Friday, May 31, 2013

KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS / Arachnid Productions Ltd. - 1977

It's the last day in May 2013 with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. We gots a flick that was filmed in Camp Verde, Arizona with a cost of $500,000 that grossed $17,000,000 just in the US! It stars The Shat in a popular movie trend of the time, spiders and insects gone mad! Here are a few other titles from that time warp... THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION, ANTS, BUG, EMPIRE OF THE ANTS, THE SWARM, THE NEST and DAMNATION ALLEY... Nice Mexican lobby card!

Eegah!! sent over a soundclip of the theme song sung by Dorsey Burnette, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button there by the giant spider web, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's our audio offering for... KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS!

Here's Bill ten years after STAR TREK as cowboy veterinarian, Dr. Robert 'Rack' Hansen. He played a lot of pool as a teenager, when his brother won the game (which was always), it was his job to "rack" up the balls. Here, he's investigating the mysterious death of a neighbor's calf.

Enter love interest Tiffany Bolling as scientist Dr. Diane Ashley, she's getting all cleaned up after arriving in Arizona to do some research. Ironically for this post, Tiffany played the Spider Lady in ELECTRA WOMAN AND DYNA GIRL.

Okay, things are starting to get a little weird around here!..

This crop duster was on its way to kill some spiders with DDT, but, the pilot forgot to check for tarantulas before he took off! When I was a kid I got to see plenty of up-close crop dusting at my cousin's house in the country.

You might want to think twice about moving to Arizona, you know, if you were.

This poor old dude never woke up from his nap!

It's a damn shame when you have to kill a bunch of living creatures for "realism" purposes, that's one thing that really bugs the Hell out of us, here at The Dungeon!

What the?!!..

One of the more interesting parts is where this junker Ford takes out a support beam of the water tower while driving like a maniac trying to get away from the tarantulas! That cop car gets crushed real good.

As we can all see, things don't turn out too well for the people of Camp Verde, looks like Camp Blanco, tarantulas win this one!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

INFERNO PER POCHI DOLLARI - Egisto Macchi -"LSD FLesh Of The Devil" (1967)

Well, since this month has been chock full of psycho-delicacies, I thought I'd wrap it up with a hit of "L.S.D.," so set your psyber feelers on 13, and let's a-go-go!

Literally translated it's "Hell For A Few Dollars," or a few dollars more! It was also released as "LSD Flesh Of Devil!" The soundtrack was composed by Egisto Macchi, and the theme song was written by Tamponi and Marchett, and sung by Nicola Di Bari!!

Okay, so that's a hallucination I can deal with!!

Granted this is not the best copy of a movie in the world, but when the sub-titles are in Greek or whatever this is, it makes you realize how lucky you are to see a movie like this at all!

"Inferno Per Pochi Dollari" is not a drug laced hippie movie, but instead it's a spy thriller about some guys poised to take over the world by dosing important places internationally with L.S.D.

This is how guys in The Army act when they are slipped some L.S.D!!!

Since there were no cell phones back in 1967, any self-respecting spy would go ahead and get a communications device implanted in his neck! When it comes to saving the world, there are no boundaries!!

Looking cool and suave, Guy madison is Rex Miller!! Guy Madison was born in the little burg of Pumpkin Center, California,  just outside of Bakersfield, that I just drove through a couple of days ago and remarked how it hadn't changed in some 50 odd years, except that the remaining business names are all now in Spanish! Today, you'd be hard pressed to find anybody there that has even ever heard of Guy Madison!

Guy thinks out loud, "OMG, what have I got myself into?"

Long since gone, manly man Guy will always be remembered for his leading role in "The Beast Of Hollow Mountain," and for starring in 112 episodes of  "Adventures Of Wild Bill Hickock" from 1951 to 1958!  When things slowed down for Guy in Hollywood, he went to Italy, and made weird movies like this one and "The Devil's Man!" The non-existent pseudo-character created by Jerry Warren for his movie "Man-Beast" named Rock Madison, was formed from a combination of the names of Rock Hudson and Guy Madison!

The bad guys test out the effects of the L.S.D. on their own girl, and this is the results!!!

Weird ass hallucinations!!

When you're on acid, everything looks groovier through a kaleidoscope! Like, Wow!!

"Put your right leg in, put your right leg out, put your right leg in, and shake it all about, you do the Hokey Pokey, and you turn yourself all around, that's what it's all about!"

No bad guy involved with drugs like L.S.D. would make it on the street without a decent pair of shades!

"Inferno Per Pochhi Dollari" was graciously donated to the cause by Brian Horrowitz over at
"The Trash Palace!" Now I've got to see if I can track down a copy of "The Devil's Man" somehow!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

PHANTASM / New Breed Productions Inc. - 1979

It's Memorial Monster Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Our feature is a weird one from 1979, it had a decent budget of $300,000 and starred the very distinguished looking Angus Scrimm as The Tall Man from another world. Two interesting things in the story are the deadly flying spheres and that victims are shrunk to half their normal size and reanimated as ugly little monsters!

Eegah!! sent over a cool soundclip for our listening pleasure, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button there next to the chartreuse and purple destruct button, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula! Here's our audio offering for... PHANTASM!

Believe it or else, this is The Tall Man in stalking mode! It's easy to fool any horny dude in town into making a foolish choice.

Here are Reggie Bannister as Reggie and Bill Thornbury as Jody doing a guitar duet as heard in the soundclip. They both star in the whole series I-IV, Reggie has been referred to as "The Hardest Working Man in Horror."

The Tall Man, mortician and mausoleum owner, is seen wandering the streets during the day, here, he's checking on Reggie to see what he's up to. Reggie's the local ice cream man, what else, he's got that look.

Love this shot of Jody's lil' bro, A. Michael Baldwin as Mike, as he hides in a coffin from The Tall Man and some little monsters while looking for clues in the mortuary. The "A." at the beginning of his name stands for nothing.

The mausoleum caretaker is the first one to taste the steel of the flying sphere. It punctures his skull with a spike, then drills into his brain and finally drains him of all his blood!! Fun stuff, we'll see him later as a little freak...

Great shot of TTM and Mike in the mausoleum!

Mike gets a souvenir from The Tall Man!

This shot is just plain awesome, been there!

Jody, Reggie and Mike discover the white room full of weird alien pods, Jody cautiously takes a look inside one of them!

Mike's pulled inside a dimension beam and this is what he sees!

So, what will happen next, The Tall Man seems indestructible! And remember, there are parts II, III and IV yet to come!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??