Saturday, July 30, 2022

13 MYSTERIES - "Something Ain't Right In North Cactus City" (2017)

This week's Saturday Night Special is an independent film made in 2017 titled "13 Mysteries."

"13 Mysteries" was written and directed by Julia Noel, and the Executive Producer was Edward Parker Bolman, who has been leaving a lot of informative and interesting comments here lately.
"13 Mysteries" is a lengthy film running a full hour and forty-six minutes, and there is no way I could try and explain it to you in this format. For that matter, I might not even be able to explain it in person over a bottle of wine, so first off I'll just tell you that one of the stars is a telephone!

The phone is in various locations and is plugged into the ground!

Not quite sure what the make and model of this phone are, but I like the modern design!

There's even a phone worshiping cult that lives in a remote cave in Hollywood.

 The mysteries unfold, one by one.

 Edward Parker Bolman is our hero Milton 'The Investigator' Firebrace! While out wandering around in the middle of nowhere, he comes across a phone, and then it starts ringing.
 A voice on other end of the line speaks the olde language, and Milton doesn't understand a word, so he decides it's time to move on the the next mystery.
For security reasons, large portions of this story have been redacted!
So rather than me trying to explain this film, let me tell you about just some of the people involved in this project!

Percival Baird is the flamboyant Mayor of North Cactus City and is played by a gentleman named Buzzsaw!

Dr. Broccoli is played by Teddy (Necromancy) Quinn. Teddy is also a musician and has a recording studio out in the desert!
The talented
Maritza (Night Of The Zomghouls) Brikisak is a character named Elemental.
Comix artiste Carrie McNinch has the role of Number One.

Steve Moramarco is Mayoral candidate Phillip Daird. Steve was the Associate Producer for the film "Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny." 
Another very interesting participant in this project was Janet Housden, the former drummer for the 70's & 80's punk band Red Kross. Janet has the role of Hypatia Spitzenberg, one of the residents of North Cactus City.

There's not enough room here to name the whole cast, and I apologize if I identified anybody incorrectly. The great thing is that you can make your own evaluation and consideration for what's going on here for nothing, by going HERE, where "13 Mysteries" streams for free!
"13 Mysteries" is set in an alternate 1970's, and here's a picture of me in 1970, just in case that explains anything, if not then just beam me back up!

 This is some pretty serious jive, and Milton 'The Investigator' Firebrace just might have gotten in over his head a bit!

It's beautiful how an overexposed black and white picture is still so readily identifiable as a

Friday, July 29, 2022


I started with a few older titles, like this one, THE DEVIL BAT, starring our main guy, Bela Lugosi. Wow, what a great example of box art, just imagine monster kids in 1962 at the store going through the titles, talk about a goldmine of fun! As far as I remember, they were edited down to about 7-8 minutes, showing all the best parts.

Here's another one starring Bela, an example of great artwork from the graphics department for MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE, the horror monster show!

This FRANKENSTEIN artwork is really intriguing, so simple with that red background setting the whole thing off, nice.

And we have 1 MILLION B. C. starring Lon Chaney and Victor Mature as cavemen, sprinkled with prehistoric monsters to battle with.

This INVADERS FROM MARS artwork is so deceiving... First of all, the leader in the jar ain't that creepy. Secondly, look at those mutants, what the Hell man, that ain't the ones I remember! Thirdly, what's up with those flying saucers?! Hey, there was only ONE saucer, dude! And hey, that ain't what they look like, dummkoph. They got the people right though.

Then we have MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD, but the artwork is totally weak compared to what they could have created. It's even from United Artists!

Now, THE SPIDER box art kicks ass, definitely one I'd want in my collection, if I had one.

The box art here for THE GIANT BEHEMOTH is very attractive, good job!

Man, this is another very fine example of eye catching 8 mm movie box art. As a monster kid, how could you not want to add this one to your collection!

FRANKENSTEIN 1970 is retitled for this Castle Films release, and the box art looks great!

THE CLAW MONSTRERS is a TV movie from 1966, it is the edited movie version of the Republic serial, PANTHER GIRL OF THE CONGO, on the screens in 1955. Great artwork.

Wow, here's some more eye catching box art for THE GIANT CLAW, another title I'd love to have in my imaginary collection of 8 mm home movies!

I saved BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE for last because it's so funky, I love it! The best part is that it has the very best version of The Beast I've ever seen! There you go, some eye candy to feed your brain on a Friday, here at The Dungeon!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022


It's a hot Summer evening and a good time to switch gears, at least for me, so here's a handful of really nice classic Universal monsters lobby cards. Nothing new or original, just a bunch of cool cards in one place together. First off, from 1932 is Boris Karloff in "The Mummy."
Just like the mummy would do, this card kills me!

From 1944, here's a nice card from "The Mummy"s Curse."

Also from 1944 is "The Mummy's Ghost." Both the "Curse" and the "Ghost" featured Lon Chaney Jr. as The Mummy.

This "Frankenstein" lobby card from 1931 is beyond classic!

"The Bride Of Frankenstein" from 1935 is every man's dream. Look at Elsa's hair on the left sidebar. What the Heck!?

This "Werewolf Of London" lobby card from 1935 is awesome. I love the colors and the eerie left sidebar is killer!

Supposedly underway in Florida is a new Universal theme park called "Epic Universe" that is going to feature a Bavarian village like in "Frankenstein," a boat ride with a "Creature From The Black Lagoon" theme, and a lot more. I'm sure "The Wolf Man" will be included too!

These two cards, "The Invisible Ray" from 1936, and......................

..............."The Raven" from 1935 have the same cool composition!

The last one is "Captive Wild Woman" from 1943. I don't know what's up with those two piles of animals, and why does Acquanetta's face looks like it's from the 60's or 70's, not the 40's?

I'll wrap this up with a couple of non-Universal classics like MGM's "Mad Love" starring Peter Lorre in 1935...............

..........................................And this very cool lobby card from the 1937 Disney classic
 "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs."
I'll be back on Saturday with something Special!

Monday, July 25, 2022

THE THREE STOOGES In "Idle Roomers" - 1944

Here's a fun episode where the boys are working as bellboys at a large hotel, where a sideshow promoter has brought in a wolf man named Lupe. And the real fun begins...

The Stooges have to wake up from their slumber when the desk calls them to take some luggage to an upstairs room.

Curly gets the chore of carrying the giant load of luggage and a crate up to the room. But the pile is too high and everything except the crate falls on Moe when Curly goes through the doorway.

Curly finally gets the crate to the room after busting his ass getting it there.

When he goes into the room, he finds sideshow promoter Mr. Leander there and he already has a bone to pick with the boys for their previous antics. He grabs his knives and starts throwing them at Curly who's standing by the door.

And, he's not kidding around!!

Mr. Leander shows his wife the poster for his new attraction and opens the door to the crate to show her what Lupe looks like. But, there's a knock on the door so he closes the crate.

The  Leaners leave because the boys have been sent to clean up the room because of the messes they made earlier. Curly thinks someone, or something, is in the crate and he unlocks the door to peek inside. But, Moe shows up to tell him to get back to cleaning.

Curly sees a radio and turns it on, and music plays as Curly sweeps the floor. Thing is, Lupe is as gentle as a lamb, until he hears music, then he goes berserk!

Moe has broken the radio over Curly's head and he can't get it off. Lupe has broken out of his cage and bonks Curly on the head repeatedly. Duke York plays Lupe.

After Lupe knocks Curly down, the radio broken to pieces, Lupe climbs out of the window. Curly looks up and thinks it's Moe that just went out the window.

The boys are back to work when they hear a woman screaming in another room, they go to her room to see what the problem is... The lady is talking to them when Lupe comes out from behind the curtain and stands behind Curly.

The lady sees Lupe standing there and cries... WOLF!! Curly thinks she's talking about him and he gets resentful about the whole thing.

But when Curly stands in front of a broken mirror and looks at Lupe (this is the first time he sees Lupe) and he tells the woman... Hey, you might have something there, I look horrible! They do the whole routine until Lupe breaks character and angrily growls at Curly.

Larry's kinda on his own a lot of the time in this one, here, he gets a taste of Lupe.

Of course Moe tells Curly to play the trombone as it should calm the wolf man down. They always have to learn the hard way.

Anyway, the ending has Lupe messing with the boys as they try and escape in the elevator.

The boys are relieved when they think they have evaded the monster for good, but, Lupe has control of up and down switch, and...

They fly into the clouds. Really good episode, love these guys the most, here at The Dungeon!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??