Saturday, May 21, 2022

THE ABOMINABLE SNOW RABBIT - "Which Way Did He Go George?" (1961)

Monsters and cartoons just go hand in hand like love and marriage or horse and carriage, so that's why tonight's Saturday Night Special is a cartoon from 1961 titled "The Abominable Snow Rabbit."

Bugs Bunny needs to get himself some better maps. He meant to be going to Palm Springs, but instead ends up in the Himalayan mountains! He's gonna have a big surprise when he opens his eyes.

His pal Daffy Duck was trailing right behind him, and Daffy immediately dives into what he thinks is going to be warm water, not frozen ice.

Daffy doesn't appreciate having his face flattened, and lets Bugs know all about it!

Daffy is cold and pissed!

Daffy then meets a rather large creature, the Abominable Snow Man!

It really is amazing how easy it is to create an illusion like something very large.

The writer of "The Abominable Snow Rabbit" was the amazing Tedd Pierce. IMDB states that because Tedd had a penchant for partying and showing up to work hungover that Chuck Jones lampooned him by creating the character Pepe Le Pew, but Wikipedia said it was because he thought of himself as a ladies' man. Whatever his lifestyle was, Tedd still managed to crank out 270 of these stories. I wish I had spent just one of those nights of debauchery with him, just so I could ask him why he liked to refer to George so much.

The Abominable Snowman thinks Daffy is a rabbit because the sleeves of his shirt make it look like he has ears.

 He really wants a rabbit for a little buddy named George.
Daffy explains to the monster that he's not a rabbit but he knows where there is one.

When the monster finally gets Bugs in his clutches, the first thing he does is sit on him like a mother hen to keep him warm.

The cartoons from this era were simple, but what great colors!

Bugs folds back his ears, and turns the tables again!

The monster has no ill intentions, but he's still dangerous like King Kong, Frankenstein or Lemmy, just because he's a big bumbling lummox.

Bugs heads back to Palm Springs, his original destination. I love this image!

The snowman follows him the whole way, but finds he doesn't like it, because it's just too hot!

When the poor monster melts from the heat, Daffy comes to the conclusion that he really was a snow monster!

Friday, May 20, 2022


 Eegah and I grew up where we had two television stations that we watched, KJEO Channel 47 out of Fresno and KERO Channel 23 out of Bakersfield, and we switched back and forth for our favorite shows. Both stations were founded in 1953, the year we got our first TV set, I was 5, sweet! Like at the movies, they played horror and sci-fi stuff mostly on Friday and Saturday, but sometimes they were sprinkled throughout the week. There were some movies played more often than others, these are some of the ones I remember seeing the most...

This Thing was my favorite broken rollercoaster haunted house thrill ride, ever! Scenes like the Thing staring through the ice, the crying plants, and the dread of it lurking around outside. Back then it was number 1 in scares, just a fact.

This movie really disturbed me and there were parts I didn't want to watch. Even now when I see dad smack his kid, it shocks me, those cavern making heat rays were fun, but, another real rollercoaster horror ride.

I liked this one but it had too much drama for a kid, bring on the monsters, man!!

This movie always intrigued me and I liked to watch it. Their drilling machine was a large modified tank model (used from THINGS TO COME) was too cool, and, there were some creepy moments, the ending was extra strange.

I always liked to see GOG, the action never ends, with the alien presence killing people and causing the two robots to go on a rampage, I was disturbed a bit.

This one creeped me out pretty good, wow, the stuff that can happen in one short hour. The underground complex was awesome, but that magnetized lawn mower in the hardware store really bugged me for some reason.

Here's another one I really liked, it was bonkers in spots, but as always, that disastrous meteor capture scene was the cherry on top.

Here's another movie I watched a lot, it had some sci-fi elements that intrigued me, and it had enough action to keep me interested. 

I liked this one I think mainly because of the dinosaurs in it, a little hard to watch nowadays, but MST makes it fun again.

This one I really liked, the Martian landscape looked great and the building and art piece looked alien. What disturbed me was the makeup and eyes of the mutants.

I couldn't help liking this crazy little movie, space aliens with bug eyes, giant insects, and Peter Graves as the hero, perfect for a monster kid.

Wow, the first Godzilla movie was terrifying, especially as the monster made its way through the cities. The scientist with his oxygen destroyer saves the day but he sacrifices himself which ends up being a very sad ending.

This one played quite a bit, its alternative title is GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN. A lot of time is spent with the observation airplane flying over icebergs, where Godzilla is hiding out on one. Also, it introduces Angurus to the list of other giant monsters Godzilla has to battle over the coming years. My little trip through memory lane, hope you enjoyed...

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

TOM AND JERRY - "Dr Jekyll and Mr. Mouse" (1947)

Tom and Jerry cartoons have covered every possible genre imaginable at one time or another from The Invisible Man to The Abominable Snowman.

So it's no wonder they did their version of Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," and it's also no wonder that somehow I missed this little jewel in my list of Jekyll and Hyde variations of the last 100 years!

This story starts off with Tom snatching a quart of milk when it gets delivered to the house.

Tom's just getting ready to really enjoy himself when he has an unwanted breakfast guest named Jerry.

After numerous attempts at thwarting his unwanted guest, Tom decides to poison the little mouse.

He throws everything and anything he can find into the mix!

The combination of ingredients causes all kinds of strange reactions!

Now the question is whether he can control it or not!

Tom gets ready to serve it up to Jerry!

After Jerry drinks his fill, he doesn't die as Tom had hoped for, but instead, he turns into Mr. Muscle Mouse Hyde.

Tom tries everything within his means to stop Mr. Mouse from kicking his ass, but it's all to no avail.

It looks like it's curtains for Tom when Mr. Mouse finally gets his grubby little mitts on him!

Then the potion that Tom created starts wearing off..................

......................And the tables are turned back into Tom's favor again!

Jerry escapes and makes his own version of the potion and gives it to Tom!

That didn't work out for Jerry at all when Tom turns into a gigantic monster cat!

The final straw is when the potion has a decreasing effect, and Tom is just a pipsqueak that Jerry can easily pummel.

Monday, May 16, 2022

THE BAT In Color - 1959

Here's another recently colorized horror thriller movie, THE BAT, which stars Vincent Price, Agnes Moorehead, Gavin Gordon, John Sutton, Lenita Lane, Elaine Edwards, Darla Hood, John Bryant and more...

In this story, mystery writer Cornelia Van Gorder has rented a country house called 'The Oaks' which not long ago had been the scene of some murders committed by a criminal named The Bat. Meanwhile, the house's owner, bank president John Fleming, has embezzled one million dollars and has hidden the money in the house, but he's killed before he can retrieve it. This story is complicated as Hell, so, you'll have to watch it to get all the details.

We might as well kick things off with this warning: So like, Beware Of Bats! They could be rabid to boot.

So, embezzler John Fleming (hiding out) goes to see his physician Dr. Wells at his cabin located near his place. He has a wild story to tell him, all about how he has embezzled a million dollars and has it hidden. All he needs now is body to replace his to fake his death, mutilated. unrecognizable, and wants to use the doctor's friend and guide! Wells says he doesn't want anything to do with the plan, so, Fleming grabs a gun and threatens the doctor.

But as Fleming is leaving, there's a fire raging outside and he gets distracted.

That gives Wells a chance to grab his rifle, and he shoots Fleming dead!

At 'The Oaks' that night, Cornelia is playing solitaire when her girl Friday, Lizzie, comes in and reads her a newspaper article declaring that The Bat is back! They get a little spooked.

We find the doctor in his lab, he's seeing if the bat he has could have rabies. He gets a call and leaves to go see Cornelia and Lizzie, Lizzie was just bitten by a... BAT!

On top of that, police Lt. Anderson is on the case and has been snooping around Wells' home. After the doctor leaves, Lt. Anderson goes into the lab and finds some suspicious experiments. He sees a curtain on the wall and opens it up, revealing a glowing bat model. This is a point where a pile of red herrings take place, in this case, red bats!

The son of John Fleming goes to the house to look for the floor plans to the house, they may have a clue as to where the money has been hidden. But The Bat has different plans!

The girls get a good look at the slain Mark Fleming.

Lt. Anderson joins the women to try and get a handle on the situation, which ain't easy!

The girls go looking for The Bat, and strike out.

Then it happens, The Bat gets his claws on Judy, played by Darla (OUR GANG) Hood, and she dies!! Now he's killed a woman! What's next?

The Bat shows up at the doctor's place, and the doc has the upper hand, until The Bat causes a distraction and Wells ends up dead. So much for him being The Bat, the doctor was a pretty bad guy, so, he got what he deserved.

Back at The Oaks, the girls and Detective Davenport set a trap to catch The Bat, but it fails. The Bat draws his pistol and is ready to kill them all, when, a figure in the background fires first and The Bat gets his just desserts! He deserved to get shot in the back, little bitch!

Our gals can't believe what just happened!

Low and behold, our hero is Cornelia's faithful chauffeur Warner, who was also a suspect. He's my favorite character.

And wouldn't you know it, The Bat was police Lt. Anderson! Well, they found the money and things turned out okay, except for the dead bodies along the way.

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