Monday, June 1, 2009


Just like any old burned out band waiting for more adulation from their insatiable minions, going out for their third encore to an empty house, we've decided we must continue in some form, so before you delete all your links, just let it be known that all you need to do is rename them, because we plan on digging deeper into the underside of filmology, in an effort to entertain you with more blasts from the past without time restraints! This is a very time consuming process, and we do need to take a major break, so we can re-introduce ourselves to our families, and basically watch a whole bunch of movies, so I'm not actually sure how long this process is going to take, but, it's going to be a few weeks without a doubt, so check out the new header and manifesto, dig through the archives and see what's left, and we'll be back in no time at all with a new schedule, probably about four times a week!! "This is only a test!"


prof. grewbeard said...


zillagord said...

Got my copy of "The Creep" yesterday and will check that out this weekend. Thanks for that, I really appreciate the effort. I feel special (well, that's what they called me in school).

Sorry to see Rodan laid off. Where else is a giant pteradactyl gonna find a job in this economy? Maybe at one of those windfarms them green folks are always yapping about.

Looking forward to what is next.


Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

If for no other reason, we have to do it because of you two guys!!!

RODAN! said...

What?!.. Rodan! still has artwork duties around here! And, 'trying' to please these 2 knuckleheads is a 'trying' chore!! Anyway, we're going to be screwing around with the new title until we actually GET IT!..

Have fun til then!

Max said...

Looking forward to the next chapter, fellas! In the meantime I'll rummage through the archives looking for tasty leftover morsels...

zillagord said...

Nice to see Rodan! blow black through the blog. The thought of a pteradactyl without a cause is just sad.

I had a good time watching 'The Creep' last night. First, it was great seeing Forry. Second, I liked The Creep himself, garage rocker turned serial killer, pretty funny idea. I also particularly liked the dude who played Stickler, he was damned funny. Oh yeah, and I thought the blind guy's performance was outstanding lol.

Actually (and this shouldn't have surprised me), the music was excellent, probably the best aspect of the production, so congrats on that.

Overall, I had a swell time, and I wish there were more. Homages that aren't overly reverent are hard to come by.

Thanks again. I'm staying tuned!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Thanx a million for the feedback, it's rare these days to meet someone with such a refined mind and such excellent taste!!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!! I said it last year, and it's still true: BEST SITE ON THE WEB.

I have a similar project sampling old film clips and I KNOW what you put into this project. It's totally appreciated here, brothers and sisters.


Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Now that's a BIG THANX, but you forgot to leave your site address! I'm sure a lot of readers would appreciate what you do too!

prof. grewbeard said...

hey guys, i watched The Creep t'other day, it really was creepy. it reminded of our local(Houston)homeless types and at least one lead singer of a local band we have here. the location shooting was awesome and overall the film had lots of atmosphere. for some reason Dragnet came to mind, too!

Dr. Jitters said...

You continue to rock, regardless!
Take it slow...

buzz said...

Glad to see you have decided to get your second wind and continue on. This is one of my all time fave sites and in whatever form you come back in, I'll be visiting!

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