Wednesday, July 3, 2019


 Tis my pleasure to present tonight's classic film from good ole 1937,
"Charlie Chan At Monte Carlo."
I don't know about you, but I sure would like to know what those 11 big prizes were!

 Charlie Chan movies are like comfort food! You're not going to get gloss or gore or even much action, but what you will get is a good intriguing mystery with a lot of cool one line zingers from Charlie!

 At one point or another, Charlie Chan and his son showed up in almost every exotic place in the world! The location this go round was the gambling mecca of Monte Carlo!

 This movie is hilarious! Charlie's son Lee doesn't have that good of a handle on the French language and lands them in jail for what he says!

 The women of "Charlie Chan At Monte Carlo" are gorgeous and oh so much more!
Born Margaret Cynthia St John Field, Virginia (Rockabilly Baby, The Earth Dies Screaming) Fields' Mother was a cousin to Confederate General Robert E. Lee, and supposedly she chose the name Virginia as an homage to his home state!

 Okay, are you ready for this one? (I doubt it!) 
Kay Linaker from Pine Bluff, Arkansas was not only beautiful, she was also one of the screenplay writers for the "The Blob" under the name of Kay Phillips. She got paid $150.00 according to IMDB.  Kay lived to be 94, and I think that just proves how healthy an active imagination is!

 A small missing gem from a woman's high heel shoe gives Charlie Chan all kinds of info!

 Nice shot of the power trio, Charlie and Lee Chan, and Harold Huber as Inspector Jules Joubert!
Damn, Harold Huber only made in to the age of 49, after dying during some failed surgery!

 Somebody lights a fire to destroy some evidence and nobody cops to it!

 This guy looks pretty suspicious to me!

 This is my favorite part of "Charlie Chan At Monte Carlo!" Charlie and son Lee are at a French restaurant, and after Lee's last translation, Charlie's a little weary of letting him order for him!

 I speak almost zero French, but "Poissons" just doesn't look that delectable to me!

 Charlie just wants some waffles, but lee doesn't know how to say waffles in French, so Charlie decides to draw a picture on the back of the menu!

 As they say, a picture speaks a million words, and the waiter finally gets it! 
Oh, Waf'fells', oh sure, Qui Qui!

 And then he brings Charlie this crossword puzzle book!
I'm still laughing, and that's the kind of crap that makes these Charlie Chan movies so worth watching!

 It sure looks like they got Edgar Allen Poe to play The Gendarmerie in the background!

 Nice Ensemble shot to view the final smashing ending!

Wow! And the thought the ending we wrote for "The Creep" was original! 
At least we used an ice cream truck!

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