Tuesday, March 31, 2009

LA MOMIA AZTECA / Mexico - 1957 / Music by Antonio Díaz Conde

Tabonga taking you back to Dungeon favorite spot in time, Mexico 1957!! We already post THE ROBOT vs THE AZTEC MUMMY, which actually is part 3 of Aztec Mummy trilogy! Okay then, here is part 1 tonight... Come back Thursday for part 2!

Whoa, Tabonga feel dizzy!!

And, Senior Monstruo Musica, Antonio Díaz Conde, work on all 3 part. Make sense!

Tabonga' pet tarantula Ralphie chompin' at tiny little bit to... Go, Go, Go, so... Here come tonight great soundclip from the Eegah!!.. SOUNDCLIP NO LONGER AVAILABLE

All 3 flick have this long-ass part where Flora remember she some kind of Princess and make Mummy' life miserable because of curse of grating song that drive you freakin' nuts! Lucky, Eegah!! only put smidgen, but still irritating like HELL!

Not to forget master of mayhem, Jerry Warren... He also use it uncut in his Frankenstein flick, ATTACK OF THE MAYAN MUMMY!


Used to be easy to visit Aztec pyramid! Look like good place for picnic, too!

Everbloody always ask Tabonga... "Is Mummy very ugly?"

Dr. Krupp aka The Bat!

Curse you damn crucifix! ...Ricky!!!

Oops, Flora' dad get blowed up wif' da Mummy! ...Awwwwww!

Goo'night everbloody from le Dungeon!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

THE GHOST GOES GEAR - The Spencer Davis Group - "When I Come Home" (1966)

Here's The Spencer Davis Group with "When I Come Home"!!!

I understand that Stevie Winwood is going to be touring with Eric Clapton this summer! Should be something close to incredible for a couple of old farts!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

DOGORA / Toho - 1964 / Music by Akira Ifukube

In Japan, they say Uchu daikaijû Dogora!.. Whatever that means!

Here, tonight, we have yet another super movie for Sinoland! Of course, the master, Ishirô Honda, directs this 'gem.' There's a pun, there! Plus, there's lots of excellent eye candy for your viewing pleasure!

Everything starts with Japan watching as their satellite is attacked and destroyed by some unknown force in space! Looks like some giant space amoeba, that's pretty creepy.

What can we say about Mr. Akira Ifukube that we already haven't said many times before, the man had 268 composing credits and wrote Godzilla's and Rodan's themes... What else do you need to know?!

So, let's get on with the show! Here's... SOUNDCLIP NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Other strange things are beginning to happen! Check this guy out!! He's been drinking saki, so, he doesn't even know the difference!! Feels pretty damn spiffy, I'd bet!

Here's one of my favorite guys, Robert Dunham! He worked out well whenever Toho needed a blond American wiseguy and he spoke Japanese! He starred in TIME TRAVELERS and THE GREEN SLIME, but, I think he's great as Emperor Antonio of Seatopia, the ruler under the Earth in GODZILLA vs MEGALON, which also featured Jet Jaguar!! Robert also directed TIME TRAVELERS.

Photos of the space creatures, and, a real one eating away at this safe!

Like an atomic blast... Beautiful, but deadly!

The scene where the inspector tries to shoot Mark's handcuff chain, before they are both blown up at the hands of the bad guys, is interesting and pretty damn funny!!

Isn't that just like a beautiful woman, trying to make off with the diamonds when nobody's looking?! Oops, the boss was looking!

Science is left to deal with the monster, so, they give it their best shot. Looks complicated!



The monster is defeated and all the debris falls back to Earth. A fitting end for that murderous gang of crooks!

Everything's okay now, everybody, the skies are clear!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

GIANT FROM THE UNKNOWN - Albert Glasser - "Care Baers" (1958)

The Baer family should have really been called the "Bear" family considering the average size and power of Brothers Max and Buddy Baer, and even, Jethro, I mean Max Baer Jr. What a family!!! Max Baer, at 6'4", and once Heavyweight Champion of the world, with a record of 72-12 with 52 knockouts was the older brother of Buddy Baer who towered over most folks at 6'7", and who also had remarkable Heavyweight boxing career with an awesome record of 50-7 with 43 knockouts, but he could never pull the string when it came down to winning the championship, and it took my main man Joe Louis to stop him, so he went on to play giants and big guys in a lot of films instead, and "Giant From The Unknown" is one of those titan roles!!!!

They just don't make cop cars like this Plymouth anymore, that's for sure!!

Dungeon Icons Morris Ankrum and Bob Steele as Dr. Frederick Cleveland, and Sherriff Parker!! What a pair of guys!!

The local hero is portrayed by none other than Ed Kemmer, who, besides being on every conceivable TV show in the 60's, was also, as you all know, Commander Buzz Corry in 68 episodes of "Space Patrol!"

Look close, and you'll see that the giant wasn't buried that good or that deep!!

The "GIANT" music for this feature was composed by the master of 'Large' music, Albert Glasser himself, who we have written about too many times because of all his varied work with none other than Mr. B.I.G. himself on "BIG" movies like "The Spider," The Cyclops" and "The Amazing Colossal Man" just to name a few!!

And if Buddy wasn't big enough by himself, put a big helmet on him, get a small girl, and put her downhill from him! Just like the "Mysterey Spot" in Santa Cruz!!

Like all the guys in 1958, Buddy really liked Sally!!!

And why not?? Everybody loved Sally!!

For this role, Buddy's makeup was by the master Jack Pierce!!

Don't worry kid, you're only seven feet up, it won't hurt much!!

Richard Cunha should be congratulated for directing this work of fine art!! And here's one final shot of "how many million cowboy movies has he been in" Bob Steele, the effervescent Sally Fraser, and the omnipotent "Doctor, General or Chief" Morris Ankrum!

Ed Kemmer ain't no Joe Louis, but somehow manages to take the giant out for the final count!!!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??