Monday, September 24, 2018

THE OUTER LIMITS: The Probe / Season 2 Episode 17 - 1965

Here we go with another classic Outer Limits episode... When an airplane crashes into the sea during a hurricane, its crew awake to find themselves inside a large metal chamber. Soon, their bewilderment is replaced by fear when they come under attack by a huge machine and large blob-like creature. This is the very last episode in this great series!

It stars Mark (AGENT FOR H.A.R.M.) Richman, Peggy Ann (BOMBA, THE JUNGLE BOY) Garner, Ron (DEATH WISH 3) Hayes, William (THE RACK) Stevens and stuntman Janos (MAN OF STEEL) Prohaska as The Mikie (Alien Microbe).

After crash landing in the ocean and escaping in a life raft, the crew find themselves in a mysterious room, then, a large cloud surrounds them.

A beam comes on and soaks them in the light, drying them all off!

Things get wild 'n' weird when one of them is nearly frozen alive by an ice beam, and then, a giant microbe attacks another crew member!.. What the Hell, man?!

The gang go exploring and find all kinds of interesting machinery. Now, all they have to do is figure out what their purposes are. It is surmised that the probe they're in is part microscope for viewing them!

Later, the beam focuses on the microbe, within a few minutes a duplicate hostile creature is also running around the place!

Jeff and Amanda try to communicate with the aliens but become frustrated with the symbols and lack of progress in discerning the meaning.

Then, Jeff is attacked by the big old nut-brained microbe!

So, three members of the crew are surrounded by clear cylinders where they get soaked and smoked before they're released by the aliens.

They have actually been treated with something that repels the microbes! Cute, isn't it?

Finally, Amnda thinks she has broken the code, so, they head back to the life raft.

Next thing they know, they're back in the sea being rescued by a freakin' submarine!

After being picked up by a sea plane, they look out the window and see the probe (looks pretty cool)! Then, using footage from the German GOLD from 1934 or THE MAGNETIC MONSTER from 1953, we see the Probe disintegrate into nothingness! Looks like the aliens were good guys after all! Speaking of good guys, Eegah!! is back on Wednesday with more weird junk for us!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

COLONEL BLEEP - "Man Hunt On The Moon" (1956)

Welcome to The Bleeping Dungeon! I've got a great little Saturday Night Special for you called "Man Hunt On The Moon!

"Colonel Bleep" was only on for one bleeping season, but that season consisted of 104 episodes, and as far as I can tell, that season ran from 1956 to 1959! That means they were really cranking these puppies out!

I was thinking this was Captain Gleep! When I was a kid the word Gleep was used as a disparaging remark like 'Dip!' Actually "Colonel Bleep" kind of looks like a fart in a bubble! That's him in the middle, and those are his two pals Squeak and Scratch with him! I used to have a bleeping monkey named Scratch, and a rubber rat called Squeak!

Squeak is a cowboy puppet and Scratch is a cave man! How this is all supposed to bleeping work, I have no idea. As far as I can tell, the creators, Robert D Buchanan and Jack Schleh made up their own rules as they went along!

I was going to present you the very first episode called "Building An Island Base," but it was about as bleeping exciting as the title, so I decided to do episode number eight titled "Man Hunt On The Moon" instead!

This whole series of cartoons is a weird amalgam of cartoons and science thrown together in a blender like a bleeping fruity frozen Margarita! 

The bleeping episodes don't necessarily end or continue, it's more like they just are!

So, the trio are floating around on the bleeping moon when they find an Eiffel like tower with a large parabolic lens on the top! Scratch goes to explore it!

Scratch then scares himself when he sees his own shadow and thinks it's a bleeping monster!

While Scratch is not real bleeping bright, this Eiffel Tower lighthouse sure is!

Most of the drawings are fairly bleeping simple, but are very effective at times!

The boys are on some kind of bleeping mission to find an evil guy named Dr. Destructo. They never make contact with him in this episode!

The novelty song by The Playmates called "Beep Beep" came out in 1958! 
"Beep Beep!" - I almost forgot the bleeping Roadrunner who first appeared in 1949!

Today the word "Bleep" is used as a synonym for censor! It was probably used in that sense for the first time in the early 50's, but has absolutely nothing to do with the Colonel or fried chicken!
Kinda bleeping krazy!!

If you'd like to know more about "Colonel Bleep" and his bleeping buddies, you can find a whole bunch of episodes right here at the Internet Archive, and thank Mr. Oldbones for it!

Some of the episode titles are really crazy like "The Wicked Web," "War In Robotland, "Tunnel In Space," and "The Invisible Gorilla!" So what are you bleeping waiting for??

Friday, September 21, 2018

LOST IN SPACE: Forbidden World / Season 2 Episode 4 - 1966

On their next planetary stop in this episode, the Robinsons encounter a hermit, played by Wally Cox, who plans an attack on the Jupiter 2 with his army! Wally was popular back in the day, he worked mainly in TV and was only 48 years old at the time of his death. The title card makes it look like some kind of kinky sex planet!

After a forced landing on a strange planet, Dr. Smith sends the Robot out to survey the terrain. When it doesn't come back, John and Don send the slacker out to find their metal friend...

But of course, Dr. Smith encounters something that makes him faint, what a puss!

And, his ass gets dragged away by some unknown creature...

When the doctor doesn't return, well, Will goes out on his own to locate him and the Robot. The first thing he encounters is a big old mutant spider (made by Bobby in the fifth grade)!

Then, a dude named Tiabo (Wally in silly weird makeup) enters the scene.

Him and his monster pals take Will to their lair...

There, Will joins Dr. Smith and the Robot who and what are being held as prisoners, where the doctor is drinking some liquid from a jug. Then, the supposed leader comes on the view screen and tells the gang about his plans to attack the crew of the Jupiter 2. It's just Tiabo doing some role playing though.

The gang escape (part of Tiabo's plan) and head back to the Jupiter 2. But, the doctor cannot stop drinking the stolen liquid so the Robot analyzes the brew. The main ingredient is an explosive with devastating power!

Back at the ranch, the doctor is sent away to explode by himself, away from the ship, once it's found out about his unstable condition...

But of course, the Robot has a plan to deactivate the explosive, so, it connects a device to the doctor! But... Will it work?

It does!!.. The only thing that happens is the doctor's lightning rod shoots out some tingly sparks, and, it's all over, deactivated!! Hooray for the Robot...

Tune in next week when this scary stuffed toy attacks the gang!!.. See you then!.. And, we'll see YOU tomorrow when Eegah!! pulls another fun post out of his... err... hmmm... oh yeah, his HAT...

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Monster Music
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