Monday, August 6, 2018

THE OUTER LIMITS: Moonstone / Season 1 Episode 24 - 1963

Today's tale is all about a lunar expedition exploring the moon's surface, they accidentally discover a large spherical object they call a Moonstone. The General on the Moon Base is at odds with the Major over an old grudge. Then, the crew becomes involved in an intergalactic conflict when intelligent life forms from the planet Grippia are discovered inside the sphere, what are refugees from their tyrannical leaders who have learned about their discovery, and are on the way to get them, unless the humans can find a way to help...

This episode stars Ruth (THE BIG CLOCK) Roman as Professor Diana Brice, Alex (THE CLONES) Nicol as General Lee Stocker, Tim (BLACK JACK) O'Connor as Major Clint Anderson, Curt (THE MAN) Conway as Dr. Philip Mendl and Hari (THE LOST MISSILE) Rhodes as Lt. Ernie Travers.

Everything's cool on the Moon until a weird orb from space is detected, it ends up crashing down on the lunar surface...

Before it crashes though, we get a peek at the things inside the orb. What the!!..

Some of the crew go out searching for the orb. One guy falls into a hole in the sand and recovers the orb, so, they take it back to the base.

Time to figure out what in the Hell's going on with this damn thing!

Major Anderson gets caught in an equipment explosion, possible killing him. The creatures in the orb expose themselves and one emits a ray that heals the Major! What do you know, they're friendly little monsters!!

Well, the little critters can communicate too, they tell the Earthlings about their plight to escape the evil leaders on their planet.

The bad guys show up, they want to take the good guys back to their planet and extract their knowledge to use against their enemies.

The Earthlings refuse to hand the orb over, so, the aliens destroy equipment in the lab!

The good guys have a plan, in order to get the Earthlings off the hook, they turn themselves in to the bad guys, then, blow themselves up, preventing any extraction of their knowledge!

The bad guys leave the Moon and go back to their planet from where they came! So, there you have it, another wild episode from... The Outer Limits!! Tune in Wednesday when Eegah!! brings us more precious Dungeon Cargo!..


Anonymous said...

what a great show the original outer limits was!

Randall Landers said...

A very good episode, but I always would've changed the ending so that when the moonstone exploded it would have destroyed the bad aliens. I guess I just like happy endings.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya Randall. I asked a high-up friend of mine who was deeply wrapped-up in The Outer Limits, "Doesn't this damn show have any happy endings?" Hey, at least the second season has more straight-forward sci-fi tales, even if they aren't as "arty-farty" as the first season.

Lacey said...

The Outer Limits at least HAd endings.
The Twilight ZOne always left you hanging.

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