Wednesday, December 4, 2019


 I was watching some of these trailers for Japanese monster movies the other night, and decided it was a good time to give you an early X-Mas present, so what I've got here are more exploitionary descriptions of what you could expect from any of these films!
Welcome to a Wild But Winsome Wednesday down in The Dungeon!
They're not all savage, but this one from the 1955 monsterpiece "Jû Jin Yuki Otoko" or "Half Human" certainly was!

 Getting a little personal there in the 1956 film "Sora No Daikaijû Rado," or as it's better known......


 The 1959 film "Uchû Sai Sensô" put the Earth in a precarious predicament!
 Poised and ready to take care of business!

 The English title was of course, "Battle In Outer Space!"

 In 1959 they came out with double feature that doubled as a double shocker!

One of the films was the French movie "Les Yeux Sans Visage," also known as "Eyes Without A Face!"

The second half of this terrifying double feature was "The Manster!"

There wasn't much left after this 1961 film called "Sekai Daisensô," or "The Last War!"
Alles ist Kaput!

Also in 1961, even though the world had been destroyed, there was still time for the spectacle that was known as "Mosura" or "Mothra."

And because being different just wasn't enough, this is what we got in 1962 from "Yôsei Gorasu" also known as "Gorath."

I guess it could, at least for a little while, but there's still plenty of time for this scenario!
These two are also from "Gorath."

I don't think the world was quite ready for the 9th Wonder in 1963, but the makers of "Kaitei Gunkan" or "Atragon," had a different idea!

Still in 1963, things got even scarier in "Matango," or as it is better known, "Attack Of The Mushroom People!"

In 19 and 65, the thrills and horror got even stranger in "Furankenshutain Tai Chitei Kaijû Baragon," or "Frankenstein Conquers The World!" It's hard to imagine there was much even left of the world at this point!

In 1966, we were subjected to the masterful suspense of yet another Furankenshutain!

Starring Tom Thumb himself, Russ Tamblyn, and the movie with one of the worst songs in recorded history, "Furankenshutain No Kaijû: Sanda Tai Gaira or "The War OfThe Gargantuas" was anything but "Filmed in absolute realism!"

I hope you can swim if you watch the 1967 flick "Kingu Kongu No Gyakushû," that is "King Kong Escapes!"

Last, but not least, also from 1967, is "Uchû Daikaijû Girara," aka
"The X From Outer Space!"

This last one from "The X From Outer Space" probably gives the most simple and yet best advice!
Just go watch the damn thing!

Monday, December 2, 2019

PROPHECY / Out There Is A Mindless, Merciless Creature Of Destruction. She Will Find You. - 1979

In today's depressing horror flick, a primal beast has grown to a monstrous size and is driven mad by toxic wastes from a logging company that are poisoning the waters, bringing terror and death to the Maine countryside.

This one stars Talia (THE DUNWICH HORROR) Shire, Robert (THE ASTRAL FACTOR) Foxworth, Armand (JUDGE DREDD) Assante, Richard (THE THING) Dysart, Victoria (ERNEST GOES TO CAMP) Racimo and George (NIGHTWING) Clutesi.

One of the lights in the title card is this guy here, out climbing in the mountains in the middle of the night with his buddies. Wouldn't you know it, they run into a very pissed off critter that deep sixes them all in the dark...

Love this shot, an environmental rally going on somewhere in Maine.

Here are Rob and Maggie, they are on vacation and meeting up with some friends. Dude has a chain saw and threatens an environmental activist because he won't bow to the Orange King!

Rob and Maggie want to test the water for contamination and have a big argument with Isely, head of the logging company. They finally get permission and go out to make their tests.

These friends of Rob are camping out and have turned in for the night. Then, out of nowhere, a big mass of nasty old flesh and teeth shows its ugly puss!

Okay, get ready for this... The young boy is sleeping in his zipped up bag, when, the thing eyeballs him laying there. It grabs him and whips him super hard into something solid there, shooting feathers everywhere... Yow! Monster 1 / Kid 0.

In case the creature attacks, the locals have an underground hideout that it cannot get to. At this point, it's determined that mercury poisoning was causing the deformities and madness.

This is the head village honcho who loves the land. The fire image in his sunglasses looks pretty damn cool, wouldn't you say?

Everything's going to Hell in a hand basket, Isely gets separated and the thing chases him down. Just as the guy is halfway under the gate, it grabs his legs and turns him to ground sausage!

The damn thing easily knocks their vehicle off the road!

In this beautiful scene, we see the old honcho dude getting thrashed to Be-Jesus and back!

There's still a pile of trouble to be caused by the critter. Rob only has a puny rifle to protect himself while the hulk just knocks the crap out of the cabin around him!!

Arrows definitely don't slow it down. Anyway, Rob ends up chopping it to pieces... What a ride! We're back on Wednesday with more yuletide greetings, here, at The Dungeon!!..

Saturday, November 30, 2019

WITHOUT WARNING - "The Story Without A Name" (1952)

 This Saturday Night Special was a muchly appreciated recommendation from KD, and lucky for me and you, I was able to find a decent copy of it on YouTube to watch!

 "Without Warning" might seem like one long 77 minute public service announcement...........
............ but it's a really good one!

 There's basically two ways to do this. People are getting killed and the time in the movie is spent trying to figure out who is doing it, or you've got people getting killed, you know who the killer is, and the movie is about seeing how long it takes them to get caught!
"Without Warning" falls into the latter category, as you are introduced to the killer in the first few minutes!  
This particular killer has a bit of a unique modus operandi, he uses a pair of garden shears!

The grisly murder is  in all the headlines!
In the meantime, the cops start a manhunt!

 No, it wasn't the milkman who did it!

 Then all the weirdos come out and start confessing to murders they didn't commit! One idiot goes nuts choking that doll to demonstrate how he murdered the girl! (He was too stupid to know she was stabbed to death!)

 The geniuses in the lab helped with a lot of the investigative work back then!

 So here he is! He's a normal enough guy for being a gardener!
Adam Williams as Carl Martin was a staple on TV for three decades and was on "Science Fiction Theatre," "Thriller," "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," and two episodes of "The Twilight Zone," "A Most Unusual Camera," and "The Hitch-Hiker."

 Carl Martin spots himself another possible victim! We don't know much about why he does what he does, but we do know he likes blondes!

 So here's the message to all the beautiful young women in the world, don't trust strangers, even if you are a two-bit floozie, because something really bad might happen to you if you're not careful about the kind of people you hang out with!

 Well, she was not listening very good at all!

 He takes her where all guys go on their first date!
Like Nowhere'sville Daddy-O!

What did I tell you?
Angela (Creature With The Atom Brain) Stevens gets credit as the 'blonde!'

 The two cops investigating the case are played by Edward Binns who was also in two "Twilight Zone" episodes, "I Shot An Arrow Into The Air," and "The Long Morrow," on the left. On the right is Harland (Donovan's Brain, The Monster That Challenged The World) Warde!
The plan is to send out all these blonde gals out to the local dives, and see if they can flush out this creep! Of course, they will all each be closely watched by a plain clothes cop for safety!

 Marilee (The Rifleman, Rawhide) Phelps is the next potential victim!
Adam does a good job of being a lying sleazeballl!

 It looks like they are finally going to catch this bastard, and then he notices he's being followed!

 This time he leaves a weird clue, a steel suppository!

 Byron Kane is the Police chemist. 
What he's doing here is actually making a cup of coffee!
Byron was not only an actor, but he was also the associate producer of the "Peter Gunn" TV series. He was in "Gog," "The Monster That Challenged The World," and "The Twilight Zone" episode titled "From Agnes - With Love."

 Sure made me wonder where they found this ramshackle shack overlooking the highway that they used as Carl Martin's home!

 When they finally catch the rotten sumbitch, well, that's the end of the story!

 See you in Hell Carl, you piece of garbage!

  "Without Warning" has got an awesome cast, a swingin' soundtrack, and here's the place where you can watch it,
Para Nada, Gratis, like Free, so why not?

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??