Saturday, March 30, 2013

SCREAM BABY SCREAM - Chris Martell - "Shock It To Me Baby" (1969)

Gimme a T, Gimme a R. Gimme a O, Gimme a M, Gimme an A, what's that spell, what's that spell? TROMA!!!!!

This has been a seriously wacky month, so let's wrap it up with a movie that is the epitome of why we do this, straight out of 1969, "Scream Baby Scream!"

Remember those days in figure drawing class when the nude model showed up and was a hairy hippie guy instead of a well rounded female? Yecch!!!

"Me mind on fire -- Me soul on fire -- Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!" - Buster Pointdexter

Maybe you should work on a little less concept and a little more detail if you expect to make it in the graphic arts business!

Freaky artiste type shows up, and it's suddenly clear why his paintings are so fucked up! Tortured artiste effect 1-A!!!! Most of the people in this film were only ever in one movie, including Larry Swanson as creepy artiste Charles Butler!

Ah for the good olde days when a bottle of Chianti wrapped in a straw basket was something cool! Take note that the straw basket was known as a fiasco! How ironic that fiasco is also defined as A thing that is a complete failure, especially in a ludicrous or humiliating way, just exactly like this movie! Synonyms for fiasco are the big triple F, Failure, Flop and Fizzle!!!

"I dreamed you went to bed with me, I played my guitar so succinctly,  and then the lights went down,  and so did you, and I got laid, yeah laid, because I love you babe, oh babe, yeah laid!"

Chris Martell as Scotty laces a beverage with Acid, so the kids can all partake in the psychedelic experience! Chris is one of the few actors in this movie that was in other films, a couple of his other credits being "The Gruesome Twosome," and "My Third Wife, George!"

The "trip" sequence involves going to the zoo, and deep inner thoughts about the realities of being inside or outside!!

Just to show you how far ahead of it's time this film was, it wouldn't be until 15 years later that the "Gaye Bykers On Acid" released their first album!

Strum, strum, swirl, strum, strum swirl again! This film is totally out of control!!

"Scream Baby Scream" was filmed in Miami, Florida, and delivers a knockout punch because the cinematography was done by Julio C. Chávez, the man also responsible for the looks of such classics as "Death Curse Of Tartu," and "Sting Of Death!"

Here's another example of Charles Butler's work!

Chris Martell also wrote and performs the music in "Scream Baby Scream," and this song from the club scene sounds like classic 60's "Nuggets" stuff with fuzz guitar, and some odd long pauses that are truly unique! The rest of the music used in the film is a cacophony of delights not heard since "The Awful Dr. Orloff!"

The scene where they find the bodies on the beach is highlighted by this guy with a cowlick from Hell! He gives Alfalfa a real run for his money, even though it's only a small role!

Charles Butler has real issues, and he not only suffers from the tortured artiste effect, he also is an artiste that is actually a torturer! Go figure!

See, the whole deal is Charles Butler doesn't have enough imagination to come up with those painted images by himself, he needs actual real life models. That's it. pretty basic concept, and not real hard to follow! "Scream Baby Scream" is available on DVD all over the place as one of the films in Troma's "Toxie's Triple Terror" Vol 4, along with "Stuff Stephanie In The Incinerator," and "Fertilize the Blaspheming Bombshell!" Talk about failure, flop and fizzle! Dig in freaks!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

SMOKEY AND THE HOTWIRE GANG / Ace Pix International - 1979

It's Flipped-Out Friday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. The only reason we're reviewing this piece of poop is because it was produced and directed by Anthony Cardoza. If you're a MST fan, you definitely know who Anthony Cardoza is! It stars bozos James Keach and Stanley Livingston with GREEN ACRES' Alvy Moore and weirdo Skip Young! Whoa!!..

There's lots of car chases with redneck music playing in the background, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button there next to the atomic battery charger, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's our audio offering for... SMOKEY AND THE HOTWIRE GANG!

So, it starts with a car chase! Porsche versus Pontiac.

Here's Carla Ziegfeld as hot car wheeler-dealer, Hotwire! She has a gang and big boobs.

She's trying to sell this stolen classic Oldsmobile aka The Aztec!

There's Albert (THE INCREDIBLE 2-HEADED TRANSPLANT) Cole and an Antonio Banderas impersonator.

Custom car and hot-rod creator George Barris plays Billy The Kid, the guy using the CB.

Someone has to pay for this damn movie!

Skip Young in all his glory!

Skip plays Jr. Tedo, local hot car enthusiast and weirdo. Sheriff Alvy lets him out of jail if he'll use his T-Bird to chase down the bad guys!

Jr. drives through this lady's laundry line as she looks on. A chance to show one of the unsung heroes of low budget filmmaking!

There's just no stopping the insanity!!

It's like there are three different movies going on at the same time, so, to tie it together, everyone just meets at the same place every now and then for a big fight or shoot out! Awesome script by T. Gary Cardoza.

Nice!!.. Now, just slowly turn around little lady...

We need to check you girls for any concealed weapons!!

The tagline goes... It's Heavy Truckin', Hard Drivin', and Free Lovin'! Yee-Haw Ya'll

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

THE MILLION EYES OF SUMURU - "She Rules A Palace Of Pleasure... For Women!" (1967)

Of all the movies we've really looked forward to seeing after spending uncountable hours trying to locate a copy, "The Million Eyes Of Sumuru" turned out to be one of the most disappointing of all, kind of like looking through your own armpit!

After seeing "The Seven Secrets Of  Sumuru" aka "The Girl From Rio" and writing about it a couple of years ago, I was hot to trot to see this one which was made two years earlier, but it sure wasn't worth the wait!

Now how could a movie like this possibly be bad? Maybe it's because Jess Franco directed the other one!

"The Million Eyes Of Sumuru" is rife with talent, pop culture, and beauty like Shirley Eaton, who was also Sumuru in "The Seven Secrets Of Sumuru,"  but honestly, I preferred her in that film, "Ten Little Indians," or even "Goldfinger!" Shirley was also in three of the 'Carry On' films, "Carry On Sergeant," Carry On Nurse," and "Carry On, Constable." She quit acting after making "The Seven Secrets Of Sumuru!"

Two Dungeon faves for sure, George Nader as Agent Nick West, and Frankie Avalon as Agent Tommy Carter both have roles that are completely unbelievable, and it's fair to say that it was meant to be that way, but it doesn't make it work any better! Their minds must have both been in a phone booth at the beach somewhere, because it seems like they just phoned in most of their lines!

All the most beautiful and dangerous girls in the world can't make it any better, and not even some music by the likes of the brilliant John Scott or Daniel White is going to do the trick!

George Nader is awesome in all the Jerry Cotton movies, but in this one he just seems surprised and perplexed, a gay man in a society ruled by women!

This is the kind of excitement I'm talking about! It just ain't happening!!

"Robot Monster" is a lot more adventuresome!

The tantalizing Maria Rohm was also in "The Seven Secrets Of Sumuru," and "Ten Little Indians" with Shirely Eaton!

More talent out the wazoo, Klaus Kinski as President Boong is one of the more interesting characters in this film!!

I swear to you, I honestly believe that his is how serious George Nader takes the whole thing, not one iota, and I'm not talking about the 9th letter in the Greek alphabet!!

"The Million Eyes Of Sumuru" is a Shaw Brothers production, so there is a big firefight at the end, and even Frankie has had it with the whole ordeal!

Not even the amazing actor Wilfrid Hyde-White is going to be able to save this mess! Here's my suggestion for any film buff, rather than seeking out "The Million Eyes Of Sumuru," just go back and watch Wilfrid in "Let's Make Love," with Marilyn Monroe, Shirley in "The Seven Secrets Of Sumuru" or "Ten Little Indians," Klaus in "Aguirre" The Wrath Of God," Maria in "The House Of 1000 Dolls" (with George Nader), Frankie in "Horror House" or any beach movie of your choice, and George in any, or all of the Jerry Cotton films!! This is one movie where the sequel is much better than the first one, at least that's my humble opinion!

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Monster Music
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