Wednesday, February 14, 2018

IT HAPPENED TOMORROW - René Clair (1944)

 "It Happened Tomorrow" is a romantic comedy fantasy romp made in 1944, and perfect for a Weirdsville Wednesday Valentines Day in The Dungeon!

 Director René (I Married A Witch) Clair gets all the big credits!

It starts with a big 50th wedding anniversary party, but the happy couple is having a bit of a tiff because he wants to tell their story to the whole family, and she would just as soon keep it private!

So he writes it out, and quite an interesting story it is! It's a story about how a man gave him a newspaper that showed the news 24 hours into the future!

I want you should focus on this, "Know Your Future!"

Jack (If I Had A Million) Oakie and Linda (Hangover Square) Darnell are The Great Gigolini and The Enchanting Sylvia respectively!

I will admit that the only reason I wanted to watch this movie was because Linda Darnell was in it! One of the best things to come out of Texas, I love Linda Darnell, and it's way beyond sad that she died some 53 years ago at the age of only 41 in a house fire!

Dick Powell is Larry Stevens, the guy who gets a chance to see into tomorrow, and the lucky stiff who gets to hook up with Linda Darnell! Dick has three stars on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, one for motion pictures, one for TV, and one for radio! That's a fairly amazing accomplishment!

John Philliber started his short career in the movies at the age of 70 in 1943. He racked up eight credits before passing away in 1944 at the age of 71.

John is Pop Benson, the man with the power!

Larry Stevens gets newspapers from Pop Benson for three days in a row with future news, which causes the story to unfold. Larry will find out later that Pop Benson had passed away three days earlier!

Larry finally gets smart and decides to go to the horse races since he now has the ability to know who the winners will be!

Then.......He sees this article in another section of the paper that says he's been murdered!

It was fun to watch the whole wagering process! Pretty weird, women were not allowed in this area of the racetrack at all!

In the end, they go to the races and win a lot of money and Larry Stevens.........

..........Tries desperately to avoid the place where his doom was predicted, but he fails miserably, because you can't change your own destiny, but lucky for Larry, sometimes the media doesn't report the news correctly!!

Heureuse Saint Valentin, Nous Vous Aimons Tous!!

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