Friday, July 12, 2019

GLASS TRAP / There's No Escape - 2005

In today's tale, scientists have created genetically altered giant ants in a bizarre experiment which backfires terribly and the big old bugs go on a killing rampage. Survivors barricade themselves in a skyscraper in an attempt to avoid them, but, that's no guarantee of safety. This one was directed by cult horror guru, Fred Olen Ray.

It stars C. Thomas (E. T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL) Howell, Stella (THE SILENCERS) Stevens, Siri (MY BROTHER THE PIG) Baruc, Brent (THE BAD PACK) Huff, Chick (THE TERROR WITHIN II) Vennera, Andrew (CRYPT OF THE LIVING DEAD) Prine, Peter (DINOSAUR ISLAND) Spellos and Martin (SAVAGES) Kove.

The story starts when there has been a person horribly killed at a nursery. An FDA agent shows up to figure out what in the Hell has happened to him.

Meanwhile at the Glass Trap high rise, well, the security guard's watching the Roger Corman classic, NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST, directed by our Dungeon Pal, Bernie Kowalski.

The critters are already in the drain pipes inside the building, and, they're getting hungry!

And, the things are even causing electrical problems with the computers.

The giant ants have gotten into the inside of the building and they start attacking the people. Luckily, they kill one of the creatures and save the head for further inspection...

So, if you shine a light on a problem, it will bite you on the ass, or maybe your face!

Anyway, after a marathon of escapes to the top of the building, Stella gets dragged back into the slaughter house..... STELLA!!

The survivors use a zip line to get off the high rise, the sexy girls were having a photo shoot on top of the building and both make it to safety... Thank you Lord!

Corrigan and his men take over the operation, they have a timer on barrels of pesticide.

It goes boom and the big old ants take a nose dive!

Corrigan shows his trophy after he stomps on its head! The movie ends with all the victims that made it out of the place picking up all the pieces... You'd better check in tomorrow for something very special Eegah!! has in store for us!!

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