Monday, May 17, 2021

AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE / "Mayhem Of The Mooninites" - 2001

The Death Clock on the wall says it's time for an episode of  ATHF, this one has my favorite  little characters from the Moon, Mooninites Ignignokt and Err.

So, the Moon guys have landed their spaceship in New Jersey, there's a house for sale and they knock on the door...

When the door is opened, do they ask about the house being for sale?! No!! They start spouting off about how much better Mooninites are than Earth people! Ignignokt is the big one and Err is the little bitch! I love these guys.

It's Carl's house, this is the look on his face the whole time he listens to their snarky bragging session. Then, he closes the door on them.

But next door, there's a room for rent.

Shake is anxious to get his hands on some money, that's why he rents out Meatwad's room, to be shared with Ignignokt and Err of course.

Within an hour, the Mooninites have gotten Meatwad to get drunk, start smoking, and ready to go to the mall to do some shopping.

Frylock wants to know where Shake got the cool guitar and the ten amps on the roof. The guitar and amps were barter for the room. Thing is, they were stolen from Dr. Weird at the very beginning, but never mind..  They're stolen.

Ignignokt, Err and Meatwad all end up at the Powerpuff Mall.

The Mooninites tell Meatwad to grab a rack of DVDs, which is too heavy for him and he sets off the alarm on his way out the door. The little shits steal some TVs and get away in the confusion, while Meatwad ends up in jail.

Then Carl discovers that someone has scratched "The Moon Rulz" on his baby.

In the meantime, Frylock has to go get Meatwad out of jail, On the way home, Meatwad tells Frylock all about his tattoo the little Moon guys talked him into getting, it's a sign of independence!

Shake and his new pals relax in Carl's pool and Carl wants to know who scratched "The Moon Rulz" on his car. So, Ignignokt hits him with a laser square and he disappears!

Frylock is somewhat level headed and finally has had enough of the Moon guys, not to mention freaking Shake, one of the most despicable characters of all time.

After Frylock blows up the television set and ruins the the monster movie they were watching, Ignignokt and Err want to take it outside.

It's time for the Mooninites to assemble into a quad laser!!.. 

Frylock has actual laser eyes and sends the little shits back home!

Ignignokt sends a message to Earth, much how I feel about the whole thing too.

And wouldn't you know, Carl's there to greet his little friends...

Saturday, May 15, 2021


Here's a macabre Saturday Night Special concept for you, a list of scary movies with one word titles, and no "The's" invited.
To choose a one word title for a horror film, you need a strong word, a single word that invokes terror, dread, confusion, or somehow gives you the creeps just thinking about it like "IMPULSE" is a good place to start. The added daggers in this title card are just frosting on the cake combined with one of the creepiest characters William Shatner ever played!

And speaking of "MACABRE," the Merriam Webster dictionary defines it as "Dwelling on the Gruesome," and I'm pretty sure that's what Schlockmeister William Castle had in mind when he made this 1958 monsterpiece of horror!

"ROPE," it's a simple word really, but when it's the title of an Alfred Hitchcock film, then it takes on multiple new meanings. Hitchcock must have liked one word titles, because quite a few of his films fell into this category, starting with his most famous, "PSYCHO," and  including such titles as "NOTORIOUS," "SPELLBOUND," "SABOTAGE," "SUSPICION," "BLACKMAIL," and...

......."VERTIGO!" I get dizzy just thinking about it!

Then it just starts getting weirder and more psychologically difficult like
"TORMENTED" from 1960.

This 1977 Mario Bava movie has been released as more than one title like "Beyond the Door II," or "The Demon Is Nuts," but this is the simplest and  most shocking one,
Then there are titles that just scream fun like Freddie France's "HYSTERIA" from 1965.

Here's another one-word masterpiece from Alfred Hitchcock in 1972, that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy, "FRENZY!" 

 "SEIZURE" from 1974 is another comforting title because after all, 
"It's a children's story!"

After the seizure, the "DEMENTIA" sets it!
This 1955 classic was also known as "Daughter Of Horror."

Then you end up in this happy place from 1946.

Let's see, then there's "SUCCUBUS," another fun family film from Jess Franco in 1968, that is literally defined as
 "a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men!"
So let's take a little "DETOUR," and "Get back on track, Jack," because in 1945, what was better than going to movie that you had no idea where it was headed?
Next is the "Are These Really Even Words?" Department, where they just made something up, and you had to go to the movies to find out what it even was, like "GOG" from 1954.

Believe it or not, "KRONOS" is still not a word some 67 years later!

Nor is the title of the 1962 film "ZOTZ!"
Some one word titles are very descriptive, like with 1982's "PIECES,"
 what else do you need to know?
Or how about "RATTLERS" from 1976? That title pretty much says it all!

 Now this 1966 title has charisma and plenty of mystery to it, because anything could happen in matter of  "SECONDS!"
For one word, it just doesn't get much more ominous than "QUICKSAND,"
and Mickey Rooney just sinks deeper and deeper into it in this 1950 film.

From 1968 we have "CORRUPTION," which is defined as "Dishonest or Fraudulent Conduct by Those in Power," so you immediately know this film's going to be a barrel of laughs!

I'll leave you with Argento's "CREEPERS" from 1985, because why not?
You're sure not going to expect sunshine and lollipops with a title like that!
Interestingly enough, this film was originally released as another single word title,

Friday, May 14, 2021

POPEYE THE SAILOR In "Nix On Hypnotricks" - 1941

Here's a Popeye cartoon I don't think I even remember, so here we go with this crazy high wire act where Olive becomes the victim of a mad hypnotist...

Here's the sign hanging outside the hypnotist's hotel room. It's amazing how many of these puns made it into the cartoon and comedy industry!

After his goldfish turns on him, the hypnotist decides he needs a human subject to mesmerize. He opens a phone book, closes his eyes and randomly points to a name, and of course it's Olive's phone number!

He prestidigitates into the phone and Olive is at his to command, he tells her to go to his place for further orders...

Olive walks out the door and leaves.

It's not long before she's in lots of danger as Popeye monitor's her from the ground.

First, Popeye has to move this building over so that Olive doesn't just walk off the edge of another building, and it works!

As Olive walks across a power line, Popeye has to hang on with his toes!

A swinging construction hook lands Olive on a steel beam, way up high! I hate it when I have dreams like this, and I have!!

Popeye makes it across via the hook but when it swings back, it picks up a chimney top only to return and knock our hero looney!

Popeye ends up in a trash can where he pulls out his spinach to put an end to the madness. The S rips off of the spinach can and lands on his chest. He zooms away to save Olive...

Popeye has to fend off the the prestidigitation and then it's time to put that crazy hypnotist in his damn place.

Popeye gets Olive to safety but she won't snap out of the trance...

So, he slaps her in the face!!

She attacks with a bevy of punches, including some body shots!

And, here's how you end a fight in MMA!!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??