Monday, August 19, 2019

THE OUTER LIMITS / "Expanding Human" Season 2 Episode 4 - 1964

In today's tale, a scientist recklessly experiments on himself, trying to speed up man's evolution. He gains super intelligence and new abilities, but at the cost of his morality and humanity!

It stars Skip (PROJECT U. F. O.) Homeier, Keith (BLUEBEARD, THE PIRATE) Andes, James (STAR TREK) Doohan, Vaughn (PSYCHO) Taylor, Aki (WAR OF THE WORLDS - TV) Aleong and Mary (THE INVADERS) Gregory.

A guard has been strangled at a University lab, Lt. Branch is there to question Dr. Clinton and Dr. Wayne about the incident. Branch learns about their mind expanding experiments and is curious about a possible tie in with the murder...

After another person involved in the experiments shows up dead, he's taken to the morgue, where, he wakes up and wants to know what the Hell's going on!!

Dr. Clinton calls Dr. Wayne, he says that he needs to talk to him about something important. Dr. Wayne is busy at the time and tells Clinton that he'll go to his place as soon as he gets the chance. Dr. Wayne senses that something's wrong.

That gives Dr. Clinton the time for his alter ego to take over and he mixes up another batch of serum and chugs it down...

He then goes to a building where he hypnotizes the elevator operator to take it to floor 19, where he can go directly to the administrator he wants to kill, bypassing his secretary who's on floor 18.

Dr. Wayne finally shows up, everything's okay until Dr. Clinton's dark side takes over. While Dr. Wayne is searching for something in the apartment, Clinton mixes up another dose.

Then, Dr. Clinton mixes up a drink for Dr. Wayne, he order's him to drink it, which he does!

Lt. Branch shows up, Dr. Wayne lets him in. Clinton spills the beans and attacks Branch, knocking him out when he tosses him across the room.

After another cop comes in and shoots Clinton (with no effect), the brute uses Dr. Wayne and Lt. Branch as shields to make his escape. But, notice that blood stain on his coat sleeve.

Even though evil Clinton thought he was invincible, he dies from his bullet wounds. His last words are... What have I done?!

After the drama is over, Dr. Wayne tells Lt. Branch that he needs to go to the hospital because he's starting to feel the effects of the serum... Well, there you go, we're back on Wednesday with more precious Dungeon Cargo!

Saturday, August 17, 2019

VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA - Season 4, Episode 2 - "The Deadly Dolls" (1967)

Comparatively speaking, maybe "The Italian Connection" wasn't so ridiculous after all! It's time for another Saturday Night Special in The Dungeon, and a Danke Grande to my Pal in Berlin Lord Litter for turning me on to this wild thing!

This was Season 4, Episode 2 of "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea," and it was called "The Deadly Dolls." I think it might just be one of the weirdest TV shows I've ever seen.

There's a puppet show going on to entertain the crew of the Seaview before it heads back out to sea!

The puppeteer is none other than Vincent Price as Professor Multiple!

The crew is really enjoying the stupid show a lot!

Professor Multiple claims these were the puppets in the show, and that he has just wiped off their makeup! Trust me, you're going to need a lot of imagination if you want this to seem real at all!

The Professor is supposed to disembark the ship, but he distracts the Captain, and sneaks away and hides!

For some reason, the faceless puppets have been dumped in this closet!

Wait a minute, that one puppet that looks like Admiral Nelson is really alive!
It just gets even weirder from here!

This is where it gets really strange. The faceless puppets have all turned into exact replicates of the crew members, and the real crew has been put to sleep. Even the Captain now has a double, but he hasn't been put to sleep yet!

Now if it wasn't weird enough just to see Vincent Price aboard the Seaview, how about seeing Vincent Price walking around with a puppet of Admiral Nelson on his shoulder? That's just a very odd image in my book!

The Professor was once a puppet too, and he and his whole team are from outer space, and are being controlled by one giant psychedelic light show machine!

The Admiral Nelson puppet is a mean little bastard, and he can just disappear and reappear in the blink of an eye. They can't shoot him because he's a puppet, and how can you kill something that is not alive? At least that's the story!

Here's the boss who is pulling all the strings in the background!

I mean seriously, WTF!? 
This is sillier looking than "The Man With Two Heads!"

It's a good thing that the Seaview has a lot of air ducts the Captain can use to get away from these fools!

And having access to a flame thrower is a good deal too!

You can't shoot them, but you can burn them. You would think that dying was dying. If the damn thing wasn't alive then how does burning it up have any affect?
Credibility is not a factor here!

The doll's arm around Vincent's neck is the kicker!
This is just an image I don't think I could have even ever imagined on my own!

"What shall we do with them now?"
The Admiral says "Burn 'Em!"

The Seaview remains the boss of the ocean! Ain't no puppets gonna take over the world just yet. Maybe tomorrow, but for today, we're still safe!
If you would like to see this masterpiece of silliness yourself, "The Deadly Dolls" can be found at The Internet Archive (But it's a crappy copy that's cropped all weird), or on YouTube (But it has English sub-titles you can't turn off, even though it's in English), or I ended up watching it on Daily Motion, but there were more commercials than the original TV show had, and they didn't even add them where the original ads were placed. 
Those are your three free choices, enjoy and have fun!!!

Friday, August 16, 2019

CAMEL SPIDERS / A Roger Corman TV Movie! - 2011

Here's a New Horizons TV movie that Roger Corman was the executive producer. Seems strange, but, here you go... The story's based on actual creatures that have tormented US troops in the Middle East. The voracious spiders have now invaded the southwestern deserts of the US. The Camel Spiders roam freely as they hunt for prey, unafraid of anything, including man. No place is safe and no one is beyond their paralyzing attack!

Eegah!! and I loved insects and spiders, we had a 1" version of this species in our area, and I'm telling you, it was terrifying to watch them feed on other insects!.. SERIOUSLY.

This one stars Brian (SLEEPWALKERS) Krause, C. (MAD DOGS AND ENGLISHMEN) Thomas Howell, Melissa (MUNCHIE STRIKES BACK) Brasselle, Frankie (TOMB OF THE WEREWOLF) Cullen and Hayley (RAPTOR) Sanchez.

Over in the Middle East, our troopers are fighting the enemy, and, there are US casualties. Those get boxed up and sent back to the states...

Unfortunately, back in the states, a troop transport carrying the caskets gets in a wreck, causing a crack to open. A pile of Camel Spiders dart out into the desert. They had laid eggs in the bodies... The timeline seems whack, but, whatever.

The damn things are huge, and fast!! The CGI looked great throughout the movie.

Okay, the teacher there, out learning his students all about nature and stuff, well, he's stupid enough to walk over to one of them to say hi...

After all Hell breaks loose, a small group of people make it to a military facility, where, the people in charge there try to figure out their next move.

How would you like to try and identify a charging Camel Spider in that light?

Dude's car stalls, so, he opens the hood... (I would have never imagined that just having a varmint sitting there would make a car stall!) Anyway, the guy closes the hood just a little too late, you get the picture.

These guys seem to have an endless supply of rounds in their rifles, and, they mow down all of the attacking monsters in their tracks.

But, they're coming out of the freakin' building now. They call in the jets and the missiles do their thing, blowing the Hellish Spiders to smithereens!

Great job private, now, gimme 50 push ups for losing your hat!

So, everything's perfect now... Wait a minute, this is a Corman flick, actually, something's quite wrong at this drive-in theater...

That's right, the spiders ain't goin' away any time soon. In THE TINGLER style, we see the little monsters on the screen... Join us tomorrow when we return with more cool junk 4 U.

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Monster Music
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