Thursday, February 5, 2009

THE NAVY vs THE NIGHT MONSTERS / Standard Club of California Productions Inc. - 1966 / Music by Greene, Salter + Stevens

Tonight, Tabonga feature Triffid-like cousins, THE NIGHT MONSTERS!! Boy, this is some whack out flick, too, no kiddin'...

Unspecial music is stock from composers Walter Greene, Leith Stevens and Hans J. Salter. But, anyway, here is THE NAVY vs THE NIGHT MONSTERS!

When flick begin wif' dude like this, well, you in for bumpy ride!!

Two second later, he accidently let go of balloon and it fly away! And, he do it twice!!

Okay, back to story... They find big plant in Antarctic and airplane that carry it crash on island where Mamie Van Doren working as Candy Striper! Anthony Eisley star as base commander.

Dude was nominated for Academy Award, but, he not win!..

Tabonga throw this in for all guys out there!!..

You welcome!

Okay, back to story!.. Doctor and top brass out for walk on Saturday morning and almost step in poop!

Bobby Van have short movie career!

Lookit this! A lil' baby Night Monster bite big tough guy and he faint!.. Then, take two guy to capture puny lil' baby monster! Dang!.. That one reason why 'Monsters Rule!!'

Dungeon pal Billy Gray was real trooper on set! For small bump, he let Night Monster rip left arm off!! So, you think you so tough?!!

Not since ATTACK OF THE (THE) EYE CREATURES have Tabonga be so confused about what time is it?!! And, like, where in Hell did jungle go?

Make you glad that it over though!


Greg Goodsell said...

as Elvira used to complain on Movie Macabre back in the day, Mamie Van Doren made her look like Cher!

mario giguere said...

Quite silly but quite fun !

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??