Wednesday, April 21, 2021

DR DANGER - "Do Not Try This At Home" (2021)

I've got an extra special Weird Wednesday for you this week, and it's all about a guy named Dr Danger, and they call him Dr Danger for a dang good reason!

Dr Danger is a master of 'live' for real drama, a stunt man who puts his life on the line time after time, all in the name of entertainment, and it's been pretty well documented over the last few years!

We first met Greg Carpenter, aka Dr Danger back in the year 2000, when he volunteered to be the Assistant Director on our first film, "The Creep." He also did a terrific job in the role of the police officer who had "The Creep," but let him slip through his fingers, and get away!
This was probably the last time he ever drove a Chevy II.

Since that time Greg has been a very busy cat, taking his Dr Danger stunts to places like MTV and The History Channel just to name a couple!

In 2012, Dr Danger and Stunt Pro James Smith met up at the Hazzard County Reunion in VA to do a stunt!!

In 2015, Dr Danger's Daredevil All Stars appeared on "America's Got Talent!"

The Daredevil All Stars all piled into a bus with Dr D behind the wheel, and went up a ramp and plowed into two other buses standing up in a vertical position. You can watch whole segment 
To say the judges were wowed would be an understatement!

Here's the thing about Dr Danger............................

............................This shit IS real, and he's gotten hurt multiple times and his body is full of broken bones, but that doesn't stop him, because he's a badass, and this is just what he does!

Does this look like the face of a man you'd trust to set you on fire?
A few years ago, Dr Danger appeared on this Sunday Morning show in a segment titled "Dr Danger's Daredevil Legends Show," and you can watch it RIGHT HERE!

What a show that must have been, the other people featured besides Dr Danger, were Oliver Stone, Jamie Lee Curtis, and The Pope!

No matter where Dr Danger goes, there are going to be ambulances, and usually more than one!

Dr Danger is also a big supporter of the cause "Surplus Americans," an organization "Helping Veterans To Help Themselves," and you can be an 'action hero' too by going HERE and donating something! 
 Why not "Get Involved?"

"What could possibly go wrong?"
There are 42 videos on the "Dr Danger Stunts" page, so grab yourself a beer and be prepared to be amazed!

Dr Danger and his buddy Texas Trash are like some dynamic duo who save people's lives by taking it out on themselves!
Trash was the star of a dark comedy called "Candy Apple," made by filmmaker Dean Dempsey in 2015.

Texas Trash and the Trainwrecks tear up a tune called "Loose Devils."
You can hear that tune and a whole lot more at my

"Hey, you there...............Are you all right???"

Monday, April 19, 2021

THE THREE STOOGES In "Loco Boy Makes Good" - 1942

Well, here we go again, time for the Stooges to take the stage. This time they help out an old lady who's dealing with a crappy landlord ready to kick her out of the hotel she's running.

The boys just got kicked out of their hotel room for non-payment. Sitting on the curb, Moe reads an article in the newspaper about a guy who sued a hotel for $60,000 after slipping on a bar of soap! They put their heads together and come up with a plan...

So, they find a hotel where they can put their plan into action.

Curly has his bar of soap and he's reminding it of what it's supposed to do.

Then, the landlord comes in and reminds the nice old lady that if she doesn't have the money by the end of the month, well that's just too bad, she'll be booted out! When the boys hear this they go over and rough the guy up and he flys out the window into a pool of mud.

Curly fleeced the guy for $56, which he gives to the lady, Mrs. Brown, and took the guy's pocket watch that they'll pawn to buy paint and wall paper to fix the place up with!

Well, you pretty much know how the renovation is going to go, and you'd be right!

This pic of Larry sums the whole thing up.

The boys' big plan is to have a gala opening, featuring them in a comedy act as Nill, Null & Void, and a big wig wants to go see it with his wife and friends...

To start the act, Moe is to sing a song, accompanied by Larry on piano as Curly acts out the lyrics. Larry plays an intro but when Moe begins, Larry plays the intro again, and again. So, Moe slams that whatever it's called down on his fingers to shut him up!

Vernon Dent has a small part as the magician Moe hired. He fills his jacket with a bunch of animals and lays in on a chair. But Curly gets a tomato in the face and goes into the dressing room to clean up. Of course he puts the magician's coat on and rejoins the fun.

A dove gets out of Curly's coat pocket and it lands on this lady's head!

Curly accidently squirts water on this gal with his flower in the lapel gag, but she thinks this guy was the culprit!

The drunk gets a rabbit on his dinner plate.

Curly discovers a box full of mice in his pocket, and dumps them out on the floor.

The big wig is having the time of his life, he loves the Stooges' routine.

I had to throw in this interesting shot.

The last thing Curly pulls out of his pocket is, what else, Pepe Le Pew!! See you next time, here at The Dungeon!!..

Saturday, April 17, 2021

THE ASTOUNDING SHE-MONSTER- "Evil... Beautiful... Deadly" (1957)

This Saturday Night Special is a Sci-Fi classic called "The Astounding She-Monster," and I can't believe we didn't already do it years ago, but I guess not. How ridiculous, the poster is even part of our header collage!

"The Astounding She-Monster" came out in 1957, and is not nearly as bad as people say it is, and a lot more watchable than at least 50% of the crap made today! It had an estimated budget of $18,000, or the equivalent cost of lunch for the crew of a film today.

The cast consists of six actors, period, and stars Dungeon hero Robert Clarke!

Pin-up model Shirley Kilpatrick had the role of the She-Monster. Shirley died in 1971 at the age of 35, but I cannot find out why or how, but what you can find are lots of cheesy photos of her with a quick search of her name!

Here's what's happening. This trio kidnapped a rich heiress with plans on making a lot of ransom money and are heading for higher ground.
 From left to right we have perennial heavy Kenne Duncan as Nat Burdell, who had 273 credits including Dr. Acula in Ed Wood's "Night Of The Ghouls." Nat was also a good drinkin' buddy of Ed's and made him executor of his estate!
 Next to him is Marilyn Harvey as the gagged kidnap victim Margaret Chaffee. The next woman is Jeanne Tatum as the drunkard girlfriend of Nat, Esther Malone, and driving is Ewing Miles Brown as the other thug, Brad Conley. Ewing's nickname was Lucky, and he lived to be 97, so I guess he was compared to most of the rest of the cast.

Driving along, Brad suddenly sees what he thinks is an apparition, and crashes the car.

The cops are after them, and they need to lay low, so they get out and start walking.

Robert Clarke as geologist Dick Cutler and his dog Egan saw a bright light come down from the sky, and headed back to their cabin in the woods..............

..............When Nat and the gang show up, and start making trouble!

Esther is very thirsty and kills a fifth of whiskey almost all by herself.

Tough guy Nat likes to slap dames around, and it's starting to piss Dick Cutler off!

Brad sees the strange woman at the window, and decides to pursue her, and after emptying his pistol into her without any results, she approaches him, and her mere touch is enough to kill him.

When Brad doesn't come back, Nat goes out looking for him, but finds the space woman instead, and fires way more bullets than his pistol could ever possible hold.

Meanwhile Esther is left alone to keep her eye on Dick and Margaret. She has a bit of a problem staying focused!

Nat finds Brad's dead body and drags it back to the cabin. Dick explains that it looks like her hand print is charged with radium, and tells Nat that he needs to go see a doctor immediately since he came in contact with Brad when he brought the body back.

"The She-Monster" breaks in through the window of the cabin, and all Hell breaks loose!

They decide to douse her with gasoline and light her up like Dr. Danger, but that doesn't work either!

She chases Nat to the edge of a cliff, and he is able to sidestep her, and she plunges to her death, so he thinks, but she just shakes it off, and gets back up!

Probably the weakest part of the film is the poor use of day for night towards the end! I mean seriously, does this look like night to you?
Everybody except for Dick and Margaret get knocked off, including "The She-Monster," and the only thing left is her medallion!

Inside it, they find a letter that says that "The She-Monster" wasn't a monster at all, but more of an emissary sent to get Earth to join up with the rest of the civilized Universe. It was all just a big case of misunderstanding and miscommunication!
Because of a lot of similarities, "The Astounding She-Monster," and "Beast From Haunted Cave" would make a riveting double feature for any fan of 50's Sci-Fi, and I'm sure you would agree!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??