Monday, September 22, 2008

KISS ME, MONSTER (Küß Mich, Monster) - Jerry van Rooyen - "See Ya!!!" (1969)

Well, We hate to admit it, but we've just got to take a break! Doing this every single day for over a year is starting to take it's toll, so before we go completely mad, and start acting more like some of the characters in these movies, we are going to try and get a little rest and recuperation.

When we started, we had no idea it was going to go on this long, and we probably still have another 6 months to a year of every day posting to get ready for ya'll! So, we're going to take two weeks or 13 days off, and come back fresh in time for the most festive time of the year, the Eve Of All Saint's Day!

And for all of you dedicated people who come here every day, sorry, but please don't have a conniption fit. Stroll through the archive, listen to "Room 13" or '4-D Man" again,(might be a good time to leave comments on how much you can't live without us) or just take a break yourself, but do come back! As the good Reverend Tom Frost might say, "We are not dead, but only sleeping!" So mark your abacus, cause we're gonna be back on October 5th for another raucous round of amazing titles like "Invisible Man Vs The Fly", "The Living Corpse", "Monster Of The Volcano", "Fear Of The Mummy" and so mucho mas more!!!

So, let's get this thing going and ending, with this tasty little tidbit from Jerry van Rooyen, and what would be more perfect than the ending credits from a film we've already written about three times before, Jess Franco's "Küß Mich, Monster" a tight little instrumental that sounds a whole lot like classic Doc Severinsen "Tonight Show" 'let's break to commercial' music, and stage left, we're outta here!! Peace!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

SHE DEVIL / Regal Pictures - 1957 / Music by Paul Sawtell & Bert Shefter

This is probably Regal's second best effort, KRONOS being the winner, I think. Don't forget, Regal is responsible for the horrible, BACK FROM THE DEAD, which we've already posted... Really great cast here, Mari Blanchard, Jack Kelly and Albert Dekker. Oh, and, don't forget X. Brands!!

The totally classic music is by more Dungeon alumni, Sawtell & Shefter. Other posts of their's includes THE BLACK SCORPION, KRONOS, IT!, THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE, THE COSMIC MAN, CURSE OF THE FLY...


The movie starts with Mari on her deathbed, she has an incurable form of TB. All she does is cough! Jack and Albert are developing a miracle drug and having decent success in animals. Mari agrees to be their Guinea pig, besides, what's she got to lose?! A few hours after the shot is given, Mari's up and feeling like she's never felt before... AWESOME!

Unfortunately, Mari's developed a few quirks from the injection, too! She wants what she wants... NOW!!! She goes shopping only to be barraged by the overwelming temptation to steal! Then, she discovers that she can change her looks by just 'wishing' it to happen!!! The fuzz is lookin' for a brunette, but, Mari's a blond! Something is definitely wrong here!..

Boy, are Al and Jack proud of their little experiment!! Mari pegs the theme's ultra sexy insinuations like nobody's business!!.. DAMN!!

Things turn really ugly when Mrs. Kendall catches her husband and Mari outside together at a party, kissing. He's rich. Things are making sense!.. Anyway, she slaps Mari good as a result. Bad mistake!..

Right before she murders Mrs. Kendall, Mari turns her hair dark again so that she can't be a suspect!!.. Clever.

She marries Kendall. Millionaire Barton Kendall is played by distinctive looking John Archer, who was also in the excellent unaired MEN INTO SPACE 1960 TV series pilot with John Agar!!

Of course, the honeymoon is over quite quickly and all she wants to do is fight, and, she taunts him into shooting her!! On the way to the hospital, she shows him that she has already 'healed' herself! She jerks the steering wheel and they go off a cliff! She gets out and walks away and all the money is hers, now!!

To make the story short, Mari gets changed back to normal at the end, and, she dies form the TB... A pretty sad end!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

ZIMMER 13 (Room 13) - Peter Thomas - "Door 13" (1964)

Okay, here's part two of this crazy romp through the wild world of Edgar Wallace and his writing! For obvious reasons, "Zimmer 13" should be our flagship title, and it's even better that it's significance in the film is nothing more than trivial, but what a score on the soundtrack!

The work of Peter Thomas here, is a no holds barred affair from top to bottom, and from start to bloody finish! This musical monsterpiece is a little over ten minutes long, and I didn't even use the music from the strip joint scenes, so pour yourself something, settle in and relax cause here it comes.........."Room 13"!!!

This very brief (and we're talking milliseconds) shot caused this movie to get an age '18' rating back in 1964!!

I don't know why, the gentlemen and the ladies in the audience go nuts and almost give her a standing ovation! Oh, to long for simpler times!!

Barely offstage, and it becomes very apparent that not everybody liked her act!!!

The band plays on no matter what, and if you just take a good look at these cats, your curiosity as to why and how this music could be so cool, will become ever so very clear!!

"Zimmer 13" actually does have a plot and these are the main two characters, Karin Dor as Denise and Joachim Fuchsberger as Johnny Gray! Where are they? In the "Highlow Club" of course!

Happy New Year! This is the door to "Room 13!" Midnight, one more night without sleepin', Watchin' till the mornin' comes creepin', Door 13, what's that secret you're keepin?

The inspector gets a little overzealous in his attempt to try and find out what is going on!!

This guy was supposed to take a spiked drink to this other guy, but they didn't tell him the drink was spiked, so he drank it himself. Through the eye of cinematographer Ernst W. Kalinke, you can see the ensuing results!!

The weirdness never stops, and that makes for a great film!!

Denise stumbles on this woman's corpse as she's running through the catacombs, but the real mystery is, why in the Hell is she dressed in that lurid polka dot outfit???

Denise finally has had enough, and that should be enough Edgar Wallace to hold you for a while too!! Go read a book or search out a movie, you will not be disappointed!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

DAS INDISCHE TUCH (The Indian Scarf) - Peter Thomas - "This Is All Nonsense, This Is All Edgar Wallace" (1963)

Although Edgar Wallace is known mostly as a mystery writer, he does play one very, very important part in the big picture of what we know as 'Monster' movies, just because of the fact that "King Kong" was his idea!! Edgar didn't actually write the script because he died while working on it! It just doesn't get much bigger than that! Edgar was a very popular writer and his books took an even bigger upsurge in the 60's, through a series of German films that went from 1959 to 1971! This series of films also helped elevate him to the position of writer with the most books made into movies award!

In 1963 Rialto Films released "Das Indische Tuch" or "The Indian Scarf" directed by the crazy amazing Alfred Vohrer!!

The music is composed by the phenomenal Peter Thomas, whose career spans at least 50 years of brilliance, and includes a number of these Edgar Wallace films! This stuff still stands original to this day!! I did some searching for you, and I couldn't find any Edgar Wallace on Netflix, but there are a number of titles available at Amazon, just in case you need a fix!

This very opulent room really bugs me!!! It's got a stuffed horse, and a giant bust!! What's up with that crap?

This is a very interesting pairing that reminded me a lot of some people you see in the news these days. A rather portly, well-dressed, white haired gentleman, and a younger, decent looking woman with her hair up, wearing horn-rimmed glasses, but it's 45 years ago!! Wow!!

Here is Klaus Kinski in the role of Peter Ross. Klaus had been in 3 or 4 other Edgar Wallace flicks before this, and his career was really getting rolling, but he was already probably getting kinda krazy!

Leave it to the Germans to come up with a whole new take on the 'spying eyes looking through the portait concept!!'

We're going for the big Edgar Wallace one, two punch, so be sure and check back in tomorrow night for the opus "Zimmer 13," or "Room 13." It's a Musical Mystery Monsterpiece way out and beyond compare!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

THE ROBOT vs THE AZTEC MUMMY (la Momia Azteca contra el Robot Humano) / Mexico - 1958-9 / Music by Antonio Díaz Conde

Tonight Tabonga present more Monster from south of border!!

Antonio Díaz Conde does music, he have amazing career from 1942-74!! So, here is tonight offering... Robot vs Mummy!

First thing, science club geek go visit Dr. Almada and wife Flora. Second thing, Tabonga love gurl who wear top like that!!!

Dr. Almada start telling geek dudes crazy wild story about Flora was in love with Mummy from long time ago and was also there!!.. And, geeks fallin' for it!!

Tonight sound clip have part when Aztec have ceremony to cut out Mummy tongue (ouch!) and kill forbidden lover... FLORA!! When gurlie sing, make Tabonga bark splinter!!.. That 3 minute 18 second of ag-go-ney, AG-GO-NEY!!..

THE ROBOT vs THE AZTEC MUMMY is part 3, and last part in 'Aztec Mummy' series. What drive Tabonga whacky is they use exact complete scene in every one!!!

Then, genius Jerry Warren come up with idea to use complete version in one of his Mexican paste-up job!!.. CARRUMBA!!!

Give Eegah!! high five for giving shorter version!

Boy, Mummy really save on electricity!.. Then Dr. Knucklehead use cross to confuse Mummy!

Now, here Tierno, henchman for Dr. Krupp aka The Bat, or 'the badguy'!!.. He shoot Mummy with Tommy Gun, so Mummy get mad and push him in acid!!

No, this not look suspicious at all!!

Some still a real hoot for Tabonga!

Pinacate and Dr. Almada kickin' badguy butt!!!

Graveyard hick never seen a robot before!!

Okay, here the deal!.. Mummy crazy horny after many century, not care who, who!.. You see hilarious result! Then Mummy turn to Dr. Krupp and Tierno!!!


Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??