Friday, May 22, 2009


It'll still be a couple of weeks until Eegah!! comes out of hibernation and Tabonga goes into germination, so hang in there and we'll be back in no time at all with some amazing titles like Galaxy Invader, Circus Of Fear, Curse Of The Headless Horseman, Horror Of The Zombies, Sons Of Hercules In The Land Of Darkness, and of course, Slave Of The Cannibal God, just to name a few!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

BUCKET OF BLOOD - "Like Endsville" (1959)

Okay Kids, that's it! After a long and hard deliberation, we've decided we need to have our lives back, and to end this blog once and for all. It was fun while it lasted, but it was going to have to end some day, so it might as well be today! I still have one more song left from the movie that was one of the main reasons we decided to do this in the first place, the best horror comedy ever made, "Bucket Of Blood" and "The End For Walter", just substitute one of our names for Walter's when you're listening! I'd also like to take one last opportunity to thank all you readers, some who have been with us from the start! Tom Frost, Buzz, Flinty, Zilla, GG, Prof Grewbeard, Kreng, and so many more, and the whole list of awesome followers, and all the great sites that link to us, I'm sure we'll meet up again some day, Cheers, and now....

Tabonga's also got something to say......

Hey, Tabonga here, life is very funny event. One day you so great, then next day you need nap!!

To end thing here, Tabonga offering free sealed copy of THE CREEP for who answer question correctly through comment!! THE CREEP is very first flick produced by Dungeon gang and release on DVD in 2001. This is really great lil' lo-budge b/w horror comedy shot in Bakersfield, mostly at night! Also, Guardian Angel Forrest J. Ackerman host show in 2 segment!!

CONTEST OVER! Question wuz...


Q.- What is element that tie ever'thing together??

Tabonga answer is... Ta Da... THE OLD HOUSE ON MARSH LAKE! That is where PLAN 9 dude park UFO and where Dr. Acula have swizzle stick seance in NOTG!

***Tabonga hear a heart beat!

Friday, May 8, 2009

MANOS: HAND OF FATE - Huddleston/Smith Jr. (Vocalist Unknown) - "The End" (1966)

Okay, I admit it, I'm lost and confused! When we first started this blog, I thought it would be a couple hundred songs and we're outta here, but you folks all seemed to enjoy it, and we've had a good time doing it, so despite the odds, we just kept going!

I have held on to this one song, and had always planned that it would be the last one, it just seems so perfect, but this isn't THE END, I guess, but just a transition!

Switching over to strictly public domain films should be great fun for all of us, and this film is a perfect example, but what a stinking grey area it is! I've already wasted too much time trying to figure that one out, seems like everybody's got a different list of what films are PD, so we're going try, but as far as I'm concerned, it's all in "The Hands Of Fate", and just like in any cheap horror flick, well, you know what can happen!!! So, "Don't forget the silly way we met!"

"We defy you to guess the ending!!"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SANTO CONTRA CAPULINA / Mexico - 1969 / Music by Manuel Esperon

Feliz Cinco de Mayo ever'bloody!!!

So, here come SANTO y CAPULINA! Viva la Mexico!! Tonight is first time for weirdo Capulina here at el Dungeon. Capulina also was in CAPULINA SPEEDY GONZALES, CAPULINA CONTRA LOS VAMPIROS y CAPULINA CONTRA LOS MONSTRUOS and do total of 70 flick!.. Arriba!

Mexico music god Manuel Esperon have 394 composing credit!!!!!! and SANTO CONTRA CAPULINA not even on his IMDb compose list!!!!!!!! Some a bip!! He start in 1938 and end in 1991! Like Tabonga say, he music god!!

Tabonga' pet tarantula Ralphie getting very close to big old red music 'GO' button. Now he putting out lil' leg and now it time for!.. THE SAINT + THE KNUCKLEHEAD!

Capulina go to work to guard warehouse and first thing he do?.. Go to bed, what else!

Of course, Santo come and beat bad guy up while Capulina have sweet dream!

Then, Santo go see chief of Police Crox Alvarado, aka Pinacate/El Ángel from AZTEC MOMIA Triolgy!

Capulina want to be like Santo, he see Santo mask in window so go inside store and mayhem follow shortly thereafter!

Ever'bloody think Santo all drunk or sumpin'...

Okay, break time!.. Here is gurl robot that Santo going to throw in pool and blow up!

Here is bad guy' bossman in wheelchair and head mad science dude who make people robot replica.

Santo have to fight robot dude and then he ask Capulina tough question.

Great pic!!

For some reason, they make Capulina duplicate!

Why they call flick SANTO CONTRA CAPULINA?!

Monday, May 4, 2009

LADRÓN DE CÀDAVERES - Federico Ruiz - "Body Snatchers" (1957)

If you're a mad scientist in Mexico, and if you need good bodies, common sense would tell you that, you might as well dig up dead wrasslers, and if there are no dead wrasslers, then you just kill some!!!

The raven sitting on the car was a stroke of genius, kudos to director Fernando Méndez and cinematographer Víctor Herrera for their vision in this opening scene, and throughout the whole movie!!

Sorry about the 'L' getting cut off the title card!!!

Mexico, 1957, a better time you might think, but not necessarily so, if tonight's movie, "Ladrón de Cadáveres," has anything to say about it! The composer of the music for this film is Federico Ruiz, a name we have not heard around here before, because this seems to be the one and only lucha libre mostro pelicula he ever worked on, but he obviously knew his stuff, since he'd worked in the movies since 1932! The man was a master of any style, as you will hear when you listen to the story of "Ladrón de Cadáveres", or as they might say in English, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers!"

"Ladrón de Cadáveres"

Eleven years later Yerye Beirute, here playing the body snatchin' Cosme Ramírez, was in "La Camara Del Terror" with Boris Karloff, a film we covered a couple of months ago!

Federico's music in this movie is great, but they saved the best and swingingest part for this scene right here!!

This gal, who I'm assuming is a lady of the night, walks out of the motel, but she can't get her cigarette lit!

So she goes up this this guy to get a light, and gets quite a surprise, the reason he's ignoring her is because he's dead!

Like el difunto rey!! But you know what they say, "Los muertos no hablan!"

Hubba, Hubba!!!

Okay, Now I get it! It's all starting to make sense now!!

I will always remember the first time I saw a picture of this monster, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it was issue #13 of "Famous Monsters" magazine. I remember because it was quite horrible at the time and unlike anything we were used to, that's for sure. I really think it had something to do with the drool!!! I still have a couple of "F M's" left, but I couldn't find the picture. It was pretty interesting looking through them though and flashing on the pictures from all the movies we've written about since we started this project, and I found it quite interesting to re-read references to movies I always wondered about, but never saw with titles like "Killer Smog" and "Mutano the Horrible." What was even more interesting was trying to look them up on IMDB, and not finding anything, which made me start to wonder how much of that info they tossed at us was actually fact & how much was just good writing!!

Well, you know what they say about payback, and this film is no exception!!!! Ow!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

SON OF GODZILLA / Toho - 1967 / Music by Masaru Satô

Hey, yo!! Heads up, everyone, GODZILLA's looking for his son!! Jun Fukuda gives director Ishirô Honda a break and handles this one.

Masaru Satô had already done the Dungeon all-time favorite GODZILLA vs THE SEA MONSTER prior to this outing. Then, his next project would be GODZILLA vs MECHA-GODZILLA in 1974, and, that would be his last one for the series. He ended his career with 211 composing credits between 1952-1999!.. Wow!!

Obviously, the studio heads wanted a playful feel to the music, and, well, that's what they got! GODZILLA had been turned into a 'children friendly' monster and Toho was now competing with Daiei's GAMERA for the top spot with that audience.

Akira Kubo plays Goro Maki, a reporter that drops in to get a story!..

The island is a research outpost for weather manipulation.

And, ever since the atom bomb tests back in the fifties, there's also giant preying mantis referred to as GIMANTIS!!

For some unknown reason, Godzilla shows up on the island!

The Gimantis unearth an egg, an egg that hatches little Minya, the SON OF GODZILLA!! Can you say... WAAAAAGWAAAAAA!!!

Luckily, Bibari Maeda, as Riko, shows up to help out the baby monster, and make the boys in the audience happy!

Pops shows sonny boy how to fight and use their fiery, atomic breath! Minya struggles with the new power at first.

Great shot!!

Oh, yeah, don't forget about the web spitting giant spider, what makes pop and son miserable! At one 'point' the spider pokes Godzilla right in the eye with his spiked mouth!!

The science guys give one last shot at making it snow on the island.

In the meantime the big guy drops a boulder on Minya's tail, and viola, he now has the full power of his breath! Then, the boys really turn up the heat on the pesky arachnid!

It starts snowing like crazy and Minya can't make it back to the sea with his dad!

The gang make it off the island and Godzilla decides to stay with Minya, like a good dad, afterall...

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??