Saturday, November 17, 2018

VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA - Season 02, Episode 23 - "The Monster's Web" (1966)

I've got a great Saturday Night Special for you that was on for four seasons from 1964 to 1968, and it's called.......

"Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea!"

This episode titled "The Monster's Web" was about a giant underwater spider!

As always, the stars of the show were Richard (The Satan Bug) Basehart as Admiral Nelson, who was also in "The Twilight Zone" episode titled "Probe 7, Over and Out," and believe it or not, in 1962 he actually played "Hitler" in a movie with the same name!

The co-star was David (The Fly, Live And Let Die) Hedison as Captain Crane! David is still around and has worked steadily on TV for some 60 years!

This is a special episode because the guest star was Dungeon fave Mark Richman, also known as "Agent For H.A.R.M."

Nice shot of the Seaview above the water!

Equally nice shot of the Flying Sub!

Admiral Nelson hits his head and gets knocked out soon after this shot because the story goes that Richard Basehart got sick, and could not complete the mission, and he was actually out for a couple more episodes, but returned full strength in season three. If you ever see this episode, it's pretty obvious that something was going on, because you hardly see him again, and if you do, it's just the back of his head because they were using a double!

For my money, this water spider is pretty neat, but I also read that Richard Basehart was getting tired of being part of  'the monster of the week' club! Too bad because it's all the krazy monsters that makes all these shows so cool!

Great isn't it? He's stumbling around with enough explosive fuel to blow up half the world!

Great shot from out the mini-sub's front windshield!

The monitor on the Seaview shows the mini-sub trapped by the giant spider's web!

I think this is the best shot I got of the spider!

This is the perfect look for a man under a lot of stress! I feel his pain! He should have pulled the Admiral's finger when he had the chance!

There were 16 of these "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea" comics made between 1964 and 1969, and four seasons of the TV series, so with something that popular, there must be plans for a new movie or TV show sometime soon, and if not, there sure should be!!

Friday, November 16, 2018


Welcome back to the Dungeon... In this nuthouse of a horror flick, a dutiful granddaughter goes home to take care of her elderly grandmother who's in bad health. Once there though, she finds herself trapped inside with a homicidal maniac! Everyone's freakin' crazy in this thing!! Filmed in Jefferson, Texas.

Susan (4 acting credits) Bracken plays Amanda, Larry (2 acting credits) O'Dwyer plays Claude, Larry (DON'T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT, SCUM OF THE EARTH, THE GOONIES, BASIC TRAINING) O'Dwyer plays Judge, with more low credit actors.

Hey, I'm not going to get into any details because... well, because... I don't feel like it, I just like the stills! Anyway, this is how things start, a sharp blade and a scream in the night.

Amanda joins her so called 'friends' in an unsatisfying conversation after she decides to move in to her mom's house. Spoiler alert: Dude in the back is the perverted (you'll see) killer.

The killer likes to spy on Amanda, he even goes into her room while she's sleeping!

Time to pay a visit to the old Historical Society Museum... Hey. nice stairwell.

The killer is dressed up as a wax figure and he beats the crap out of the visitor! He hits the guy in the head with a large hammer about ten times, but when they show him, there's just a little blood on his face, huh?!

Amanda has the killer on the phone, she had a special doll when she was a child. I'll let you figure out what the Hell this scene is all about...

Amanda has finally had enough of the conversation...

Although Judge is fucked up in the head, he's not the killer, he just got a knife in the back!

Then, another 'friend' attacks Amanda but she pushes the jerkface away from her and he falls to his death down a circular stairwell...

Here's the cherry on top, Amanda is the last one standing and she's totally insane by now... Like, Happy Newk Year Ever'bloody!!!.. Coo-coo, coo-coo, coo-coo!

I'll leave you with this one last thought... So, tune in again tomorrow when Eegah!! will have something special for you's all.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

CHARLIE CHAN AT THE RACE TRACK - "13 To 1 Odds" (1936)

 And The Stuff it is!
 Tonight's totally Whacked-Out Wednesday feature titled "Charlie Chan At The Race Track" is just exactly that, and I ain't kidding!

 Sometime in the last thirty years, my interest in boxing waned and an interest in horse racing got started! I think the two of them are the strangest sports around for various reasons, so when I get a chance to watch a vintage film about horse racing, I'm all over it, and "Charlie Chan At The Race Track" didn't disappoint me at all!

 It's just that some aspects of society have changed so dramatically over the last 80 years, well, I just find it fascinating! Like here, these guys are literally glued to the radio to listen to a horse race. As a kid, I'll always remember my Dad laying in bed, smoking a cigarette, and listening to boxing matches and baseball games on the radio. Might not sound like a role model, but it worked for me! But we didn't have enough money for my Dad to be interested in the horse races, so that wouldn't happen for me until many, many years later!

 I just dig this shot way too much!

He got kicked in the head by a horse that he loved. Strange and unusual circumstances to be sure!

 I grew up listening to my parent's 78's, and one of my favorite songs that I still have to this day was titled "Horses Don't Bet On People," and the refrain went like this, "Horses don't bet on people, horses have too much sense!" Truer words have never been spoken! (And don't forget, "Horses ain't got no remorses!)

I'm searchin' around but I'm not finding out much about the black actor John Henry Allen who played Streamline Jones! He had 10 roles in 11 years from 1935 to 1946, and most all of them were minor or uncredited! It's hard to imagine the kind of dedication it took for a black man to pursue an acting career back in those days just to get a demeaning role like this!

Charlie say something like "Look like man get kick in head by horse, but fork from ship transmission make similar hoof print mark if hit on head!" Charlie's son Lee is eating it up! Lee Chan was played by Keye Luke who was actually Chinese, and Keye contuned to work steadily until 1991! What an amazing character actor!

Warner Oland was Charlie Chan in 16 different movies. They were making three a year at one point! Is it any wonder he drank himself into lunacy? Charlie Chan was calm and knew everything, but the man inside was headed the complete opposite direction, and the popularity of Charlie Chan was the only thing that was keeping the Fox Studios alive. Warner Oland was Swedish, but they say the only makeup he had to do was to turn his mustache down, and curl his eyebrows up!

Matching up the typewriter with the defective 'e' key to find out who is sending out these threatening letters!

 This guy doesn't look the least bit suspicious!!

 This shot just got to me because the horse is looking straight into the camera! Probably never went to acting school!

 Hey Boss, I gave up everything to make this deal happen, can I get a little help?
 Sure! Don't worry, we'll take care of you! How about a nice pair of concrete shoes!

 The advent of the photo finish!

What a mass of humanity! Like the Woodstock of the 30's!

 If you think any of these names are weird, it's gotten completely out of hand by 2018, and there are horse's with names like Lagoon Macaroon, Shake N Fries, Buckstopper Kit, Stroll Action, Where You Was, The Pooch, and Klaatu, just to name a couple! (Sorry but Klaatu did not end up in the money today!) It cracks me up that they couldn't, or didn't want to use the real name of the Santa Anita racetrack!

 Another clever ruse of a distraction!

Dadda dum dum da dum!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??