Wednesday, March 4, 2015

THE GIRL IN BLACK STOCKINGS - "She Made Every Inch Pay Off!" (1957)

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Tonight's feature from 1957 is called "The Girl In Black Stockings!" Why it's called that makes about as much sense as the taglines and the poster! At least it's a fairly good movie despite itself!

This party pooped out when they found some young woman murdered! I love this shot of the party goers staring down at the dead body!

This is the kind of gear you used to have to lug around if you wanted to simply take a picture!

Here he is again, and I got it right this time, Ron Randell as paralyzed and wheelchair bound rich son of a bitch Edmund Parry! He might not have the use of it, but Edmund is a real prick! Actually, considering his condition, it's kind of understandable, but he's still a jerk, no matter what!

Marie (Cat-Women Of The Moon, Abbott And Costello Meet The Mummy, The Day Mars Invaded Earth) Windsor is Edmund's loving sister, and enabler Julia Parry! Together they own and run the Parry Lodge kind of in the middle of nowhere in Kanab, Utah! (The Parry Lodge is a real place! The names haven't been changed to protect the innocent!)

Water therapy in the Lodge pool just pisses Edmund off!

Here's an awesome ensemble shot of the main cast members, and what a great cast it is! Marie Windsor and Ron Randell as the Parrys, Anne (Gorilla At Large, The Graduate) Bancroft as Beth Dixon, John (Maverick, Rawhide, Bonanza) Dehner as Sheriff Jess Holmes, and Lex (Tarzan's Magic Fountain, Tarzan And The Slave Girl, Tarzan's Peril, Tarzan's Savage Fury, Tarzan And The She-Devil) Barker as David Hewson!

What, you say, Mamie Van Doren is not one of the main cast members, with her face and body plastered all over the poster! Actually Mamie has a pretty small role, as side character Harriet Ames!

Larry (Harum Scarum) Chance is drunken Indian Joe! He has a knife that's covered with blood, and he's quite a bit tetched in the haid, but Joe is no murderer! On another note, the music in "The Girl In Black Stockings" goes from mundane to swingin' and is all a product of the genius mind of Mr. Les Baxter. It's mostly all in the background, but here's a small but tasty sample, more or Les!!

From this to cell phones in a little over 50 years!

 Bonanza's Dan (Hoss) Blocker has a small but memorable role as a bartender!

Speaking of cell phones, this shot cracks me up!  I swear it looks like Hoss is checking his cell phone in 1957!

 This is a pretty gripping scene when this little girl spots the next victim's body in the pool!

Okay, they had to show Mamie off a little bit, but check out the robe on the guy who is with her!!

It's not often you get to see a shot of two guys with flips in their hair!

As Sheriff Jess talks on the phone, he mindlessly fiddles with the knife that might be the potential murder weapon! If his face looks a little familiar, it's because John Dehner had 285 acting credits to his name! There's no place to start or stop, so I'll just tell you the three "Twilight Zone" episodes he was in: "The Lonely," "The Jungle," and "Mr. Garrity And The Graves!"

Mamie has a little too much to drink, and flirts with, and tries to play around with Edmund a bit at dinner! That little stunt basically earns her a one way ticket to a hole in the ground!

Beth is supposed to be in love with David who is going to take her away, but when she's left alone with Edmund, she shows signs of not being right in the head! Go figure!

So there you go! Got an hour and 15 minutes to kill? You can't go wrong here! Just don't expect a movie about a girl in black stockings of any of the other taglines, and you won't be disappointed! Big kudos to Amazon Prime for streaming a nice clean version of this classic film, and to all a good night!

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