Monday, June 26, 2017

BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR / Re-Animator II Productions - 1989

Here's part two of the whacked out 'Re-Animator' saga, this time, Dr. Herbert West, Dr. Dan Cain and assistant Francesca Danelli are medical volunteers in a civil war in Peru and are researching how to create human life from dead tissue using wounded soldiers as guinea pigs! At the Miskatonic Hospital, Dr. Cain is treating a terminal patient, Gloria, and becomes obsessed with her, even though he and Francesca are lovers. When the snoopy Lt. Chapham investigates events that occurred at the the Miskatonic Hospital, he learns that body parts are missing from the morgue, and, Herbert and Dan become the prime suspects.

This totally crazy flick from Hell stars Jeffrey (ROBOT JOX) Combs as Dr. West, Bruce (THE LAST STARFIGHTER) Abbott as Dr. Cain, Claude Earl (SHE FREAK) Jones as Lt. Chapham, Fabiana (ROBOCOP 2) Udenio as Francesca, David (SYNGENOR) Gale as Dr. Hill and Kathleen (HALLOWEEN 4) Kinmont as Gloria.

Dr. Cain needs a breather, Dr. West is completely consumed with his insane experiments and is wearing his lab partner out... Come on, man!!

When Lt. Chapham shows up at the home of the doctors, he asks lots of weird questions... At the same time, Dr. West has to try and recover one of his little experiments that got loose before they get their asses busted!

There's a happy place with lots of calming clouds for the totally insane at the hospital, nice!

This is a funny part when Dr. West attaches an arm to a leg. The damn thing kicks and strangles him and he's barely able to put it in a garbage bag before ending all the fun!

Lt. Chapham is back. He discovers the mad lab and is ready to bust the boys, but, Dr. West deep sixes him and shoots him up with the glowing green serum. West is overpowered and the crazy cop escapes into the night!

In the meantime, the boys take the dead body of Gloria from the hospital back to the lab with the idea of bringing her back to life with their serum!

In a twisted scene, Lt. Chapham, now under the power of the head of Dr. Hill, takes the head and forces a doctor to perform surgery on it. What the Hell's going on here?!

The crazies show up at the boy's place. Chapham shows his badge and Francesca is attacked!

Down in the lab, Gloria is now re-animated and bonds with Dr. Cain. When Francesca enters the lab, her and Gloria get into a cat fight for the man they both love.

The old brick building is falling apart, and a bunch of blundered experiments escape from their imprisonment and start causing even more problems for the boys!

Lt. Chapham takes down Dr. West just before the stone ceiling comes tumbling down!!..

Dr. Hill joins in, he now has bat wings grafted to his head so that he can now fly around and bug people! Well, the butt head Bathead also falls victim to the cave in...

Dr. Cain digs his way out of the collapsed building, crawls through a hole in the ground in the graveyard and saves Francesca from a fate worse than death!.. Check in again Wednesday for more, from... The Dungeon!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

THE OUTER LIMITS - Season 01, Episode 17 - "Don't Open Till Doomsday" (1964)

If I've done the math right, this will be the 16th of 49 episodes of  "Outer Limits" we've covered! Welcome to the Saturday Night Special version of The Dungeon!
You should know the routine by now, don't freakin' adjust anything!

The basic premise is "Don't Open Till Doomsday" because presumably after you do, all Hell is going to break loose! So, here's your lesson of the day, 

 One thing they don't explain is who is this guy, and why does he have this present to give away, or was I just not paying close enuf attention?

 Is there some significance to the fact that all the wedding presents are wrapped in the same paper?
Let me know and win a free prize!

 Huh, must be some kind of joke, let's just see what's in here!

 Kind of a cute innocuous box, but full of evil deviltry!

 "Don't Open Till Doomsday" has  more than it's share of  eye shots!

 So what, are you just fucking stupid or what??

 What a cool door knob!!

Miriam Hopkins! 33 years earlier she was Ivy Pearson in the Fredric March version of "Dr Jekyll And Mr. Hyde!"  I think her character here might well have been an inspiration for Dr. Frank-N-Furter eleven years later!

 Sorry, but the freakin' little alien dude in the box looks like a goober!

 It's quite possible that this is true, and these days they are all in positions of power all over the whole world! We should have believed him!

 Let's talk about thinking outside the box!!

 John (Attack Of The Puppet People) Hoyt was an actor's actor! He was in two "Twilight Zone" episodes, "Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up," and "The Lateness Of The Hour," two other "Outer Limits" episodes, and so much more. John ended his career while in his late 70's with 82 episodes of "Gimme A Break" as Grandpa Stanley Kanisky!

 Really awesome stairwell shot! Stairs in the home seem like such an ideal situation until you live in a two story house for a while! Trust me, despite "Father Knows Best," "Leave It To Beaver," and "My Three Sons," it is not the American dream!!

 They all finally meet face to face!

Dude actually manges to go from there to there and catch her as she faints!

It's called "Don't Open Til Doomsday!" What the Hell did you expect!?

Friday, June 23, 2017

IT CAME FROM ANOTHER WORLD! / All For George Prod. - 2007

Here's a parody of fifties sci-fi, I've never liked these horrible productions in any manner, they're just not funny, and, this stink bomb is freakin' 90 minutes long! So, here's one for you to check out. The dumbass story goes like this... This movie chronicles the continuing adventures of Professor Jackson, first introduced in 2006's THE MONSTER OF PHANTOM LAKE, and, the Professor finds himself tasked yet again with saving the planet from certain doom (really?). When Professor Jackson's colleague and best friend, Dr. Frasier, doesn't return from a scientific expedition in the deep woods, the Professor is sent to find and retrieve him. While searching, the Professor and Canoe Cops, Sven and Gustav, stumble upon an enigmatic meteorite that may hold the answer to Dr. Frasier's disappearance. In black and white.

Things get going when a meteorite crashes down near where Dr. Frasier is writing in his notebook. He leaves his camp and locates an alien object in a small crater...

He touches the thing and a life form comes out, attacks him and enters his body.

The Professor and the Canoe (WTF!!) Cops find the object in its crater. Then, Dr. Frasier shows up and is taken back to town.

At the Professor's lab, Dr. Frasier goes through a number of experiments to determine what seems to be wrong with him after his encounter with the thing from another world!

After having a really bad dream, the doc goes into the bathroom to freshen up, but, the alien dude in the mirror zaps him and takes over his body.

Those gots to be the worst bug-eyes in the history of bug-eyes, obviously made by a 5th grader in arts and crafts class!! This is another reason I despise lo-budg sci-fi parody, JFC, D! Anyway, the doc hypnotizes the Professor's fiancee and gives him a zap for good measure!

The freakin' Canoe Cops and their paddles are just no match for the unearthly, mind-bending powers of the all-mighty doc!

Then, it's the Professor's turn to go up against doc. They fight it out with the paddles to see who will rule the universe... No, really, it's true, it's in the damn script! The Professor loses the battle so gets zapped yet again!

But, the Professor comes up with Plan F-... He gives doc a brain teaser and doc goes nuts trying to solve a conflict in his brain. Then...

Doc turns back into himself, the life force leaves his body and doc........ DIES!!

Join us again tomorrow when Eegah!! will have something special for us... Later!

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