Friday, May 24, 2019

EL ROBO DE LAS MOMIAS DE GUANAJUATO / Robbery of the Mummies of Guanajuato - 1972

Here's a wild one from 1972, our muscular heroes, Mil Máscaras (Thousand Masks), Blue Angel and Rayo de Jalisco take on a mad scientist and his mystic pal, who, along with a pack of midgets, are reanimating a pile of mummies in Guatemala and trying to take over the area.

These are the bad guys, they are at a tomb filled with mummies. Fitting them with special control units, the scientist files them out the door and back to his lab...

Here are two of the mummies' ugly mugs! Notice that they have 5 teeth, funny stuff!

Oh yeah, across town, our masked heroes are cleaning up in the ring. Love those tag team battles, always plenty of action going on.

Here's the scientist's device that programs the mummies and turns them into zombies!

The bad guys send their monsters out to terrorize the female friends of our wrestling pals. Which they do, but, have to test their motor skills coming down those stairs!

The girls call the boys to come over. They all get comfortable on the carpet to peruse some photos and come up with a battle plan... Great shot!

Check out this awesome pile of rubble Blue Angel has to traverse to get to his destination!

Back at the lab, the mad scientist is experimenting away, there's always room for improvement! That mummy looks uncomfortable. The bottom pic looks Kitschy-Kool.

Now, this shot really cracks me up!!.. Mil, behind the desk... Blue Angel just sitting there... Boy, do they look out of place!!

Okay, back to the ranch!.. The scientist is watching an action packed adventure about some wrestlers fighting zombified mummies. It looks like the good guys are on their way to locate some mad lab hidden in the hills... Cut to commercial!

So, the boys find their location and close in. Unfortunately though, the midgies have hidden mines around the perimeter and there's explosions going off all around them!

Check this shit out! A pack of little guys attack Ravo and beat the holy crap out of him! Alright, one for the Little Guy!

Our guys battle a bevy of brutes as they chop and hack away. Finally, they figure out that they can just pull the wires out in the back of their control devices!

Believe it or not, that causes the mad lab to overload and explode the Hell up!!

The day is saved as our gang head back to the girls' place to play Scrabble!.. See U tomorrow with more Dungeon Cargo. Later!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

THE BIG OPERATOR - "A Brass-Knuckled Drama" (1959)

This Wednesday's Wildcat feature is another Albert Zugsmith 1959 production with the same basic cast as "The Beat Generation."

Albert Zugsmith's "The Beat Generation" was about a serial rapist, and "The Big Operator" is about a slimeball labor union leader with no morals, or basically a serial rapist on a larger scale!

Mamie Van Doren and Steve Cochran are now a happily married couple with a son named Timmy.

Mickey Rooney has the role of a rotten little sumbitch up to his teeth in graft, corruption and lies!
When confronted with real questions, he just continually takes the fifth!

The Mick's character named Little Joe Braun has a severe Napoleonic complex!

Ray Danton is Little Joe's hit man! I guess if you've got a name like Oscar Wetzel, and you want to be a tough guy, it's a good idea to take on a moniker like "The Executioner!"

As previously stated, the only reason I watched this movie in the first place was to see Vampira.

Unfortunately, she's on screen less than two minutes!

Grabowski is in this one too, this time as a tough guy with nasal congestion!

Choosing to use another singer in one of the main roles, the great Mel Tormé, known as 'The Golden Fog," is a very dissatisfied and vocal union member!

Just like "The Beat Generation," "The Big Operator" has it's share of guest stars like the voice of Mr. Magoo, or Thurston Howell III, however you want to look at it, Jim Backus!

Everybody's favorite heavy, Leo Gordon is in there too as one of Little Joe's henchmen!

These guys weren't messing around, and if you crossed the picket line, they'd overturn your car!

Mickey Rooney was only 5' 2" tall, and his good friend Judy Garland was only 4' 11 1/2" tall.
At six foot, Steve Cochran looks like a giant by comparison!

You can only hope these guys get what's coming to them!

Here's a fantastic shot of six people in one car searching for the missing little Timmy!

Little Joe Braun gets caught red handed in a closet after kidnapping little Timmy. These goons will do anything it takes to have it their way. Little Timmy was played by Jay North of "Lassie" fame.

An alternative title for "The Big Operator" was "Anatomy Of The Syndicate."
It might have been 60 years ago, but this movie still has the ability to make you feel uncomfortable! That's good film making!

Monday, May 20, 2019

LA HERENCIA DE LA LLORONA / The Heritage of the Crying Woman - 1947

Here's a rare, early Mexican horror movie that features a detective who is investigating the ghostly appearances of La LLorona, a spirit that is haunting a family which has faced a recent tragedy. This was the second film dealing with the legend of the Crying Woman. It stars Paquita de Ronda, Juan Jose Martinez Casado, Tito Novaro and Agustin Isunza.

Here's our goofy detective, he's a little old fashioned in his methods...

Here are our lovers, ah, to be young again. In the true Mexican tradition, this one is filled with lots of singing and dancing, and, makes you yearn for the good old days, just the opposite of the fix we're in at this time in space.

There's something weird about that mirror, what the heck!

There are mysterious characters that seem to have their own agendas that go against the grain.

Strange things are beginning to happen at the hacienda and word of the Llorona is mentioned as the possible reason for the problems that have come home to roost.

Then, there's a death in the family, things are starting to get real...

The detective and his pal are staying with the family. That night, they find a big snake under their sheets for a little bit of comedy relief.

Then, the good guys learn that one of the people hanging around is an escaped criminal after he shoots and kills someone that knew the real story behind the appearance of the Llorona.

The convict is captured and they put the cuffs on him. We then learn that he was actually there to steal from the family and used the story of the Llorna as a cover for his deception. What a relief!

Of course, we have to end with the detective who has stepped in a bear trap! What the Hell?!!.. We're back on Wednesday with more wild 'n' weird junk, just 4 U -

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