Friday, March 31, 2017

GODZILLA vs. MECHAGODZILLA II / Toho Company - 1993

It's time for yet another trip back to Japan, this time in response to Japan's request for a counter measure against Godzilla, UN engineers construct a new Mechagodzilla war machine, a giant robotic version of Godzilla, a force to be reckoned with, and another epic battle ensues. And, big old Rodan joins in on all the fun!

The destroyed Mechagodzilla from a previous battle with Godzilla is recovered from the bottom of the sea, it's decided that it must be rebuilt to fight their mighty foe... Oh, and by the way, at least they have it now, even though it's broken all to Hell and back!

Anyway, the new Mechagodzilla is ready to go up against the big guy, so, watch out Godzilla!..

Rodan appears in Japan to bring on the hurt. This time, the big old bird also has a deadly ray it shoots from its beak, wow!!

And, the big guy shows up to battle with Rodan for supremacy of the island.

Time to break out the new robot, Japan is in peril from two bad boys from down the block!

It's a face off between the robot and the real deal! Which one will blink first?

No matter, Mechagodzilla fires off a deadly blast at Big G! There's something a little creepy about those dealies in its mouth, it's plain wild n' weird looking!

Rodan shows up again, but, he's sidelined after Godzilla beats the holy crap out of him!

The little mini-pod fighter that detaches from Mechagodzilla ends up crashing into a building after it's knocked out of the air... Cool shot!

I hear this all the time, here, at The Dungeon!.. Inside joke -

This is the female pilot of Mechagodzilla, Man, I'd really like to have her helmet and those weird goggles, I could freak out the cats!!

This is one of the coolest shots I've ever captured, the giant robot is coming out of the smoke from one of Godzilla's awesome blasts!

It looks like the guys are in a big reverse tug of war, who's colorful beam is the pushiest?!

The big guy ends up knocking out Mechagodzilla, you can see the crew there after exiting a piece of the robot's body! Now, what else could possibly happen?...

Wouldn't you know it! There's a freakin' baby Godzilla as part of the story!!.. We'll anyway, don't be a fool, join us again tomorrow for more, from, The Dungeon!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS - Steve Martin - "Screw Top, Zip Lock Brain Surgery" (1983)

I didn't intentionally mean to do two mad scientist comedies in a row, but then I didn't mean to do my taxes either! Tonight's feature should probably be a Saturday Night Special, but because there is no schedule or concept. tonight's fully whacked out feature is:
"The Man With Two Brains!"

"The Man With Two Brains" came out in 1983! I just saw it last week because I only have one brain, and I think it's starting to malfunction!

Directed and produced by Carl Reiner, and starring and co-written by Steve Martin, that's a major pile of laugh power! Right out of the box, there's this scene where there is an accident and Steve Martin tells this little girl to go get some medical help, and she recites all the medical jargon back to him perfectly, and then some!

There's lots of sight gags!

More sight gags!

Steve Martin is a brain surgeon named Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr, and there is always this cat in the operating room during surgery!

Dr. Hfuhruhurr's favorite movie is "Donovan's Brain!"

In a nutshell, the Doctor hit money-grubbin' Dolores Benedict (Kathleen Turner) with his car in the beginning of the movie. She now has a plate in her head, and they are about to get married, but even though her brain doesn't work 100% correctly, she is still in it for the money!

Tension ensues!

Sexual tension ensues!!

And then the Doctor meets somebody else. The only problem is that she doesn't have a body! I say "The Man With Two Brains" owes quite a little bit to "The Brain That Wouldn't Die!"

I give this movie extra big kudos for carrying on the tradition of the Gorilla Suit in the movies!

The woman he loves has no body!

His wife has no brain!

This gal looked like she was going to be the perfect body candidate for a brain transplant until she opened up her mouth and had the most annoying voice ever!

Steve Martin looking demonic as Hell!

The serial killer turns out to be marvelous Merv Griffin!

This is one tough D.U.I. test!!

"The Man With Two Brains" is funny, it's stupid, it's Steve Martin, and if you want to laugh your ass off, it's a no brainer!!!

Monday, March 27, 2017

LIFEFORCE / Golan-Globus Productions - 1985

Here's a movie directed by Tobe Hooper, screenplay by Dan O'Bannon, it's all about the space shuttle Churchill, assigned to observe Halley's Comet, when a strange vessel attached to the comet is seen, a team is sent to investigate. They find three humanoid life forms in caskets and bring them to the Churchill. Earth loses contact with the shuttle and the Space Research Center sends another spacecraft to search for the Churchill, they find the crew dead, the shuttle burnt and one rescue pod missing. They bring the humanoids to Earth and soon it's discovered that the Space Girl is some sort of vampire that drains the human life force.

The poster shown is for its alternative Euro title.

The movie stars Steve (BARB WIRE) Railsback, Peter (THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER) Firth, Frank (SHAFT IN AFRICA) Finlay, Mathilda (NEMO) May and Patrick (X-MEN) Stewart...

Well, four men from the Churchill enter the strange vessel near the comet and discover a hidden world inside...

They find three glass coffins with humanoid bodies inside. They detach the coffins and return to the Churchill shuttle.

Back on Earth, the Space Girl seems to be in a coma, but, I don't think that's the case!

She's just waiting for the right dude to enter the room, and, she puts the make on him big time! Then, she starts kissing and sucking his life force out of him!

Things are out of control as they try to stop the Space Vampires from further mayhem. But, nothing seems to be working!

Patrick plays Dr. Armstrong, he gets caught up in the fun as he fights to stop the invaders.

But, it doesn't look good for him!!

Steve Railsback plays Colonel Carlson, he has become Space Girl's chosen one. When one of the original three aliens rams a special sword into Carlson's gut, he changes into a real nightmare from Hell...

The alien dude takes his weapon and continues on his quest to foil the space invaders.

Carlson grabs the sword from the alien and rams it through both him and Space Girl, causing them to return to the strange vessel and takes them back to where they belong, away from Earth!! Tune in again Wednesday when we continue down the dusty old Dungeon trail...

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