Saturday, July 6, 2019

BATMAN - "Justice Is Always Darkest Before The Dawn" (1989)

It was eighty years ago that Batman was introduced to the world!

It was thirty years ago, or fifty years later, that the Batmobile got shifted into high gear!

Time for another Saturday Night Special Classic in The Dungeon!

Dark and mysterious, Batman was made to order like a cheeseburger and fries, for Tim Burton to film!

Movies over two hours long are hard for me to watch. "Batman" is one of the few that kept me awake!

There's nothing I can tell you about "Batman" that you most likely don't already know, like why he hates the Joker so much!

This part is real, some people think Batman is the problem, not the solution!

Jack Napier, soon to be The Joker, has a very cool pad! He might be a diabolical maniac, but at least he's got good taste!

With shots like this,"Batman" is a movie that is actually worth being over two hours long, like standing in a long line to get on a ride, but at least you've got a beer!

In 1943, Batman made his first appearance on the big screen in a 15 chapter serial, and was played by Lewis Nelson. You would think that Lewis would be a household name, but most people just don't care about that far back in the past anymore! Johnny Croft played Robin.
In 1949, Batman resurfaced in another 15 chapter serial, that also included the Boy Wonder! In fact, this serial was titled "Batman And Robin," with Robert Lowery as the Batman and Johnny Duncan as Robin.
It wouldn't be until 1966 that a full movie would be made with Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin!
After that Robin would not reappear in the movies until "Batman Forever" in 1995.

Scheduled for October of this year, they will come out with a film titled simply...
with Joaquin Phoenix filling the bad guy's shoes!

I'll bet it was fun putting together Bruce Wayne's odd collection of stuff!

Kim Basinger is gorgeous!

Jack is as crazy as ever, and maybe crazier than never!

It's Batman's fault! He created The Joker by dropping him in this rancid vat, but The Joker was also the one who created Batman when he killed his parents, so I guess it's an even trade off!

This is what I'd like to call a simple but signature Tim Burton moment!
This shot could have been in any number of his films!

Of course, after this, "Batman Returns" in 1992, and has been going and going ever since!

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