Saturday, August 31, 2019

BATMAN - "I'll Be A Mummy's Uncle" (1968)

This Saturday Night Special is Season 02, Episode 23 of everybody's favorite campy superhero from the 60's, "Batman!"

I've gotten off on some krazy 'Mummy' side road, and I'm not quite sure where it's gonna end!
I was going to watch the "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea" Mummy episode as suggested by our good friend, Mr. KD, but then he got me going on this 'Yvonne' trip, and then it went another whole direction!

If that doesn't make sense, I hope it will by the time we get to The End!
Sock it to me one more time!

I probably said it before, but when I was a senior in high school, I had to take a speech class, and one of the things that I and a couple other guys decided to do was write a "Batman" episode, and then we had to do a dramatic reading in the auditorium. 
It was ridiculous, of course!

So this all started by comparing dark haired beautiful women named Yvonne. First it was "The Mummy" and Yvonne Furneaux, getting mixed up with Yvonne Romain (who was never in a Mummy movie), and then KD brought up Yvonne Craig who was in this "Batman" episode called "I'll Be A Mummy's Uncle," but it turned out to be a trick, because there is no Mummy in this show, only in the title, but I watched it anyway!

 So here she is, looking beautiful as ever, Yvonne Craig!!
But that's just the beginning!

As fascinating as Yvonne Craig's life was, as I was reading about the other character's in this show, it got even more interesting!

If this shot doesn't send fear into the hearts of evil-doers everywhere, I don't know what would!

Yvonne Craig's first husband for two years was a goofy lookin' goober named Jimmy Boyd. Yep, the same Jimmy Boyd who sang the classic yuletide hit "I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," that sold two million copies in ten weeks back in 1952!  They must have been a cute couple!
Jimmy was also an actor and was also in a "Batman" episode called "Louie, The Lilac," as a character named Dogwood! (Go Figure!)

Wow! Victor Buono as King Tut, and Comedian Henny Youngman as Manny The Mesopotamian in a quick scene together, how cool is that?

But here's where this story really begins! The beautiful young lady in the role of Florence Of Arabia is Victoria Vetri, who sometimes, like in this case, used the name Angela Dorian.

Victoria was in the quasi-classics "When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth," and "Invasion Of The Bee Girls," but she got her start as Playmate of the Month as Angela Dorian in September of 1967.

The following year Victoria was named Playmate of the Year!
Victoria was also a close friend of Sharon Tate, and was supposed to come over the night of the Manson killings, but didn't make it. Escaping that scene, her life still managed to go to Hell!

So, what happened?
In 2010, Victoria got in an argument with her husband, and pulled out a gun, and shot him in the chest. He didn't die, but in she was sentenced to nine years in prison for attempted voluntary manslaughter in 2011. She was finally released last year!
 For more information on this amazing gal,
Here's a link to her web site!
Come back on Wednesday for more Mummy Madness!

Friday, August 30, 2019

TOWER OF LONDON / Don't Come Alone! - 1962

In today's movie directed by Roger Corman, upon the death of his brother, King Edward IV, Richard of Gloucester conspires to get the throne for himself. The late King had two young sons, his heir, Edward V and the younger Prince Richard, but they are not of age and so names his other brother Richard as Lord Protector of the Realm. He soon kills his younger brother but is haunted by his ghost for what he has done. As he continues to kill those around him, Richard is haunted by those he has betrayed hearing voices and slowly descending into madness. He spreads rumors that the late King's two sons are illegitimate and therefore not eligible to ascend to the throne. He assassinates the young princes and is crowned King Richard III. However, the ghosts from his past have the final say...

This one stars Vincent (THE TINGLER) Price, Michael (BRAINSTORM) Pate, Joan (TEENAGE REBEL) Freeman, Robert (THE FLAME BARRIER) Brown and Bruce (PIRANHA) Gordon.

King Edward IV is dying, he's trusting in his brother, Richard of Gloucester, to take care of his young sons after his death. Richard looks so serious about wanting to help out... Right!

Years later, Richard lures Edward V into his wine cellar, where, he ends up ramming a sword into the king to be's back, then, dumps him into a vat.

Soon after that though, the ghost of Edward pays the murderer a surprise visit. The incident leaves Richard perplexed and ignites his paranoia...

Richard's cruelty has no bounds, he has the girl whipped, where, she dies. Well, her ghost pays Richard visit, making him even a little nuttier.

But, nothing seems to diminish his terrorism, nobody's safe from his devious ways!

Here's a vision Richard has during one of his paranoia attacks.

Then, Richard is visited by yet another ghost who tells him his future (not good). He seems to be building up a tolerance to the ghosts, he just argues with the spirits now. Love that last still, the curl on his lips is priceless!

Richard was warned, but, decides to go to war with his rivals anyway. Like the ghost said, all his troops are dead, Richard is the only survivor...

The ghosts of all his victims show up to confront Richard, he trys to fend them off with his sword, but, they're ghosts!! Richard gets on his horse to make his escape but is thrown off and falls on his sword!!

Richard takes his last breath and disappears into a pond, never to be seen again... So, check in again tomorrow when we'll unwrap another wild 'n' weird post for you and everybody else!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

MY LIVING DOLL - "Boy Meets Girl" (1964)

 Here's a pretty Wild Wednesday feature for you!
"My Living Doll!"

 "My Living Doll" was a TV series that came out in 1964, and was only on for one season.
It was a show about a female robot and was filled with all kinds of innocent perversion! It's no wonder I liked it so much! This was the very first episode and it was titled "Boy Meets Girl."

 The 'star' of the show was one my favorite leading men from the 60's, Robert 'Bob" Cummings!
For me, Bob Cummings was like a better looking, not as stupid, and funnier Jerry Lewis! 
Bob's character is named Dr. Robert McDonald!

 But the person who steals the show is the absolutely stunning Julie Newmar as the robot doll!

 If my math is correct, Julie Newmar just turned 86 a couple of weeks ago. Julie is so pretty that it makes me believe there must be a God!

 On the right is Henry Beckman as a Dr. Carl Miller. The Doctor is upset and freaking out because he has lost an object called AF709, a secret project he's been working on! Bob tells him if he finds it, he will let him know! Henry Beckman is one of those special people with a line of credits as long as your arm, and he was in two "Twilight Zone" episodes, "A Thing About Machines," and "Valley Of The Shadows!" If he's got a familiar face, it's because he was also in so many cool TV shows in the 50's, 60's, and 70's that included titles like "Peter Gunn," "My Favorite Martian," "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.," and "The Munsters."

 Bob sees some bare feet enter the room, and looks up to see.....

 .........This gorgeous woman who is not quite all dressed!

 She kind of talks in riddles, and Dr. Bob is a little confused until she turns to leave!

 That's when he realizes that she is AF709, the object that Dr. Miller was saying that he was missing!

 On the right is Jack Mullaney as Dr. Peter Robinson who is going to fall in love with the robot on first sight. Of course, at this point, neither of them know she's a robot! Dr. Bob calls Dr. Miller to tell him that he found his 'project' and that she is exiting the building! Jack Mullaney passed away at the age of only 52 after having a stroke, but he still managed to be in a memorable series of flicks like Disney's "The Absent Minded Professor," "Dr. Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine," "Spinout" with Elvis, and "Little Big Man!"

 Julie Newmar dressed like this is sexier than a million or more completely naked women could ever be!

 Dr. Miller tries to explain things to an unbelieving Dr. McDonald, and then asks him to take the robot home with him for a couple of days, because he needs to leave town. (He ends up being gone for a couple of months!) Bob has no idea what to think!

 Julie Newmar is still probably best remembered for her role as Catwoman!

 Out in public, the robot is creating quite a stir, and Dr. Bob thinks he better get her to his apartment A.S.A.P!

 After being shown the control buttons on her back, Bob is finally convinced that she really is a robot, so he says something to her like, "Okay, first thing is, we need to get you out of those clothes," meaning get her into something more normal. She is a subservient robot, so she complies and starts to disrobe!

As much as he would like it, that wasn't really what nice guy Bob had in mind!

 Bob doesn't even trust himself with her now, and calls his sister to come over and act as a chaperone!

 "My Living Doll" was only a half hour program, so without commercials, it only lasts 25 minutes, and gets over way too fast, but if you have Amazon Prime, you can watch all 26 episodes for no extra charge! Hell, that's worth the annual price of an account all by itself! I know a lot of people have beefs with Amazon for various reasons, but I'm sure not one of them just because of stuff like this!

Speaking of Amazon, you know it's usually all fun and games around here, but if the Brazilian government doesn't get off it's ass soon, and do something about the out of control fires burning in the Amazon rain forest, we're all going to end up living in some cheap ass Sci-Fi movie about the end of the world!
In the meantime, I'm going to watch as many episodes of "My Living Doll" as I can, and I suggest you do the same!

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