Friday, July 31, 2020

LOONEY TUNES / Bugs Bunny In "Hyde And Hare" - 1955

Welp, we end another month here at The Dungeon. Today's post is a cartoon directed by Friz Freleng, another genius making awesome cartoons for Warner Bros.

Love this one starring our favorite guy, Bugs Bunny, in a little horror tale from 1955. So, sit back and enjoy the laffs, you know, as much as you can in this nutso America we call home.

Dr. Jekyll takes Bugs to his place where our little pal will be well fed and taken care of...

Bugs checks out the home while the doctor goes into the lab to get some carrots. But, the doc sees his special formula just sitting there, and cannot fight the urge to drink it. He apologizes to the audience, then slams it down!

Bugs sees a piano and sits down to play a tune. He pretends to be Liberace, he makes a face and says.. I wish my brother George were here.

In the meantime, the doctor has changed into Mr. Hyde. He walks up behind Bugs, and without even turning around, the little guy senses danger!

And, this is what he sees when he does turn around!! YOW!!

The maniac chases Bugs (who's calling for the doctor's assistance) around the house, until, it changes back into the doctor.

Bugs takes the doc's hand to find what he thinks in a mentally disturbed patient... After a walk down the hall, well, you know what happens next.

The doctor is back so him and Bugs go into the storage room. Bugs nails up some boards and hands the doctor a rifle in case the creep shows up! You can see where this plan goes, to Hell.

Bugs and the doctor hide in a closet. It's amazing what such a simple image can convey!

Finally, Dr. Jekyll decides to pour the formula down the drain because of the mayhem it causes. But, the bottle's empty! He asks Bugs if he drank it, and our little bunny gets all insulted and tells the doctor that he's outta there!..

Bugs goes back to his home in the park. When he arrives, the regulars there see him and head for the hills! Including the birds...

Bugs is baffled!.. What's wrong with those people?! Haven't they ever seen a rabbit before?!!.. Hope you enjoyed this post, check in again tomorrow when we hear back from Eegah!!..

I want to thank our pals that left comments on how much we love our pets ~ So, Thank You ~

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

THE BIG COMBO - "First Is First And Second Is Nobody" (1955)

This week's Wildcat Wednesday feature from 1955 is titled "The Big Combo."
"The Big Combo" has an outstanding cast and is big fun to watch!

Writer Philip Yordan has some interesting credits for films like "The Fiend Who Walked The West," and "Dead Girls Don't Tango," but what's even more interesting are the credits he has for films like "Invasion Of The Triffids," and "The Naked Jungle," where he was just the front man for two writers, Bernard Gordon and Ben Maddow, who had been blacklisted in the 50's.

"The Big Combo" starts off with blonde bombshell Jean Wallace as Susan Lowell being pursued by these two thugs, Fante and Mingo!
Fante on the left is Lee Van Cleef, and Mingo on the right is Earl Holliman, two of my favourite character actors!

The lighting and cinematography are excellent throughout the whole film!

This looks like it could be a black and white version of an Edward Hopper painting!

Cornel Wilde is Police Detective Leonard Diamond, and his boss glaring at him is Robert Middleton as Captain Peterson. Diamond is spending too much time and money on one man, a Mr. Black, who is a slimy but slippery hoodlum they just can't get anything on, and the Captain is getting tired of trying to explain it to the people he has to answer to.

Richard (The Godfather) Conte is the notorious Mr. Brown. To show you what a ruthless bastard he is, there's this scene where he's chewing out a boxer who just lost a match. Mr. Brown slaps the kid, and when the kid doesn't hit him back, he calls him a loser, and tells him to get lost!
Richard Conte was also in "The Twilight Zone" episode titled "Perchance To Dream."

Susan is Mr. Brown's girl, but she's not happy in the role, so while out eating with Fante and Mingo, she becomes faint, and passes out while dancing!

It turns out she had taken some pills!
Now how hard would it be to have this role when nine years earlier Jean Wallace had tried to commit suicide in the same manner? When that didn't work, three years later, she tried stabbing herself in the abdomen. Despite all that unhappiness, Jean lived until 1990 when she died at the age of 66.

The third huge name in this production is Brian (Quatermass) Donlevy, there in the middle, as one of Mr. Black's stooges Joe McClure!

Diamond doesn't have a lot of extra time on his hands, but when he does, he likes to spend it with his showgirl girlfriend Rita, who was played by heavenly Helene (Jungle Moon Men, Beast From 10,000 Leagues) Stanton! The funny thing is that in real life Cornel Wilde was actually married to the other female in this story, Jean Wallace! Cornel Wilde spent a good deal of the rest of his life directing and promoting movies with Jean in them including a movie about an out of control virus in 1970 called "No Blade Of Grass."

Mr. Black and his boys rough Diamond up, and pour 47% alcohol hair tonic down his throat to make him seem drunk, and dump him off at the Captain's doorstep!

Dungeon hero John (Attack Of The Puppet People) Hoyt has a small role as an antiques dealer with a shady past, who only has what he has because he knows a secret about what happened to Mr. Black's ex-partner!

It doesn't pay to be a cutthroat henchman working for Mr. Black. He's got Fante and Mingo hiding out, and he brings them a big box that he says is money, but after he leaves, they open it, and it is sticks of dynamite instead!

Helen Walker is the missing Mrs. Brown. Her own story is more tragic than this movie. On New Year's Eve in 1946, she picked up three WWII veterans hitchhiking. She ended up in a horrible accident that flipped the car and killed one of the soldiers and injured the other two. She also broke her pelvis. The two survivors claimed she was drunk, and she had to go to trial, but even though acquitted, it seriously damaged her career. Now, this is just really weird, just like Jean Wallace, Helen was in a movie in 1949 called "Impact," and there was a scene of a fatal automobile accident that was caused by her character. In 1960, Helen's house burned down, and in 1968, she succumbed to cancer at the age of only 47.

Mr. Brown finally gets what's coming to him!

And Diamond and Susan, well, who knows where their life goes from here!

It seems like Cornel Wilde really was Sir Lancelot to Jean Wallace, so I thought that it was very fitting that after they made the Wilde directed movie "Lancelot And Guinevere" together, they came out with this Dell comic book in 1963!

Monday, July 27, 2020

LOST IN SPACE / "War Of The Robots" - 1966

Here's an adventure that goes like this... After Will repairs a damaged robot he finds in some brush, it helps the family at first but then plots to capture them for some distant alien masters.

Will shows his dad a dead robot he discovered while fishing, he wants to repair it and get it working again... Low and behold, it's our favorite guy, Robbie The Robot! Man, back in the day I saw FORBIDDEN PLANET in 1956, then saw THE INVISIBLE BOY the following year!

The gang goes looking for their robot what has been saying that you can't trust the robot because it's a "robotoid." It's ready to take a big hammer to the new robot when it's stopped before it does any damage...

After everyone leaves to go back to the ship, the robotoid checks in with it's evil alien masters. The plan is to win the confidence of the family, then sabotage their ship. After that, the alien masters will come to the planet and pick up all the humans!!

The robotoid (I didn't know that robots could poop!) then zaps the family's robot to assure it won't cause any problems with the plan.

Their robot has gone missing, the robotoid has access to the ship now, but Will finds it holding a simple blaster. He orders the robot out of the ship and has some bad feelings about what's going on. And, what's up with their robot?

The robotoid then spills the beans after damaging some equipment in the ship. It tells the family that they need to obey him, or else!

Dr. Smith tries to make a deal with the robot, but it tells him the shut the Hell up!

It's time to check in with the masters and set up a time for them to arrive...

But first, der robotoid goes back to prepare the family for what is to come. In the meantime, Will has had a heart to heart with their robot and there's going to be a showdown...

First, their robot shoots out a cloud of fog...

Will crosses his fingers, come on plan, WORK!!

Hidden in the fog, the robot comes around behind the robotoid and zaps it a goodern! It says, you have destroyed me! And it dies again!!

It's a great day for everyone, because, the robotoid had not sent the alien masters the coordinates for the planet yet!

So, what's going to happen next week? By the way, Penny was not in this episode!

Well, next week the family encounters a cosmic storm!

Mom goes out and yells for Penny and Dr. Smith to come home.

But then, lightning strikes a bronze statue, and... You'll just have to wait a week to find out... Tune in again on Wednesday when Eegah!! will have another cool post for us, here at The Dungeon!!..

I had to send my kitty cat home today, a sad time for Tabonga ~ R. I. P. my Bubby ~

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