightmare At 20,000 Feet" segment!
Sure gives me something to look forward to!

And back where we started from, here's another great cover featuring Mara Corday! It just doesn't get much better than that!
Mara Corday is now 89 years old,  Abbe Lane will  be 87 this year, Mamie Van Doren is 88, and Terry Moore is now 90!
 The rest have all passed away but I think the world is a pretty fortunate place to still have those four around! Thanks!


Grant said...

That first cover interests me. Arthur Godfrey evidently got a vasectomy, and went around promoting the subject to show how normal an operation it is. (He might look very straight-laced in any given picture, but he was evidently the first male celebrity to be very open about that subject.)

EEGAH!! said...

Most of the articles are fascinating in some strange way or another. I just read in Yahoo News that Miley Cyrus's pig died, so I guess some things don't change.

Grant said...

I know that Terry Moore became a sort of New Age person, at least when it comes to Howard Hughes himself, claiming to be in spiritual contact with him.
People almost always laugh or get embarrassed when a female celebrity goes in that direction (like of course Shirley MacLaine), but to me it's just one more interesting thing about her.

EEGAH!! said...

No doubt Grant! Hers was definitely the most innocent looking cover in the bunch, but as Bo said, "You can't judge a book by looking at the cover!"

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