Monday, January 30, 2017


Here's a special post to end the month! These are movie spaceships built on Earth to explore the universe, no alien spacecraft or TV rockets are included... Enjoy!

Here's the beautiful ship in DESTINATION MOON from 1950, a nice way to start the show.

ROCKETSHIP X-M also came out in 1950, I have fond memories of this one because they played the crap out of it on TV in the fifties, the ending is sad...

FLIGHT TO MARS hit the screens in 1951, what a classic spaceship. I swear, the colors in this movie are just freakin' amazing!

Another awesome spaceship in WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE, also from 1951. This time they build a long rail to shoot it into space!

This beautiful ship appeared in ABBOTT AND COSTELLO GO TO MARS in 1953. My parents took me to see it and I loved it, A & C were my favorite comedians at the time!

Here's the cool spaceship from CAT-WOMEN OF THE MOON in 1953, nice shot...

Looks like they reused the Cat-Women ship again in PROJECT MOON BASE in 1953. This movie has some amazing accuracies about landing on the Moon.

Check out the great looking British ship from SPACEWAYS, also from 1953. This movie is pretty damn boring, too much drama.

Another movie I saw a lot on TV was RIDERS TO THE STARS from 1954, chasing that meteor and the dead spaceman were my favorite parts.

Space hardware was modernized for CONQUEST OF SPACE in 1955. The crew crash on Mars and end up growing a plant before they head back to Earth.

Just when the spaceships were starting to look modern, good old Mr. BIG came up with KING DINOSAUR in 1955 and used a freakin' V-2 Rocket to get to a distant planet... Gimme a break!!

Also in 1955, THE QUATERMASS XPERIMENT had this beautiful spaceship that crashes into the British countryside with many mysteries inside after going into space!

Randall Landers pointed out in a comment that we omitted SATELLITE IN THE SKY from 1956, so, here it is, making our list complete, thank you R. What a beautiful spaceship it is too, white no less!

FIRE-MAIDENS OF (FROM) OUTER SPACE in 1956 also used a V-2 Rocket to get to their destination in space, again, gimme a break!

My favorite movie from the fifties is FORBIDDEN PLANET, saw it in 1956 when my dad took me to the theater! It totally blew my little 7 year old mind, an unforgettable experience. This is the only saucer spacecraft in the post, the C-57D!

WORLD WITHOUT END from 1956 used this very nice spaceship, a really exciting flick!

Then, in 1957, Ray Harryhausen had this very cool ship in 20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH! Saw this one at the theater too, a great movie for us little sci-fi guys...

I also saw THE INVISIBLE BOY in 1957, loved it because of Robby the Robot. Here's a shot of the huge spaceship Robby and the Invisible Boy use to go into space!

My second favorite movie from the fifties is QUATERMASS 2 aka ENEMY FROM SPACE, I love blobs!! There's the spaceship in the background that saves Earth from the alien invaders... Saw this one at the theater too!!

Even though I saw FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON in 1958, I really don't remember much about it. The rocket launch is one of the worst ever, the model is stationary, letting the smoke from the flames shoot up above it... LAME!!!

That great Allied Artists spaceship is back in IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE, reused from WORLD WITHOUT END... Hell, why not?! That's one of my favorite backgrounds.

This rocket from MISSILE TO THE MOON in 1958 reminds me of a model I built in wood shop with Eegah!! in the 8th grade!

Here's a little shout out to Bernie with that tailless animated rocket in NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST from 1958.

Gawd, I even saw QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE in 1958, and again, they reused that Allied Artists ship! I liked the big spider reused from WORLD WITHOUT END and the cool sound effects.

Here's a small look at SPACE MASTER X-7 from 1958 as it has an encounter with a space blob and brings it back to Earth, photo found by Crashsq, thanks pal.

I saw WAR OF THE SATELLITES in 1958, liked it a lot. Check out those squat spaceships, they had to carry the Satellite pieces into space!

Eegah!! and I saw ANGRY RED PLANET in 1959, wow, it was a wild roller coaster ride for two sci-fi guys!! They use an Atlas rocket, obviously so they could use actual footage of an Atlas launch to cut in for realism...

Eegah!! and I also saw BATTLE BEYOND THE SUN in 1959, we really enjoyed the ride. Those Russian rockets were impressive, but, we liked the two bizarro monsters the best.

Toho kicks some butt with BATTLE IN OUTER SPACE in 1959. The Earth and Alien spaceships are really fun to watch in action!!

I'm pretty sure we saw HAVE ROCKET, WILL TRAVEL in 1959, again, they use an Atlas rocket. Give us The Stooges any day of the week!!

That was fun, I like putting things into order, can't believed I'm finally done... Check back soon for more cool junk from... THE DUNGEON!!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

LOS CAMPEONES JUSTICIEROS - Gustavo César Carrión - "The Champions Of Justice" (1971)

Tonight I've got a real Royale Rumble Saturday Night Special of a film for you starring the always popular culo-kicking Mexican wrassler Blue Demon!!
No time like the present to tell you that the cool music for this shindig was created by the Maestro Gustavo César Carrión, and it hits you like a cross between Dave Brubeck, Vince Guaraldi, and "Forbidden Planet!"  Here's a minute and a half to get you going!

This time he's got his whole crew along for the ride!!
Whether you want to call them The Champions Of Justice or The Avenging Champions doesn't matter! They might not have any super powers, but these guys would punch and kick some mutant ass to the very end!!

Blue Demon is the Captain of the gang because he has fought every conceivable enemy known to man including Satan, Zombies, Vampires, Wolfmen, Frankensteins, Mummies, attacks from outer space, and he has retained his championship each and every time!

Mil Máscaras is the third member of the Mexican wrasslin' royalty trilogy that also includes Santo, and Blue Demon! Mil has probably spent more time in the ring that a lot of people have even spent on the earth!

El Médico Asesino literally translates to "Medical Murderer" but I always thought his intended name was Dr. Death!

6' 3" and 240 pounds qualified as a giant back in 1971! Popular wrassler Tinieblas added some bulk to the team! Tinieblas traslates directly to "Darkness!"

The last member of the team is La Sombra Vengadora, or
The Avenging Shadow!

David (The Brainiac) Silva is the evil Mano Negro (The Black Hand)!
What a crybaby! "Blue Demon ruined my plans, whaa, whaa, whaa!"

Black hand has a few regular guys working for him like Black Shadow(not to be confused with good guy The Avenging Shadow), but most of his minions are a bunch of dwarfs! Black Hand has created ways to make the little guys as strong as ten men, so when the little shits gang up on Blue Demon and his pals, they really give them a hard time! Of course, it looks ridiculous as Hell, but what did you expect? They also never seem to get rich! He treats them like crap!

There's a beauty contest that includes all of the Champions beautiful God Daughters!

This guy looks totally batshit crazy as Hell!!

That diabolical cad Black Hand has kidnapped all the girls, freeze dried them and packed them in wooden crates to be shipped off somewhere for future use!
The little guys would like to try a frozen treat but Black Hand says no!

Black Hand has an amazing video monitoring system for 1971!

I thought the M stood for midget, but now that I think about it more, it's probably for the egocentric Mano Negro!!

Now if I was a police officer, and I stopped these guys, I might think that they looked a little suspicious, or is that just wrassler profiling?!

And I'll bet she couldn't live without that pool tile either! Wow!!

The Avenging Shadow wasn't a regular feature in these kinds of movies like Santo, Blue Demon, and Mils Mascaras!!! In fact he was only in one other movie! Maybe it has something to do with how totally stupid his mask can look at times and angles like this! Imbecile is right!

Classic shot of Mils Mascaras and Blue Demon in the men's room! 
"Dude, scoot over a little bit, you're pissing on my boot!"

No matter whether they are eating, sleeping, making love, or fighting, these guys are either wearing a suit and tie, or their tights, and they never take off  the masks!

This was the point where I had to back it up and watch this scene three or four times! Demon and the boys are having another long battle with the dwarfs, this time in Professor Black Hand's lab. I couldn't get a good shot of it, but they toss one of the little guys up and across the room head first into that electrical panel you see on fire! Totally toasted his ornery little ass! Unbelievable and hilarious!

To the victors go the spoils, and the girls are all returned to their families, because, after all this IS a family movie!!

If you ever want to have a party with nothing but lots of action and cool music on in the background, then "Los Campeones Justicieros" is the perfect movie for you! If they took out all the fight and chase scenes, this movie would be about 15 minutes long instead of almost an hour and a half! I found this copy at the Internet Archive, but if it's still there or not, your guess is as good as mine. Those things seem to come and go as fast as yesterday and tomorrow!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??