Sunday, November 30, 2008

THE MYSTERIANS / Toho Studios - 1959 / Music by Akira Ifukube

Well, two weeks ago I posted RODAN, so, what the heck, tonight I'll post the next awesome Toho movie... THE MYSTERIANS!! And, check out this great French poster!

The original title is Chikyû Bôeigun and was released in Japan in 1957.

And, again, Mr. Akira Ifukube does a fantastic job with the music, and, you know something big and weird is coming your way by the sound of it!!.. Here's tonight's offering... THE MYSTERIOUS MYSTERIANS! Oh, and... HEY!!


Everyone was having a pretty bitchin' time at the celebration...

Until something 'not right' seemed to be going on over yonder!

So, the 'alarm' is sounded and everyone goes to the shoreline to get a good look at the ominous scene! Then... BOOM!!

Soon thereafter, this crazy looking giant robot shows up and starts pummelling anything that gets in it's way!

The robot shoots out electric rays that toasts civilians, towns and the armies trying to defend against the metal monster.

Finally, the Earth receives a message from space, aliens called 'The Mysterians' are here to breed with Earth women in order to save their dwindling civilization! Earth can go along peacefully, OR!..

Army tanks keep an eye on the Mysterians while they install their underground base of operations.

Leaders from Earth are invited to converse with aliens about a peaceful surrender. But, Earth has only one choice. They have to come up with a way to...

Destroy The Mysterians!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

TEEN-AGE STRANGLER - Dean/Davis/Smith - "Yipe Stripes" and more (1964)

Kids and cheap movies always end up with bad reps, but I want to tell you out front, Teen-Age Strangler" is not a bad movie, and unlike anything on TV and 99.7% of all movies made today, it didn't put me to sleep, and that's because just like last night's feature, this movie rocks!!! Hence, the perfect double bill!!

You girls should be careful hanging around here at night, let me walk you home!!

Then of course, you got your local tough guys!!!

You guys get out of here and don't come back!!!

This is what the world is missing today, spontaneous local entertainment! Stacey Smith breaks into a rousing version of "Yipe Stripes"!!

All the kids in the joint go nuts, they are so in awe of her thrill-a-second performance!! Check out the moves on that guy dancing!!

Crazy stupid kids!! Don't they know there is a homicidal maniac going around strangling young girls???

This kind of scene almost always leads to trouble, and this is no exception!

You can't keep a love as strong as Jimmy and Betty's apart and at home, even though Jimmy's been in a lot of the wrong places at the wrong time with no excuses or alibis lately!!

Stacey sings the much les memorable "Willows Wept" as the kids exit the cafe. It won't take you long to figure out why nobody's in much of a hurry to unearth this stinker!! Both songs were written by Clark Davis!! The rest of the ultra cool hot-rod music soundtrack was composed by Danny Dean, in his solo outing!!!


Hey, at least they had enough money for colour film, and the use of these two beautiful T-Birds, one blue and one red, how perfect is that??

Double featured with "Teenage Gang Debs," this is without a doubt the sweetest deal of the century!!! Got it??? Get it!!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

TEENAGE GANG DEBS - Lee Dowell-Steve Karmen - "Don't Make Me Mad/Black Belt" (1966)

Yeah, you're right, it's not really a Monster Movie, but you can never have enough movies about whacked-out, psycho teenagers, and Lord knows we've already written about a few, so here's the facts Jack: It's Friday night and time to rock, and that's one thing this movie does!!!

For a lot of people in a lot of places, just like Joey, Nino, and Hawkeye here, it might not be the greatest time in history to be alive, but for any lovers of music or movies, it is without a doubt, the best time in history to be alive. Never has so much information and entertainment even been close to this accessible. Movies you thought you'd never see, and music you thought had been lost forever, and now a good deal of it is quite readily available. The super El cheapo East Coast JD flick "Teenage Gang Debs", is a freakin' great example and I wasn't really familiar with it, until Zillogord suggested checkin' it out, so I searched, and found out this film was distributed by those fine folks at "Something Weird Video", and not only was a very nice quality copy available for a very decent price, it was a double feature with yet another classic "The Teenage Strangler!" I cannot even possibly think of a better bargain, and after you hear this music, your mind won't give you any other option than to lay your grubby little mitts on a copy as soon as is inhumanly possible!!

Terry just moved here from Manhattan, and her parents don't understand why she doesn't want to hang out at home with them!

Well, the reason is, Terry is a tramp!! Here she is already in the sack with Joey, the "Prince" of the gang!

So Joey wants to put his mark on her with a cigarette or by cutting her, and Terry doesn't dig it, so she goes to #2 guy Nino, and turns him against Joey!! The amazing "Rumblers" style soundtrack really starts heating up as this film fades seamlessly from knife fights to club nights!!

And then the teenage madness jumps full throttle into high gear with, "Don't Make Me Mad", words and music by Steve Karmen with vocals by Lee Dowell, who kinda sounds like a poor man's Tom Jones!!!

A little over a month ago, we had a request (like this is some kind of 50's radio station) from our buddy Zillagord for the song "Black Belt", so here you go, man!! Thanx again for the suggestion!! I can think of no possible rationale why the Macarena or the Soulja Boy dance could become so popular, and this piece of history was left in the trash!!

Terry, Angel, Ellie, Maria, Shirley, and Sally are very displeased with all of Terry's shenanigans, so don't be some meathead loser, go get your own copy to find out exactly why they call it "Teenage Gang Debs!!"

Thursday, November 27, 2008

ONNA KYUKETSUKI aka VAMPIRE MAN / Japan - 1959 / Music by Hisashi Iuchi

Happy Givingthanks Everbloody Day from Dungeon crew ~ Tonight is very nice flick from 1959 Japan. Tabonga totally recommend this one!!

Mr. Iuchi only compose music for this one flick! He was in music department in 1944!!! And, he produce two flick in 1952!.. That's it!.. Total!!

Listen now to great stuff though... VAMPIRE MAN! Get this! Alternate title: THE LADY VAMPIRE!!

Everything start with excellent oil painting in art museum. Wow, Vampire Man pretty danged debonair dude! Anyway, he interested in lady in painting for personal reason!..

Okay, here is where get really weird!.. He turn into Vampire Man when he see full Moon!!!.. Yeah, Moon, go figure!!

Of course, he like gurlz too much an' he like to bite!

Vampire Man kidnap lady in painting and turn her into Lady Vampire! He have lil' servant who help him out. Lil' dude name... Tiny!!

Vampire Man have Gurlie Vampire too, but he want Lady Vampire for Queen because painting get him all hot!

Eventually hero and cops find hidden lair in boulder on mountain!

To prove Tabonga have sense of humor, here is 'funny' series of photo.

Make Tabonga chuckle!

At end, Vampire Man turn into old yucky dude so he jump into boiling water spring in basement and die!.. Monster lose again!!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??