Saturday, May 30, 2015

TO SPRING - A Harman - Ising Cartoon (1936)

Happy Harmonies to you all, and welcome to the Saturday Night Seasonal Special down in The Dungeon!

I probably should have done this about three months ago, but since it's just the beginning of Summer, well, there's no time like the present!

"To Spring" is a testimonial to the changing of the seasons, and is really quite an eye opener!

This little dude has been hibernating underground all Winter just like a bear!

Gotta be rested, because when it starts warming up again, it's time to sound the alarm, and for everybody to get their asses in gear! It's Time For Spring!

I have to admit that before I saw this, I had no idea what controlled the seasons! I never knew there were a bunch of little guys living underground, who at the appropriate time, make it all happen! These guys aren't anything like the guys I work with, there's no pissin' and moaning, and no bitching and complaining, they just get to work and get the job done!

I love this shot! "It's Time For Spring!"

I'm not real big on conspiracies, but it's pretty obvious why this is on a DVD titled "Top 10 Forgotten Cartoons," the authorities want to keep us all in the dark as to the real truth!

If people knew the truth, there would be all kinds of drilling and exploring in an attempt to exploit all this hidden energy, and then, everything would go to Hell, and there'd be no seasons! I don't think that's something any of us would like to happen, so it's just better that this information is only shared among a few select people! Shhhh.....Mum's the word!

One of the few times the word 'Technicolor' really makes sense!

I'm really hoping that's not cholesterol in those vessels, because if it is, that would explain a whole lot of things about what has happened to our environment over the last 76 years!

Olde Man Winter tries to put a damper on all the Spring festivities!

Despite several attempts to stop Spring from happening, the little guys persevere!

And all the colours they've worked so hard to mine, produce a beautiful lush landscape, and another changing of the seasons! No more myths, no more legends, just the truth!

Friday, May 29, 2015


Here's my last post for May, so, lets take a look at a few cool posters I've compiled to get your juices flowing, here at The Dungeon!..

There were a number of great posters created for FRANKENSTEIN in 1931, I like this one especially because of the wild contortions of Frankie's body!

This is an interesting foreign poster from 1941's THE WOLF MAN with Lon Chaney as the man.

Love this poster showing Rondo with hypnotic electric eyes in HOUSE OF HORRORS from 1946. I'll be reviewing this movie next month, it also stars Martin (THE FLESH EATERS) Kosleck.

Here's an interesting poster for the silent serial THE HOUSE OF TERROR from 1928, remember, there was no Motion Picture Production Code until 1934, which lasted until 1954. Boobs were popularly exploited items before that.

This is a nice RKO poster for MEXICAN SPITFIRE SEES A GHOST from 1942, it starred Tarzan's real wife, the very wild gal, Lupe Valez.

We also love those bad girls at the Dungeon, this poster for PICKUP in 1951 sez it all!

I mean, like, is this the coolest poster for TARGET EARTH in 1954 or what?! Those pinchers look absolutely terrifying, but, thing is, the pinchers on the robots in the movie were small and goofy looking! Also, there was only one robot made for the production. Looks like a lot of bait and switch going on here...

Here's a really nice poster for Universal's THE MOLE PEOPLE from 1956 with good old Dungeon Hero John (HAND OF DEATH) Agar.

This Japanese poster for THEM! in 1954 looks great, the monsters are very creepy looking.

Check out this awesome foreign poster for 20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH from 1957. What's interesting to me is that the poster says... 30 MILLION KILOMETERS TO EARTH!

HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND from 1960 had a number of eye catching posters, like this one! I used to have the 1-sheet from this fun flick.

Honestly, this 1-sheet from THE CREEPING TERROR in 1957 has got to be one of the worst, kitschiest posters in the history of posters, unbelievable!! But, better be ready to pay big bucks if you'd like to collect one of these suckers!

Look at this odd poster for DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS in 1965, has a comic book feel.

Here's a nice 2-color foreign poster for the very creepy ISLAND OF TERROR from 1966.

We'll end with this very classy Mexican poster for EL MEDICO DE LAS LOCAS in 1956. Tune in tomorrow for our last post in May!

**Check out OttoBud's comment for corrections to this post..

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

DOGGONE TIRED - Tex Avery/Scott Bradley (1949)

I couldn't think of a better title to describe the way I feel  right now, so with feets and ass a draggin', here's this week's Wacko Wednesday installment of Dwrayger Dungeon, a cartoon from the brilliant comic mind of Mr. Tex Avery, "Doggone Tired!!!"

As a kid, I probably actually watched more cartoons than I did movies, maybe it had something to do with that short attention span I have! I always love to show the credits on cartoons just to show how lazy people are today! Try and do anything with only this many participants, I dare you, but back in 1949, this was all it took to make a really awesome cartoon! One of those participants was the always entertaining Mr. Scott Bradley (Not to be confused with Scott Bradlee, leader of the phenomenal group Post-Modern Jukebox!) Be sure and check out this one minute sample of musical genius from his amazing madcap comic mind!

I'm not into hunting, but it makes for a good storyline!

Here he is, our nameless hero, the hunting dog, and he's raring to go!

But the hunter is not ready yet, so it's back to the cabin to get a good night's rest, so they can take off fresh, first thing in the morning!

Since this is what he lives for, the hunting dog is not happy about this situation at all!

Peeking through the keyhole on this whole scene is the poor defenseless little bunny rabbit!

The poor rabbit is worried as Hell! What can he do? Then he gets an idea, he'll try and prevent the hunting dog from getting a good night's sleep, and then he'll be worthless!

First off, he tries the olde leaking faucet trick!

And when the dog tries to stop the leak? Well, let me just say that this is how my whole day has gone so far!

Sometimes I don't sleep so well myself, so it's pretty easy to identify with this dog!!  You just finally get comfortable, get settled in, and...............

It seems like there's always something to ruin it!

This record would be a number one hit in drought sticken California these days!

The rabbit will not give up! He's really taken it up a notch or two!

You can't go wrong with the olde "substitute a firecracker for a candle" routine!

Kind of painful, but at least he can finally get some sleep!

This dog is indeed Gone!!

By the time this whole ordeal is over, both of them are too tuckered out to care anymore, and so am I!
"Doggone Tired" was one of 10 cartoons on a DVD I got years ago titled "The Top 10 Forgotten Cartoons Of All Time!" Hopefully it's still available somewhere!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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