Wednesday, July 31, 2019

THE ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR - "Misadventure" (1964)

Tonight's Wacky Wednesday Adventure is courtesy of Grant, who clued me in to it after the "Peter Gunn" post last month that featured Lola Albright!
It's season three, episode eight of "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" from 1964 titled "Misadventure," and the title is a very appropriate description of what the Hell's going on here!

I'll just let you bask in these surrealistic shots from the intro of "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour."


And then to show his wry sense of humour, the opening introduction is done from a kissing both with no patrons!

"Misadventure" starts off in the reflection of a toaster! I could probably just stop here, because that kind of says it all!

No chase scenes, no car crashes, not much action, and only four actors total, and one of them is only on screen for about 30 seconds, so essentially three actors, and one crazy ass story is all it takes!
Lola Albright is Eva Martin, and she's got big problems internally, and externally!

The classic George Kennedy is as classic as ever as Eva's husband George Martin.

The same year George was also in "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte," and "Strait-Jacket," and went on to have almost 200 acting credits!

Lola is looking as good as ever, but she's over her husband and can't wait for him to go off to work so her boyfriend can come over.

But instead..........

.......This freak shows up!

Barry Nelson is Colin, the supposedly madly in love creeper peeper!
Barry was in The Twilight Zone Episode "Stopover In A Quiet Town."

Colin is a seriously messed up dude with a lot of fake mental and physical problems! 
First he's a man from the gas company, but he doesn't feel well, and wants to know if he can take a shower!

Then Eva comes in and he's in her bed!

Now his story changes, and he's a detective hired by her husband to spy on her and her lover!

Then he doesn't feel good again, and tells her that he's been spying on her and that he's deeply in love with her!

They end up having sex, and a plan to get rid of her husband!

Then we find out that he's actually George's very bitter brother with a massive scheme to get rid of his uptight stingy brother once and for all!
You just have to see it!

Alfred has to end up marking down the price of his kisses, and he still doesn't have any customers!
Thanx Grant!!


Grant said...

Thank you for posting it.
This has to be about the best example of a "steamy" episode of the show, when it comes to Nelson and Albright in the early scenes.
It's also funny to see George Kennedy of all people with a sort of "nerdy" look.

EEGAH!! said...

No problem Grant, thank you! And you're absolutely right about George Kennedy. I had never really seen him like that before, and I found Barry Nelson to be extremely creepy as Colin. Good call, thanks again!

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