Saturday, September 30, 2017

MOONRAKER - "007" (1979)

Tonight's Saturday Night Special is Roger Moore's fourth appearance as James Bond in the 1979 film

My upfront and honest opinion of "Moonraker" is that it's not even close to being my favourite James Bond movie, but then I think they should have stopped making James Bond movies after Sean Connery!

Roger Moore was absolutely great as "The Saint," but as James Bond, I just never did get it!

In fact, the only thing that makes "Moonraker" worth watching is there's lots of footage of Dungeon Superstar Hero "Richard (EEGAH!!) Kiel as the very large bad guy Jaws!

"Moonraker" is so far-fetched, I'm pretty sure it could be classified as a comedy!

Lois "Hot" Chiles is the lovely Holy Goodhead! Lois is very classy in the role even with a name like that!

This absurd tale meanders from Venice to Rio just for starters!

The Carnival in Rio has been used as a backdrop in many, many films, most notably in my book, "Black Orpheus!"

OF COURSE, it was the menacing 7' 2" Richard Kiel in that big clown outfit!

Probably one of the best things in this film is to see Roger Moore give a big grin back to Jaws! He does it a couple of times!

I think this might be my first experience with musicians in animal costumes since "The Banana Splits!"

Just to prove how serious Jaws is, he bites through some one inch aircraft cable!

And that sets up the whole ludicrous 'Gondolas Gone Wild' scene!

Which in turn, sets up the whole Jaws crash and fall in love scene!

Meanwhile, Roger Moore takes a turn at looking like Clint Eastwood!

IF it hadn't already been done in 1975, I'll bet the Producers would have loved to have called this movie "JAWS!"

Now James Bond finds himself in a huge jungle cave populated by beautiful young women! Pretty lucky guy except for the monstrous snake in that pond!

And guess who else is there too!!

They've been everywhere on earth, so now for the "Moonraker" ending, it's time to blast off into space!

My brain is not secured, so I'll stop right here.
Tabonga's next post will be in October and the first of our annual contributions to the Halloween Countdown, so get ready, and be wary of the scary, Larry!

Friday, September 29, 2017

THE SAVAGE GIRL / Commonwealth Pictures - 1932

It's Friday once again, and, time to check out this story about African explorer Jim Franklin, he's hired by perpetual drunkard and eccentric millionaire Amos P. Stitch on a whim, to capture animals to stock a private zoo on his estate. On the way to Africa they pick up a London cabbie and his cab to drive Stitch on the safari, and in Africa they hire Alex Bernouth, a German jungle guide, and Oscar, a Harlemite who wants to get back to New York. Their expedition is observed by a white jungle girl who warns the animals against being captured and releases any animal they capture.

The movie stars Rochelle (voice of Bosko's girlfriend 'Honey' in a ton of cartoons) Hudson as the Savage Girl, Walter (THE MUMMY'S TOMB) Byron as Jim Franklin, Harry (334 acting credits!!) Myers as Amos P. Stitch, Adolph (REVOLT OF THE ZOMBIES) Milar as Erich Vernuth and Floyd (THE VAMPIRES'S GHOST) Shackelford as Oscar.

Amos B. Stitch is drunk on his ass and comes up with the idea of an African safari for him and his pal, Jim Franklin. He has the telephone operator do all the work of booking the voyage, since he's so out of it!

Great shot of the action as they're getting ready to start the voyage! Amos also hires a British cabbie to drive him around in Africa!

Once in Africa, Amos hires Oscar, from Harlem, to be his personal servant. Oscar is amazed at how Amos can get anything done since he's always drinking!

Then, Savage Girl becomes aware of an expedition which has located in her jungle domain, where she helps protect her animal friends that roam the area.

She notices that the intruders have built a cage to capture large animals. She ends up releasing a lion after is was caught in the cage. Love the shot of her blending in with the tree branches!

Jim and Erich decide to build a trap for the Savage Girl, and, it works perfectly!

They bring her back to their shack, then get in a fight because Erich wants the girl for himself!! Jim fires Erich as a result of his obsession.

Thing is, Savage Girl has a crush on Jim for defending her against Erich...

But, Erich goes out and hires some natives to capture Jim with the idea of killing him, paving the way for Erich to make Savage Girl his own!! But, there's a problem, Oscar runs to Amos and tells him what's about to happen. Amos and Oscar arrive in the taxi with guns blazing, the natives run like scared children, and, Jim is saved!

In the meantime, Erich is making his intentions clear to Savage Girl. Jim goes to the hut and confronts Erich yet again, this time though, it's a battle to the death!!

At one point, a gorilla (for Eegah!!) arrives to help out, Erich grabs his revolver and is ready to shoot Jim, when, the ape grabs Erich and deep sixes him and brings our jungle tale to an end!

Tune in tomorrow when we'll have more cool junk, just for y'all...

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

DÔBUTSU SENTAI JÛÔJÂ - "The Most Dangerous Game" (2016)

It's time once again for WTF!? Wednesday, and I've got a good one for you tonight!

I don't venture off into this decade too often, but when it's dropped in your lap and it's this weird, what's a guy supposed to do? That's right, make lemonade!
This Japanese TV series called "Dôbutsu Sentai Jûôjâ" came out in 2016, and this was Season one, Episode number 10 titled "Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger" or "The Most Dangerous Game," and it should not be confused with the classic 1932 movie with the same name, or any of the many TV shows that have used the title over the years!

It's Super Hero Time! That's pretty much all you need to know!

This group of kids is pretty special! They can be normal people, or Power Ranger types, but they also each have special animal skills, you know, kind of like Spiderman, but different! One has shark powers, one has tiger powers, one has eagle powers, one has lion powers, and one has elephant powers!

This looks like a cool abstract painting!

This is Ginis, the leader of the Deathgalien! He's a real dick!
In fact, in grade school, the other kids called him Ginis the Penis! That's part of the reason he's so mad!

Ginis puts a deathray dome over the city! It's shrinking fast, and if it touches you, you're toast!

The kids look for the off switch for two months, and finally find it on a tower!

Yay! They find and destroy the switch, and the death barrier is removed!

And for doing that, Ginis rewards them with this robot thing called The Gift!
The Gift is so powerful it destroyed 10 planets the day it was created!

The Gift had been out of circulation because he was SO destructive that even Ginis didn't think it was fair, so he took him offline!

Their individual strengths were just not enough, so they cube into one giant ass-kicking robot!

Let's Rock!

Giant Vise-Grips vs The Gift's drill and circular saw, who will be the victor?

What!? ? ? ?
For some reason this was a two-part episode! Why it couldn't just be continued to the next episode is just as mysterious as to why it even exists!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??