Monday, November 18, 2019

ATTACK OF THE 50 FT. WOMAN / Please Don't Make Her Angry! - 1993

In today's HBO TV remake of the great schlock original, young heiress Nancy Archer is driving home after finding her husband with another woman at a motel, when, she encounters a UFO that zaps her with some kind of laser ray. After a second encounter, she finds herself growing in size every time she gets angry!

Stars include Daryl (BLADE RUNNER) Hannah, Daniel (VAMPIRES) Baldwin, William (THE MEPHISTO WALTZ) Windom, Frances (PINK CADILLAC) Fisher, Cristi (BATMAN RETURNS) Conaway, Paul (THIS IS SPINAL TAP) Benedict, O'Neal (DEEP IMPACT) Compton and many more...

This sucker was filmed in good old Taft, California, so, here's one for Eegah!! and all I have to say, is,,, The Seven Sisters!! Anyway, here's a nice shot of Nancy in her light blue Cadillac heading back home.

Being a Fifties Sci-Fi Guy, I just want to scream when I see another lame-ass rip off of an overused saucer design!.. JFC, D!! So, Nancy is hit in the chest with a pink ray before the ship disappears into the night...

Back at a motel, Harry's having a romp with Honey! Remember, this was an HBO production, a little nudity was added for a little viewer titillation! All I can say is, nice ass!

My favorite parts were Sheriff Denby and his little helper out looking for a UFO. The kid is basically the brains and it's fun to watch them interact. And, the Sheriff drives a classic 1950 Shoebox Ford, now, that's class!

Nancy talks Harry into helping her search for the saucer. After driving around in the country the damn thing shows itself again. Nancy goes over to the space ship only to be abducted! Man, the perspective is all screwed up here, first of all, if the ship was directly over her, it'd be a lot bigger!!

After Nancy has returned from wherever, she's having a discussion with her dad and Harry where she gets angry and grows to an enormous size, busting her head through the second floor! Boy, it's a good thing that her bra didn't snap off!

So, she's a bad girl and has to stay in the barn. Her doctors pay her a visit. Again, the perspective is off, the doctor's pointing like five feet above Nancy's head.

They had to do it, Nancy shows up at a drive-in where they're showing the original movie!

Great shot as Nancy heads into town, love those shadows!

She finds Harry and Honey at Honey's Nail Salon and pounds her fist through the roof. Harry's scared as Hell and tries to hide from his giant pissed off wife!

He gets to his Porsche but can't get it started before Nancy scoops up the car with Harry screaming bloody murder inside!! She wants to have a 'little' talk with him.

At the end, the military brings in helicopter gun ships. They fire at her like a thousand times and never fucking hit her once!!!!!.. Anyway, she gets crucified on the power lines, the ship then arrives and takes her away!

So, let's say goodbye...


This movie is all about woman empowerment. Inside the spaceship, women control everything, and men like Harry are there to work on their social skills!!

Join us again on Wednesday when we'll try and come up with something cool for you, here, at The Dungeon!!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

IT TAKES A THIEF - "The Three Virgins Of Rome" (1969)

This Saturday Night Special is episode seven from season three of the great 1960's TV show "It Takes A Thief."

For this episode they left Universal Studios in California and headed to Rome, Italy for a more authentic location!

"The Three Virgins Of Rome" has a real Eurotrash look and feel to it!

There's going to be an big outdoor exhibition of some famous paintings, so Al Mundy has been hired to stop them from getting stolen. His Father, a noted international art thief known as The Panther just happens to also be in town. Coincidence? Not likely!

I'm sure part of the reason this is such a good looking episode is because the Director is none other than Jack Arnold, the man who directed some of our all-time favourite monster movies like "It Came From Outer Space," "Creature From The Black Lagoon," "Tarantula," "The Incredible Shrinking Man," and "Monster On The Campus," to name a few!

Using International Dungeon fave Karin Dor as Angela was also a stroke of genius!

The pretty cool cast also includes Victor Buono as as Mr. Kent!
I read that Victor Buono at one point was close to 400 pounds in weight, and I believe it from the looks of him in this photo! He was also 6'3" tall!

They come in all sizes. On the complete other end of the scale, Davy (Satan's Harvest) Kaye, the gentleman in the middle, was only 4' 11."

Robert Wagner and Karin Dor make quite an attractive couple!

I really think you could plug Joachim Fuchsberger and Natalie Wood into the same two roles and get away with it! Wouldn't that be interesting?

Just in case you wondered, there are no real "Three Virgins Of Rome" paintings!

Now that is a tricky hiding place!

Time for a word from our sponsor, "Spa-Fon" cleaning products. If you can't get it out with "Spa-Fon," it's permanent!"

So here's where it gets a little slightly unbelievable!

They float "The Three Virgins" away with helium balloons!

And land them safely in this field!

Here's the cover of a great 7" 45 single by pianist Dave Grusin!

I didn't have any "It Takes A Thief" music to listen to, so I listened to this killer soundtrack from the movie "Robbery," written by John Keating to get me in the mood!

Lord Litter in Berlin was the one who told me about this great episode, so, from the both of us,

Friday, November 15, 2019

SPACE THING / A Peek Into The Year 2069 - 1968

In today's story, a man is reading Sci-Fi mags in bed, his wife wakes up and seduces him. After a close encounter of the fourth kind, he then falls asleep reading another mag. In his dream, he comes from an alternate world, and after taking a space taxi from his mother ship, he boards an alien ship in space and has disguised himself as an alien to fit in. The captain is a woman and there are plenty of adventures with sexy gals to be had!

So, here's James Granilla in bed reading one of his his sci-fi pulp magazines, he's absolutely fascinated with the stories. his wife threatens to throw them in the trash! He starts reading a new story when he dozes off and starts dreaming away...

Here's the space ship he's in, a model of the good old Star Ship Enterprise!

This thing stars Karla (FIREBALL 500) Conway, Steve (DRIVE-IN MASSACRE) Vincent, Merci (ERIKA'S HOT SUMMER) Montello, Dan (Dude has 5 acting credits, all in 1968!) Martin, Fancher (THE HEAD MISTRESS) Fague and others.

In his dream, he's Colonel James Granilla, and, he would like permission to enter the space ship! The sexily clad woman is the commander of the ship, the guys are dressed in plain old blue jumpsuits. (thank you lord!)

Colonel Granilla watches the crew do their thing in space and notices all the hot chicks!

You get a lot of this stuff too! Must be hard being a woman, it's sooo mystifying and all...

The Colonel also gets to join the crew for lunch! Great use of plastic there!

Then, they're forced to land on an asteroid! In a scene out of THE ANGRY RED PLANET, we see the landscape out the port window. The rocks look like chewed up cauliflower!

So, one of the guys has to go out and explore the place. After carrying an air tank around for a while, he realizes that the air is breathable.

The Colonel and the female commander enjoy a little romp in the sunlight.

The guys in the crew are super jealous of the man in gold, and this one tries to take care of the problem. Trouble is, the Colonel is too quick and too smart for him.

This shot blows my mind!.. Genius!!

It turns out that the Colonel's mission is to destroy the alien space ship and the crew, before his race is attacked by them!

He looks at a photo of his son to remind him what his race is fighting for!

So, he blows everything up!!.. Tilt, Game Over!

This girl gets a C- in hand held endings. Tune in tomorrow when we'll add another one to the heap, here, at The Dungeon!..

Monster Music

Monster Music
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