Wednesday, July 26, 2017

MOMBIES - Sam Turich & Gab Cody (2009)

Here's a nice little 12 minute treat on a weird ass Wednesday for you that should give you something to think about until Friday! It was made in 2009, written, directed, and produced by Sam Turich and Gab Cody, shot in  Pittsburgh, Pa. and called.....

Is it just a cute little short story about two women cruising around and talking to each other while driving through a cemetery?
Lisa Ann Goldsmith is Becky!

.......Or is it actually a scathing societal statement about parenthood today?
Theo Allyn is Chloe!

The mombies are everywhere, seemingly innocent pushing around their strollers!

But wait a minute, what's really going on here?

Oh, No, the car won't start!!

The freaky horrifying mombies catch up to the two women who are scared almost to death!

They run for their lives! 

The creators of "Mombies" saw they had some cool places in their city where they could shoot, and took advantage of them, and that's what I call good film making!

Becky has fallen, and that might be the end of her because now she's in the clutches of the babies!

Chloe scrambles, and runs into town, but the mombies are literally everywhere!

Great shot of the Arsenal Bowling Alley!

Despite war and pestilence, overpopulation is the biggest problem the world faces today! We're never going to be able to make a dent in the economic and environmental woes of the world as long as the human race continues to mindlessly fornicate!

Yes, the ZOMBO Gallery is a real place, 

Becky escapes, only to find that.............

Chloe has now become just another mombie too! It's like her former life never even existed!

Chloe looks up only to reveal that, Yes, there truly is a God!

Monday, July 24, 2017

LOST IN SPACE: Unaired Pilot Episode / Irwin Allen Productions - 1965

Here's an interesting item to check out... The original pilot episode, which never aired on TV, did not feature either the Robot or Dr. Smith, and were added later by 20th Century Fox, Dr. Smith as an antagonist. And, much of this original footage was reused in the first four televised episodes! In this story, the Robinsons, Earth's first family of outer space, head out to colonize Alpha Centauri in their flying saucer, Gemini 12, but crash land on an uncharted planet where they deal with its challenges and dangers.

This was quite an elaborate production with lots of workers and action in the command center before the Robinson family and Dr. West head off into the old deep, dark void.

Like in THIS ISLAND EARTH, the Robinsons are sealed in large glass (or, plastic) tubes to manage their trip through space, computers are in charge of running the ship, instead of the Robot.

In deep space, meteors pummel the ship, causing the electrical system to short circuit as the crew are still in hibernation. Luckily, the computer finally deploys the fire extinguishers, saving the day for the gang!

Still on automatic guidance, the Gemini 12 crash lands on a planet. The crew members all survive but the ship will not function now...

John and Don go exploring the hills and discover some giant footprints! It isn't long before the cyclops monster that left the prints shows up and starts causing a few tons of problems!

Will has just fixed the radio telescope and asks mom to check it out. She looks around and sees the giant monster near the location where John and Don are working on a weather device.

The men are stuck in in a cave and the thing wants them bad. Will runs to help his dad and Don, and they all escape before being stomped by the mighty beast!!

The gang take the Chariot, their all-terrain, amphibious tracked vehicle, out and encounter the monster yet again. This time though, Don uses his laser blaster to put and end to the creature!

They drive past the dead monster and catch a glimpse of its big ugly puss!

Later, the crew hides in a cave during an electrical storm. Once inside they discover an ancient underground maze of corridors. Everyone gets separated and Will is looking for Penny.

Will finds Penny but they get locked in a room that has dead alien bodies inside!..

In their last adventure, they take the Chariot into an ocean, looking for a more tropical area on the planet... Locations were filmed at the amazing Trona Pinnacles, in Ridgecrest, California.

Anyway, they get caught in a whirlpool and Don is almost lost before they escape the vortex and finally make their way to solid ground again.

The gang find a tropical area and stop to have a ceremony to thank the lord for their safe arrival... Only thing is, there are two STAR TREK type aliens watching them, a set up for the next episode. So, tune in on Wednesday for another cool post, here, at The Dungeon!!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

THE LAS VEGAS STORY - Hoagy Carmichael - "The Monkey Song" (1952)

Welcome to another Saturday Night Special down in The Dungeon! Tonight's feature has an extra special cast, and also features Vincent Price is one of his non-horror roles! It's a fun movie to watch for a lot of reasons!

As one of the producers, who knew Vegas better than Howard Hughes?

Vincent Price deserved to have his name on the main credits too!

Rather than "The Las Vegas Story, it really should have been titled "A Las Vegas Story!"

During the collage splash of a bunch of casino neon signs, you'll see all the great names including "The Golden Nugget," and "The Flamingo," but.......

.........On the stage of the movie, they call the main casino "The Fabulous," and they even use the same kind of lettering as the real one!

Too me, shots inside of a 1950's casino are fascinating!

Equally fascinating is the pairing of Vincent Price and Jane Russell as the less than happy couple! They both have problems, hers are love, and his are.......

Vincent's character is seriously in debt, and has a gambling problem, not a good combination!

Victor (One Million B.C.) Mature is the local cop and spurned lover, another bad combination!

 Brad Dexter went on to be one of the original "Magnificent Seven," and that's a feat all unto itself!

 All the two shots of Vinnie and Jane are fabulous too!

I love this shot of Jane in front of "The Last Chance" bar and casino! It looks like the entrance to Hell, or a kid's ride on the boardwalk!

My how times have changed!

Here's the fun part! Songwriter Hoagy Carmichael is Happy, the narrator and guy who plays the piano and performs at The Last Chance! Hoagy wrote classics like "Stardust," and "Georgia On My Mind!" My sound software is giving me problems, but I did find this video on You Tube of him here performing "The Monkey Song!" It's a must see!!! I wish the quality was a little better, but it's better than nothing for sure!

I thought this shot of them photographing one of the stiffs was pretty funny!

This is an odd shot!

Very cool penthouse shower!

Jane Russell was in a movie with Marilyn Monroe called "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," that pretty much underscored her career. Two years later they tried "Gentlemen Marry Brunettes," this time with Jeanne Crain, but Jane's career never really blasted off like it should have!

I'm not the biggest fan of long drawn out chase scenes, but how can you go wrong in a battle between a helicopter and a woody out in the desert? You can't, and that's just how good "The Las Vegas " story really is!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??