Friday, October 19, 2018

DEMONS 2 / Let's Party! - 1986

Around this joint, one good DEMONS deserves another, so's, here's DEMONS 2! The story's about a documentary that's being shown on TV of group of teens who investigate the legendary Forbidden Zone, in which a demon infestation once took place. After finding a lifeless corpse of a demon, one of the teens causes it's resurrection, and, demons make their way into the world by a TV-broadcast! All Hell breaks out when a girl gets possessed while watching the documentary and the entire building in which she lives turns into a living nightmare....

There are a total of six of these Italian DEMONS flicks featuring tons of slimy old demons to keep us happy camp[ers!

Here we go again, now we're watching a documentary where some teens are searching for the mysterious'Forbidden Zone.' The program is on all the televisions in an apartment complex...

The teens find a demon corpse in the ruins and examine it, which is... A Very Bay Idea!!

This lady's watching the show just before her birthday party begins...

So, the party has begun and it's time to blow the candles on the cake out! And, a few moments later she's a freakin' full fledged demon, let the party shift gears!!

Okay, now the demons are loose and on the prowl, so, the uninfected people rush to get away!

All the normies meet in the basement where the cars are parked. They eventually figure out that the place is completely locked up and they cannot leave the damned place!

Okay, here we go... After this little guy is terrorized he gets infected and goes after mom! Then, he flops onto the floor and a little demon crawls out of mhis stomach!.. Gross!!

Hey, the little critter looks pretty good after he's cleaned up a bit...

This is a nice creepy scene where our hero is being chased up elevator cables. Good news is, the demon gets booted off the cable and it falls all the way to the bottom with a crash!

Down in the basement, Hell has broken out. Our main guy gets infected when a demon digs its claws into his old nut sack!.. What a way to go!!

Our hero and one girl make their way into the room where the documentary is being broadcast, the place from where the demon curse is being produced!

They have to deal with another demon, until...

Hero boy figures out that destroying the equipment will end the insanity!.. Join us again tomorrow when Eegah!! will have another Halloween Countdown Treat for us!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

NEON MANIACS - "Freak Frolic Night" (1986)

 This Wan and Waxen Wednesday edition of our Halloween Countdown is a 1986 film called "Neon Maniacs."

"Neon Maniacs" is basically a mess! If you don't believe me then just do a YouTube search and come to your own conclusion! This thing is all over the place for free, so there's nothing stopping you except your own good taste!

 There's a big scary door underneath The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, and on the other side of that door lives 13 freakaholic mutant jerkoffs!

Maybe they were trying to sell a set of trading cards! Hell, I don't know, but here are seven in no particular order! I don't know or care who's who, and it really doesn't matter for various reasons! This thing's name is Axe, I'm pretty sure!

I'm pretty sure this jackass is Ape!

This is Doc! Nice guy, at least he uses ether on his victim before he cuts his heart out!

 The rest of this clan of creeps were named Archer, Decapitator, Hangman, Juice, Mohawk, Punk Biker, Samurai, Scavenger, Slasher, and Soldier! There don't appear to be any chicks, so maybe that's what they're so pissed off about!

 My opinion too!

 So, for no explainable reason, these creatures are terrorizing a bunch of teenagers, killing and maiming, torturing, and chasing them all over town. There are a couple of kids in general they are really after! I give them credit, there are some interesting shots like this.........

........And this!!!

This is a location shot to prove it was happening in San Francisco!

 The climax of the film is a big costume party billed as "Freak Frolic Night," that allows the monsters to blend in with all the costumed revelers!

 The main attraction of the party is a 'Battle of the Bands' billed as a battle to the death! The new wave band is called The Outlaws, and the metal band is called Jaded! I think they should have both lost!

 While the mutant monster creatures are attacking and killing everybody, the two main teen characters think it's a good time to screw!! 
From the beginning to the end there's no explanations for why these creatures exist, where they get their powers and costumes, and why they do the things they do, then "Neon Maniacs" ends right where it started, absolutely nowhere!

Monday, October 15, 2018

DEMONS / Their Evil Becomes An Orgy Of Bloodshed! - 1985

Today's burnt offering is a demonic tale of a group of invited guests who are granted a free lunch in the form of a screening of a horror film that brings demonic forces to life! Penned in the theater, the crowd's feelings quickly turn to screams and a fear that the dead will lust after the flesh of the living.

This thing stars a pile of Italian actors including Urbano (GOR II) Barberini, Natasha (THE FINAL SCOOP) Hovey, Karl (THE TUNNEL) Zinny and Fiore (TRAUMA) Argento.

It all starts wif' a weird looking dude giving out tickets for a screening of a new horror movie. So, take your seat and we'll get this damned show a goin'...

In the movie they're watching, a small group of teens are exploring the catacombs in an old castle. One of them finds an old moldy book about supernatural spells, he turns to a page about conjuring demons and recites the spell aloud...

Another dude finds a satanic mask and puts it on just for the Hell of it. But, after he removes it, there's a tiny cut on his cheek.

It's just a movie, right?.. Well, no! Since the audience heard the spell, its influence starts a domino effect. This gal gets a huge blister on her face that pops and the evilness oozes out!

Of course, all Hell breaks loose after she bites the crap out of a few people! And now, there's more than one demon to worry about!

The non-demon people gather together after they board up and block the doors to keep the demons from coming in and taking over... Now what?!

Then, these very cool demons come up the stairs, looking for.. YOU!

Oh yeah, let's not forget about this damn dirty demon!! She digs lime sherbet.

There's a freaking damaged helicopter in the building, and in a scene out of THE LAND UNKNOWN, dude starts it up and uses the blades to take out the demons! The demon on the bottom gets its face ripped off by a blade!

It turns out that the whole city is now infected and this group of people are the only ones not affected. They like to shoot the monsters and then run them over!.. Hey, it's fun you know!

Anyway, they decide to head to the country and start a new civilization!!!.. What the fuck?!! Hey, check back on Wednesday when we'll bring you more Halloween fodder!!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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