Wednesday, July 24, 2019

BUDDY'S BEER GARDEN - "Beer, Women, and Song" (1933)

 It's Weirdo Wednesday again in The Dungeon, and they don't call 'em "Looney Tunes" for nothing!

 "Buddy's Beer Garden" came out in 1933, and brings up the age old question, are cartoons for kids?
The animation is by only two guys. After doing a bunch of Buddy cartoons, Jack King went to work for Disney and did a bunch of Donald Duck cartoons.
Tish Tash (Frank Tashlin) went on to direct films like "Rock-A-Bye Baby," and "The Girl Can't Help it!"

 I think the correct name should have been "Buddy's Bier Garten," because this looks..... 

 ......And sounds like it's happening in Germany!

 Pretzels on a Dachshund's tail!

 My apologies to any vegetarians who might be offended by this still!

 Good role models for kids, at least everybody's having a good time!

 And it's nice to see beers getting along instead of bickering all the time!

 This whole cartoon is basically nothing but music, so when the Latin beat kicks in, Cookie starts doing a dance in a see through skirt,

 Just in case you're taking notes, so far this cartoon is about booze and sex!

 Even the piano strips!

 Let's not forget about smoking and more sex!

 Buddy introduces the final act of the night!

 A Super exaggerated Mae West character!

 Big loser dude's only got one thing on his feeble mind!

 But wait, everything is not as it seems!

Buddy is like Harry Houdini, and somehow after the introduction, it turns out the singer was him in drag!

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