Friday, May 31, 2019

CIEN GRITOS DE TERROR / 100 Cries Of Terror - 1965

Here's my last Mexican Monster Movie for May, it goes like this... The film tells two stories equal in length, "Panic" is about adultery laced with murder, and "Supreme Fear," a tale of morbid claustrophobia, both dealing with the concepts of terror, fright, anxiety and dread.

"Panico" starts with a married couple moving into a home in a remote area surrounding Mexico City. But, unknown to them, there is someone (or, something) creeping around outside...

Then, they hear some screams and someone dragging something heavy down the hallway... Hubby finds some chains and the panic starts to set in!

Of all things, hubby needs to leave and take care of business, hmmm. After he leaves, this thing shows up and wifey faints and dies of fright!

It was all a plan to get rid of wifey and take a small treasure of jewels. His lover had dressed up as the monster but when they come back into the room, the dead wife's freakin' gone!

Now the two are hearing screams and and chains being dragged around. Dude leaves the room to search for the intruder and leaves girlfriend with a gun. After there's a scuffle outside the door, she fires off a few shots... OOOOPS!!

Anyway, girlfriend runs around and ends up in a room where wifey is lying dead, as before. When wifey moves and gets up, girlfriend actually dies of fright. She packs up the jewels and drives off into the night...

In "Miedo Supremo" there's a burial in a mausoleum, after the coffin is in place, the tomb is bricked up...

This guy goes to the burial but faints. After he wakes up, the place is locked up and now he can't get out.

He hears more of those 100 screams and realizes the person in the coffin isn't dead! He breaks the bricks away, pulls the coffin out and opens the lid. What we get is a freaked out woman with acute paranoia. He tries to help he but all she does is rant and rave and feel depressed.

Let's face it daddy-o, she's like, COO COO!!

In fact, she's downright MAD!! Look at that thing she's trying to stab the guy with!!

But, there comes the time you have to to defend yourself, like here, a nice choke will suffice. He kills her and bricks her back up in the musty old tomb.

When the workers come back in the morning and open the place up, he pays them to say that he was never there... Okay, that's the last Mexican Monster Movie in May, phew!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

DIE TREPPE - Lutz Mommartz (1967)

It's a short film by German avant-garde filmmaker Lutz Mommartz called "Die Treppe" or "The Stairs," and it was made in 1967, which is something to keep in mind when you are watching it, because if it was made in 2019, you'd probably think it was made by your twelve year old nephew, but it's not!

I'm sure Lutz would appreciate this version of the title card better than the other one!

Is that Mickey Mouse?

"Die Treppe" is a little over six minutes long and follows Lutz as he walks around in the first person, doing something, or sometimes nothing, like flicking the lights off and on!

He pours himself a glass and drinks it!

He checks the light reading in the bathroom!

He lifts the lid off a pot of boiling water and sticks the end of his finger in it. 
Ouch, that's hot!

He gets a thumbtack!

He doesn't like Communism!

Remember the stairs in the title?

The stairs go on for a while! He must live on the third or fourth floor!!

I'm thinking this is all pretty cool, and there's chopped up sixties music in the background, and then we find out that Lutz was headed to the bathroom the whole time because he needed to piss, and that's where he lost me, when he does a closeup of his schlong peeing in the toilet! I'm sure he was making some kind of wonderful statement in 1967, but I really didn't need to see it!

Way to go Lutz!
Good time to change the subject!
For the record, Lutz Mommartz is still alive and kickin' today, and here's where you can find him!
The Lutz Mommartz Official Website

The film ends at this party, and lots of footage of all the revelers! 
I have no idea why, but it's fun to watch!

It's really funny how somebody can look perfectly normal, but if you can catch them at just the right moment......they can look like that bald guy, or this woman in the background!

If you don't believe any of that, and you want to see it for yourself. That's easy! You can watch or download "Die Treppe" and more of the work of Lutz Mommartz for free at the Internet Archive!
Any kisses or complaints can by sent to Lord Litter!

Monday, May 27, 2019

SANTO en ANONIMO MORTAL / Anonymous Death Threat - 1975

Our tale begins when men start getting assassinated in Mexico city under strange circumstances with no clear motive, and, anonymous notes are sent informing them of the date of their death! A friend of Santo comes to him for help, fearing for his life as he has also received a note threatening his life, and, announcing the date of his death in the same way a previous victim was murdered.

Santo visits his friend in need and they try and figure out what the Freakin' Hell's going on in Mexico City and why was he targeted for death...

There's also a karate gal friend that helps the good guys out along the way.

Just wanted to throw in this fine portrait of our dapper hero in his silver mask!

Here are two shots from one wrestling match that's inserted between the action scenes so we get to watch Santo do what he does in real life.

Santo is guest to the evil mistress who's part of a secret Nazi plan to assassinate citizens. She wants to find out what Santo knows about the murders...

Love this shot. Santo talks with his pals at their office, great wall paper!

Here are the leader of the Nazi club and his helper, a weasely little ass bite. They only know one thing, how to be total perverts on every level!

Santo's pal decides to turn the heat up on dudes they think might know something about the murders and the people involved.

Santo kicks it up a notch... He smacks this guy around a bit to start with, but, when he won't cooperate, Santo hooks him up to a car battery and turns up the juice until the little baby starts crying!

Karate gal is kidnapped and forced to give Santo incorrect info about their plan.

Wow, another cool shot of our hero, creeping around at night!

Of course, Santo is captured immediately and is brought before the Nazi leader, After Santo verbally flips them off, they take him away...

After being locked in a room, tied up, Santo breaks loose and hides behind the door. You only get one guess as to who kicks ass and walks out with his friends in tow. One guess!..

Anyway, Santo is on his way to mop the floor with the evil clan. And, the message is loud and clear to the Nazis, scatter like rats!!!

So, Santo is nearly shot while chasing down the worst member of the gang, who, because he's a Brainiac you know, well, he locks himself in the gas room and gasses himself! What a gasser!!.. Tune again Wednesday when we'll have even more precious Dungeon Cargo for you!.. Watch out for that crate!!

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Monster Music
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