Saturday, October 24, 2020

THE SNOOP SISTERS - "A Black Day For Bluebeard" (1974)

It's time for a Snoop Sisters Saturday Night Halloween Countdown Special!

"The Snoop Sisters" were only on for what is considered one season, and there were only six episodes total, but those six episodes stretched from December 18, 1972 until March 19, 1974.
Funny math!

"A Black Day For Buebeard" was the last of the episodes!

The special guest star for this episode was Mr. Vincent Price.

For a couple of older ladies, "The Snoop Sisters" are a barrel of laughs! That's Helen Hayes as Ernesta Snoop, and Mildred Natwick as Gwendolyn Snoop Nicholson! They're in costume because they are headed for a movie premiere, a tribute to their friend, the classic horror star Michael Bastion.

Michael Bastion makes a melodramatic entrance after a hearse drives up to the front of the theatre and they unload a coffin with him inside.

Of course, Michael Bastion is played by Vincent Price!

Always perfect timing, Michael's wife Amanda as played by Tammy Grimes, has just let him know that she has filed for a divorce!
In 1966, Tammy had her own TV show, "The Tammy Grimes Show," but it only lasted for six episodes.

"Gravely Yours" was a Michael Bastion retrospective.

This scene from the past is pretty telling considering what's about to happen!

There's only one problem. The only person enjoying the movie is Michael himself!

Michael goes to the restroom to check his makeup and when he gets back to his seat, he finds out that somebody has just stabbed his wife to death!

Michael gets arrested obviously, and now it's up to the Snoop Sisters to untangle the whole mess, starting with getting him out of jail.
These two are so cute together, it's a real shame the series didn't last longer.

Just like Vincent Price, Michael Bastion is also a supreme chef, so Gwendolyn arranges for him to make her lunch because they need to keep him distracted for a couple of hours. He wines and dines her, and she gets pretty drunk after about four bottles of very expensive wine. It's all quite humorous!

Gwendolyn is drinking so much, Michael becomes very animated and quite exasperated!

It's a good thing Ernesta finally calls to let her know she can stop the charade.

This is a great shot and as good a place as any to let you know that some of the other awesome cast members included names like.........
...........Roddy (Planet Of The Apes) McDowall, 
Bert (A Bucket Of Blood) Convy,
William (266 Episodes of Knot's Landing) Devane,
David (The Big Lebowski) Huddleston, and.......

.......One of THE best comedians of all time, Mort Sahl.

Well, I hate to give away the ending, but he was innocent!

Friday, October 23, 2020

THE THREE STOOGES In "A Bird In The Head" - 1946

In today's kwazy tale, the boys get the job of wallpapering a room in the house of  Professor Panzer, a mad scientist that wants to put a human brain in his ape Igor's head! But, he's having trouble finding someone with a small enough brain!!

Mr. Beedle, Panzer's helper, has hired the Stooges to wallpaper a room in the house, but he asks Moe if they knew what they were doing because Curly was eating the paste! Moe assures him that he won't recognize the place when they're done!

The professor has Beedle come in, he'd like to ask him a few questions about the paper hangers... Oh, and by the way, what's your hat size? Beedle says, 7-1/2, and the professor sighs, oh, that's too bad! He then asks his (very nervous at this point) assistant Nikko the same question, but alas, his brain is also too large.

Back in the room, the boys are up to their old tricks. Look how Larry's carrying the ladder! And of course Moe's on the receiving end!

Curly just cannot get the paper flattened out...

And, the first piece of paper Larry and Curly put up is over Moe. They think it's lumpy paste until they find Moe under it!

Beedle walks in to check on the progress.

And sure enough, Moe said he wouldn't recognize the place! This is one of my all time favorite Stooge scenes, Beedle keeps saying... This is SILLY, it's just SILLY! He tries to pummel the boys but slips on some paste and ends up in a closet.

The boys run across the hall and into Panzer's lab. After Moe calls Curly 'bird brain,' the mad scientist appears and is totally intrigued...

Panzer performs a few tests on Curly, including using a stethoscope on his head!!

Panzer tells the boys that if they cooperate with him, they will live in luxury for the rest of their lives! They agree and he shows them to their room, and locks them in. Then, Igor wanders into their room and they quickly hide under the bed!

Igor gets a kick out of stomping down on the boys as they cry out in pain!

Igor gets his foot stuck in the springs and the guys somehow get out of the room and head back to the lab. After an x-ray of his head and Panzer ranting about finding a human brain for Igor, Curly ask the madman, so, where are you going to find a brain? Vernon Dent's performance here is uncanny and he definitely steals the show!

The boys spoil Panzer's plan and run back to their room. There, Curly and Igor bond and now he's Curly's pal. The guys lock Panzer out of the lab after they return there. Moe tries to bully Curly and Igor steps in to threaten Moe if he tries! So funny! Curly even gets to slap Moe a few times while Igor holds him there, which Moe welcomes!

Then, Igor finds some grain alcohol that him and Curly share.

Panzer accesses the lab through a secret panel in the wall, holding a freaking machine gun! He tells the boys to get ready to die! 

But, Igor grabs the weapon from him and starts spraying the lab with bullets. After hitting the boys in the caboose with some shots, Panzer gets his turn

The Stooges and Igor make a hasty retreat, to live for another crazy adventure! Halloween is just around the corner, so, join us again tomorrow for another special treat, here at The Dungeon!!..

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

THE MUPPET SHOW - "With Vincent Price" (1977)

The Wacky Wednesday's Countdown To Halloween entry is Season 01, Episode 19. of one of the funniest TV shows ever produced, "The Muppet Show!"

Every episode of "The Muppet Show" featured a "special" guest star, and on this one it was the always amazing Vincent Price.

As I'm sure you know, "The Muppet Show" was a fast moving array of skits, and for this one, since Vincent Price was on it, the emphasis was on "Scary," and "Monsters," hence, a dark and dreary castle!

The Great Gonzo and Fozzie Bear are at the front door when they see a couple of ghosts, which sets the mood.

Of course, Vincent Price shows up at the castle too!

Vincent is accompanied by his beautiful assistant played by Uncle Deadly while the hideously deformed but unseen monster waits outside.

This episode actually aired on January 29th, nearer to New Years than Halloween, so when there is a transformation scene, Vincent turns into Jack Parnell who was a bandleader and the conductor for "The Muppet Show" orchestra instead of a monster. Jack Parnell was also a drummer who was voted 'Best Drummer' for seven years in a row by Melody Maker magazine in the 40's and 50's. Jack's son Ric played the drummer in "Spinal Tap."

Since Vincent Price was also an excellent cook, and culinary expert, they have a panel discussion with him and Chef Pierre Lacousse and Gorgon Heap.

First Gorgon ends up eating the chef!

Much to Kermit's demise, both Gorgon and Vincent Price think that some frog legs would be tasty!

Vincent admits "I'm a bit of a Devil, but I do like frog's legs."

Next is this trio of ghosts doing a strange but fun version of The Beatles' "I'm Looking Through You."

One of the final sequences has Kermit thanking Vincent for being on the show.

They kind of goofed up this part though, but if they hadn't, the gag wouldn't have worked. Kermit tells Vincent that "In a lot your movies, you're always turning into a vampire, and well, how do you do that?" Vincent then flashes some big fangs, but the truth is, Vincent Price never played a vampire in a movie until "The Monster Club" came out in 1981, unless you want to count the "Snoop Sisters" episode called "A Black Day For Bluebeard" from 1974, that had Vincent Price as an actor playing a vampire.
Kermit then displays his own set of fangs.................
...............And proceeds to chomp down on Vincent's jugular vein!


Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??