Sunday, June 15, 2008

THE BLACK SCORPION / Amex Productions 1957 / Music by Paul Sawtell


Rodan here... Music conductor, Paul Sawtell, had done it all by the time he did THE BLACK SCORPION. His career would end 10 years later in 1967. He has already contributed to many of our postings, do a search on him!.. So, here's the theme, followed by some romantic mood music with clever banter, and, even more! Now...BIG, UGLY SCORPIONS!!

Mara Corday looks great, especially with that cig! In fact, she'll be featured again soon in another Sunday classic... TARANTULA!

Richard Denning, looking suave... One time at a Hollywood party, Richard was there with his wife, Evelyn Ankers. She was almost always paired with Lon, Jr. as the studio (Universal) thought they were a good match on screen. Well, Lon intensly hated her, so, at this party, Lon threw his drink in Richard's face! It was doubtful that Rich would have retaliated against a big, snockered dude like Lon!!.. I know I wouldn't! Daaammnn!!

When they break this little critter out of this rock, it sounds like it needs some oil!

Great, my wife leaves me, and, now... THIS!!

The special effects guys used crab shells, parts and pieces to make this very scary face for close-ups! Also, it drooled!!

Wow, who knew Mexico had such a futuristic look in the '50s?!


One hell of a stunt!.. I wonder if they got a 'bump?'

Instead of fighting, they should just split it!!

Eyeballs twitch and jaws move on this slobbering monstrosity!

Yep, believe it or not, that gizmo there is all it takes to bring down old 'grandaddy' scorpion!.. Unfortunately, the 'I'm with stupid' dummy in the middle grabs it while its electrified and does a pretty shocking dying act!.. What a maroon!!

Oh, yeah, keeping with the theme, here's a drawing of THE BLACK SCORPION by our pal, Gary Wray. He thinks that some girl in New Jersey bought it!

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Greg Goodsell said...

Drooling scorpions -- eeeeeewwwww.

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