Wednesday, September 18, 2019

THE MUMMIES - "The Band, The Music, and maybe The Movie"

In the late 1980's in the Bay Area of California, a garage/punk band called The Mummies was formed! They were low-fi, budget-rock monsters!

Welcome to an Extra Moldy Wednesday edition of The Dungeon!

This video of "The Fly" will answer any questions you might have!
Above all else, The Mummies were performers! Unlike most mummies, as far as I know, they never killed anybody!

 The Mummies were D.I.Y. artists of the highest level and disdained big production values!
Their recordings were totally raw, just the way they wanted them to be!
When the technology of CD's came out, they wanted nothing to do with it!

 This 45 was released in 1990, with a pressing of only 1500!

The Mummies' members were Maz Kattuah on Bass, Larry Winther on Lead Guitar, Trent Ruane on Organ and Sax, and Russell Quan on the Skins!

 The Mummies reunited a couple of times, and in 1994 released this LP called "Party At Steve's House!"

I mean like what is there not to like about these guys?
They've got it all!! Intelligence, talent, and rags!

 According to Wikipedia, The Mummies are getting back together for a while in 2020, and are currently working on a movie! I sure hope they send us a copy, but what's it going to be on?
 8 Millimeter or VHS?

I hope ya'll dug that as much as I did, it's something I've been wanting to do for a long time because these Mummies are crazy cool!

 While I was putting this whole thing together, I found videos on YouTube by yet another Mummies band that I had never heard of before called Here Come The Mummies. Although this is a damn fine soul/funk band, and odd no doubt, something about them just doesn't seem right, and if you don't know what I mean, go back and watch the first Mummies video again!
This is just more like a really good band wrapped up in bandages!

Monday, September 16, 2019

LA MANSION DE LAS 7 MOMIAS / The Mummies Are Coming! The Mummies Are Coming!! - 1977

Do you know what we say around here, at The Dungeon? One good mummy deserves another!! So, in today's wild 'n' weird tale from Guatemala, it goes like this... After the passing of her father, a woman finds that his death may have been connected to a devilish pact, enacting a curse on a treasure and a group of zombified mummies! Sounds good so far, anyway, she sends for her friends Blue Demon and Superzan to help put an end to the insanity!

Our hero Blue Demon ended up with 27 acting credits in movies like BLUE DEMON vs. THE SATANIC POWER, my fave HELLISH SPIDERS, THE SHADOW OF THE BAT, SANTO AND BLUE DEMON AGAINST THE MONSTERS, LAND OF THE DEAD, THE CHAMPIONS OF JUSTICE and THE BEASTS OF TERROR. Superzan had only 7 acting credits, starting with SUPERZAN THE INVINCIBLE.

We start with this crippled little hunchback dude with bad teeth creeping around, hiding behind bushes and the such. Wonder what he's up to...

And yes, there's a devil in this thing, he likes to bring mummies back to life!

Hey, here's Blue Demon with his many fans, what a guy!!

This is something I wouldn't want to see out my window!!.. What the Hell?!!

Here's our little hunchback catching a glimpse of four mummies carrying some guy down the street in the middle of the night.

Holy crap, it's Easter in Guatemala! What a freaking cool shot of our muscle bound heroes in their duds, toddling some tea!! Man, talk about a classic seventies scene.

Now in their official wrasslin' attire, Blue Demon and Superzan kick a big pile of mummy butt...

It's always creepy to see mummies coming out of the depths of a swampy pool of water!

Back at the ranch, I guess the King and Queen of the Mummies are running the show.

And, something dubious is about to happen to our heroes' gal pal...

Love this shot, even though dude has a head lock on Blue Demon, our mighty hero is still able to punch a mummy in the mush, knocking him out of the scene!

To get to the cellar, Blue Demon simply kicks a hole in the brick wall from the outside!! So, who needs a stupid sledge hammer anyway?

Our little hunchback pal has something going on with the devil, he has to hold up an iron gate with spikes to prevent it from falling onto him. The devil just laughs...

But, checkmate!! The cross causes the devil to to recede away from the place, making for the end of the mummy plague!

The good guys show up to an unhappy scene, our brave little buddy has lifted the curse and wants to die rather than live with his many deformities...

A ton of treasure is returned to the rightful owner, bringing our tale to a somewhat happy ending. See you again Wednesday as we continue down the old dusty Dungeon Trail...


Saturday, September 14, 2019

THE MUMMY'S GHOST - "Nameless! Fleshless! Deathless!" (1944)

Tonight's Saturday Night Special is another Universal Studios Mummy tale!

 It's the second of three shot in the 40's starring Lon Chaney Jr. as Kharis The Mummy! "The Mummy's Hand" also came out in 1940, but it had Tom Tyler as The Mummy!

"The Mumy's Ghost" is probably my least favourite of the three, but it's only a little over an hour long, and besides Lon Chaney Jr., it also has John Carradine, George Zucco, and Barton MacLane in it, so you really can't go wrong!

This time John Carradine is Yousef Bey, The Mummy's caretaker! John is, was, and will always be great! Period!

 The stoic George (The Mummy's Hand, The Flying Serpent) Zucco has a very small role as the High Priest!

The Mummy has a long history of being a ambling, lumbering, slow moving, but powerful creature. He's a little limited in what he can do, but he somehow always manages to get the job done. He can't go over or under this fence, so he just busts through!

Ravishing Ramsay (Calling Dr. Death, The Black Widow) Ames was a dancer and a singer in a Rhumba band before she became an actress!

My big question is how can a Mummy have a ghost when it's already dead?

Besides being as slow as a snail riding on a turtle, you'd really think they could smell him coming from at least a mile away!

This shot made me go back and look up whether this film was first shot in 3D.

Ramsay's character is an Egyptian woman named Amina Mansouri, and the spirit of Princess Ananka is slowly taking over her body each time some Tanna leaves get burnt, hence the sudden "Bride of  Frankenstein" hairstyle!

"The Mummy's Ghost" ends with him carrying Princess Ananka off into a swamp in New England. In the so-called sequel he comes up in a swamp in Florida, so there's either something weird going on or, there's a giant network of underground swamps in America I didn't know about.

"The Mummy's Ghost" is your basic revenge film, and The Mummy is summoned to off a bunch of guys one by one.

Yousef Bey comes to America to boss The Mummy around, and he has a portable altar he can set up in remote places like in the woods.

Kharis is not the delivery they were expecting!

The rampage of The Mummy actually makes John smile!

Dungeon stalwart Barton MacLane is in there as a Detective who never really figures anything out. They did dig a 10 foot deep pit to try and trap The Mummy, but they never get a chance to use it!

This scene in this abandoned mill is amazing I have to admit! I wonder how many times he fell while filming this. His vision is impaired and that looks pretty damn steep to be stumbling up and down on!
Then at the end of the movie, he has to climb down a ladder carrying Ananka!

This little dog's name is Peanuts, but the first couple of times they say it, it sounds like Penis!

Amina keeps transforming further into Ananka!

Yousef Bey crosses over the line, and that's it for him! That's when Kharis grabs his girlfriend and walks out and into the swamp, and that's about as close to a happy ending as you're gonna get!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??