Wednesday, October 31, 2018

TRICK OR TREATS - "When Halloween Night Stopped Being Fun!" (1982)

So this is it, the night we've all been waiting for, and I think "Trick Or Treats" from 1982 is not that bad of a film to commemorate the event, and finish off our 2018 Halloween Countdown!

The basic plot here is pretty simple! It's a story about a babysitter being terrorized in jest on Halloween by a kid who is an amateur magician while his parents are in Las Vegas for the night! The side story is that the kid's Father is a maniac who has escaped from the asylum and come home to kill his wife!

 I liked "Trick Or Treats" because it's a cauldron of Pop Cult Culture and performers! To start off, these two attendants from the local insane asylum are retired NFL quarterback Dan Pastorini who played with the Houston Oilers, the Oakland Raiders, the Los Angeles Rams, and the Philadelphia Eagles! A damn fine quarterback, Dan had a 50.9% pass completion record! Dan was also married five times, his last wife being buxom blonde bombshell June Wilkinson! The other attendant is retired NFL linebacker Tim Rossovich who also played for Houston, Philadelphia, and San Diego!

 The parents of the bratty kid are Carrie (Diary Of A Mad Housewife) Snodgress and David (Death Race 2000) Carradine!!

 These two bums are Jason (Escape From Alcatraz) Ronard, and Paul (Eating Raoul) Bartel!

Need more? Steve (The Stunt Man) Railsback is the babysitter's boyfriend! Steve, Carrie, and David all have fairly small parts, but theirs are the names prominently displayed on the poster!

The real stars of "Trick Or Treats" are Jacqueline (Drive-In Massacre) Giroux who was actually married to Steve Railsback for 8 years in real life!

Chris Graver was the son of the director and writer of "Trick Or Treats," Gary Graver. After five credits, Chris decided to spend the rest of his career on the other side of the camera!

With over 250 credits under his belt, Peter (Conjuring Orson) Jason is one of the hardest working guys in modern show business! (Possibly part of the reason he did such a good job as Orson Welles is that Orson was the 'magical advisor' on "Trick Or Treats!"

The scenes of all the trick or treaters are great!!

Give us candy or I'll shoot you!!

These drunken adult trick or treaters were my favorite!

 Little Tor is pretty bizarre peering through the window!

She pleads with him to stop, but that's not going to happen!

Meanwhile, the unsuspecting parents are having a good time in Las Vegas!

"Trick Or Treats" is pretty funny, and plays like if Disney had made a horror movie.....

..... that is until the big butcher knife comes out!

 Great album cover, and of course, it's Volume 13!

 She's tired, and she finally has to tell the kid the fable about "The Little Boy Who Cried Wof," but it doesn't have any real effect on the little shit!

 There are basically only two really violent scenes, no bad language, or real nudity, just deperation and despair!

 I would have let me kids watch "Trick Or Treats" long before I would let them watch anything like "Bride Of Chucky," or any number of slasher movies, so .....
Поздравляем Вас с праздником Хэллоуин, Feliz Dia das Bruxas, Cadılar Bayramınız Kutlu Olsun, and Happy Halloween, wherever you are! Be safe!

Monday, October 29, 2018

DR. BLACK MR. HYDE / A Monster He Can't Control Has Taken Over His Very Soul! - 1976

Today we gots a tale about an African-American scientist who develops a formula to regenerate dying liver cells, but it has the unfortunate after-effect of turning him into an albino vampire with a mania for killing prostitutes! A police lieutenant investigating the murders discovers the existence of the dual-personality killer...

This thing stars Bernie (REVENGE OF THE NERDS) Casey, Rosalind (DEATH SPA - I was an extra in this one!) Cash, Marie (HUMAN EXPERIMENTS) O'Henry, Ji-Tu (MANDINGO) Cumbuka, Stu (RETURN FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN) Gilliam and more.

Sooo... The fun starts when Dr. Pride is treating a prostitute in his medical room. Here, he gives the girl a shot in the ass to make her feel at home! My favorite part of course.

Then, he moves on to his guinea pigs. He's testing his new serum to see if it helps in the regeneration of liver cells...

The next logical step, obviously, is to shoot himself up, right?!

Now an albino freak, Mr. Hyde heads out into the night to wreak some havoc. It doesn't take long before he tosses some dude through a plate-glass window!

He's looking for the Moonlight Lounge, a local hangout for prostitutes. There, he gets into a fight with Silky, the girls' pimp daddy!

Silky has this boss Cadillac that he carts his girls around in.

But, Silky crosses Mr. Hyde again! This time, Hyde chases him in his Rolls Royce and corners the pimp in a parking structure. As Hyde approaches him in the car, Silky pulls out his switchblade to protect himself! Well, Hyde has him up against the wall and guns it good, lots of bloody vomit all over them hip threads...

And, prostitutes are being killed at an alarming rate!

What else?! Hyde ends up at the Watts Towers, he's tear gassed so he climbs to the top and screams a lot. A helicopter even shows up, eating up most of the budget. Then, one of the coppers spots him!..

So, they blast away and eventually bring Hyde down after a couple of thousand bullets are fired at him! Hey, tune in Wednesday when Eegah!! has our Halloween Countdown finale... Later!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

LASSIE - Season 02, Episode 08 - "The Witch" (1955)

Tonight's Saturday Night Halloween Countdown Special is a goodurn!

It might not seem like "Jeff's Collie" is a very good Halloween treat, but then a lot of things in life don't make much sense!

  I grew up watching "Lassie" on Saturday mornings, but I didn't find out until tonight that "Lassie" was also known as "Jeff's Collie," but it makes sense, until Timmy came along!

The reason this is a Halloween episode is that Lassie and Jeff, and his best friend Porky are reading up on witches!

 Just in case you don't know it, Lassie as a character was a female, but they used a male dog on the show because males are larger and looked more impressive, but some of the stunt doubles were female! Either way, Collies are beautiful people!

 Porky's spooked because he thinks the neighbor lady is a witch!

 And by the looks of it, he might not be wrong!

 The neighbor lady is named Sarah Dibble, and she's come over just to deliver some mint jelly, but it's lost on the boys who are deep into their fantasy!

 Porky is convinced that Sarah Dibble has put the "evil eye" on Lassie!

 Porky and Jeff go over to Sarah Dibble's place to see for themselves if the witch rumors are true! Not being very good role models, they decide to peek inside her window!

 What the boys see isn't about to change their minds any, the place is full of black cats, she's stirring up a brew, AND she's got a freakin' crow on her shoulder!! In the "Pretty Funny Department," Gertrude (Damn I like that name) Graner played the role of a witch many years later in the 1971 movie, "The Brotherhood Of Satan!"

 Here's basically the whole cast of "Lassie!" You know about the boys and the dog, and the other two are Jan Clayton as Jeff's Mother, who, believe it or not had previous roles as a singing inmate, and Edgar Allen Poe's Mother, and George Cleveland as Gramps! This was the end of George's career, but before "Lassie" he was in things like "Revolt Of The Zombies," "Dick Tracy's G-Men," "Drums Of Fu Manchu," and "The Ape!"

 Lassie has suddenly become sick, so the boys go to Sarah Dibble's house to see if she can reverse her evil eye curse. It doesn't seem like she's home, so they boldly enter her house, but it doesn't work out too well for them!

 Tommy Rettig's most memorable role was probably in "The 5000 Finger Of Dr. T." He was also an early pioneer in his advocacy of marijuana, and got busted for growing the herb back in the 70's when it was a big deal. He'd be proud to see the that it's legal a lot of places in the U.S. these days but he passed away years ago. And...Here's some information you will not probably find anywhere else, Tommy Rettig was short at 5' 4." "Lassie" came on the airwaves in 1954, and he died at the age of 54! Some times numbers are just weird!

 It's funny, I knew a portly gentleman as a kid named Porky too, but I'm sure that's not a nickname that would be acceptable today! The hilarious thing about it is that Joey D. Vieira, aka Porky is still alive and kickin' today! The Porkster was in 91 episodes of "Lassie" from 1954 to 1957!

 Sarah's not really a witch, but she does have a home brewed concoction that will get Lassie up and going again in no time at all, and even the vet agrees!

 Sarah makes sure Jeff understands that she's not really a witch!
"Don't believe me? Pull my finger boy!"

 After Sarah goes back home, this witchy woman apparition passes in front of the full moon and freaks the boys out!

The broom's still here, so it couldn't be her, right? Right!!
This might not be the last time you hear about Lassie here, because the episode before this was called "The Monster," and there was another episode called "Haunted House!"

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??