Monday, December 31, 2012

REEFER MADNESS in Color / George A. Hirliman Productions - 1936

Believe it or else, this is our last post of 2012, and, it's even New Year's Eve to boot! I thought this classic colorized flick might be a good one to celebrate "Happy New Year 2013!"

The story's a highly exaggerated cautionary tale about what happens when teenagers use marijuana. Drug dealers lead innocent teens into becoming addicted to weed by holding wild parties with jazz music!.. Enjoy!

Eegah!! sent over this lil' soundclip from this flick, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button there next to the invisible chair, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula! Here's our audio offering for... REEFER MADNESS in Color!

Here's the father of Nancy Davis lecturing a group of concerned citizens at the high school back in the day...

He shows them a film about weed grown in the cities and how reefers get rolled.

This is one cool vintage shot of 'teens' at the malt shop, the place where all the action originates. The only thing that's changed is that there are no malt shops anymore!

The wildest and weirdest part of this flick is the psychedelic colors of the exhaled smoke from the reefers!

Oh, freakin' Hell yeah!!!....

Girls gets their fancy tickled while guys get all mental!

Sweet wheels for delivering 'da weed in, yow-sa!

Izzit hot in here, or, izzit it jus' me?.. As stoned out as this crazy chick is, she's still a pro with color coordination!

You actually get a better buzz if you hold it in!

The kid is so out of it after just 3 hits that he doesn't even realize that he's being framed for murder! What a lightweight chump, he gives weed a bad name!!

The courtroom is filled with finger pointing and in the jury room they have a little fun while deciding the kid's fate...

Mr. Perry Noyd starts having a mental breakdown and ends up killing the boss!! So, guess what?.. The jig is up!

And, this guilty chick definitely ain't going to no damn prison for the rest of her life! Good-bye cruel world!! I regret nothing!!

The propagandized face of weed intoxication USA in 1936!.. Happy New Year Everbloody, tune in for our wild 'n' weird 2013 lineup!..

Saturday, December 29, 2012

DU BI QUAN WANG DA PO XUE DI ZI - NEU! - "Master Of The Flying Guillotine" (1976)

My last post of the year should be something significant, so I've decided to go with "Du Bi Quan Wang Da Po Xue Di Zi.".............

........"Master Of The Flying Guillotine,"...........

........or as it is also sometimes called, "One Armed Boxer vs. The Flying Guillotine!!!" I just made myself some egg flower soup with bok choy, and some salt and pepper chicken to get me in the mood, so let's get this egg rolling!!

This film is actually a sequel to the 1972 flick "Du Bei Chuan Wang" (One-Armed Boxer) and this is the blind Fung Sheng Wu Chi as played by Kang Chin, who has just got the word that his disciples have been killed by the One-Armed Boxer, so it's up to him to exact some revenge with his flying guillotine! Kang Chin has some 60 acting credits, some as Kang Chin, some as Kong Kam, some as Kam Kong,  and even one as King Kong!!

The music in "The Master OF The Flying Guillotine" was created by a German band called Neu! who were former members of Kraftwerk, who are the masters of what is commonly referred to as the "Motorik" (Motor Skill) beat, or as Klaus Dinger would call it, the "Apache Beat!" This "Super" Theme Song is a great example of how they would use a single minimalist 4/4 beat, repeated continuously throughout the entire track! Simply stated, it pounds the listener into oblivion! Interestingly enough, the makers of this film didn't ask permission to use the music, but I think they made it right a few years later!

There's a big mixed martial arts tournament going on that the One-Armed Boxer and his students are attending that is not a whole lot different from sticking 25 cents into a "Mortal Combat" video game, and there is a whole assortment of weird characters with different skills going up against one another mano a mano!!!

This is the Monkey Boy! He has his own set of special skills!

These two guys have to fight on top of a bunch of poles stuck in the ground, and if one of them falls off, he's apt to land on one of those strategically placed swords!

There are many no-holds barred styles of fighting, and many of them are also lethal!!

So the tournament is just getting in gear when party pooper Fung Sheng Wu Chi shows up with his flying guillotine. Since he's blind, he just starts randomly killing anybody who only has one arm, and sometimes just anybody! I guess he figures that if kills everybody, then he'll eventually kill the right guy! I'd be more than happy to listen if anybody wants to explain to me why he has a swastika on the front of his gown!!

The flying guillotine is kind of a cross between a giant yo-yo and a lampshade with teeth! He throws it very accurately, it lands on the target's head, and then when he pulls the cord for it to come back to him, it severs off the head of the individual it landed on slick as a whistle!!

When it gets to the point that he's not getting anywhere, he just destroys the whole freakin' place and prematurely ends the tournament!

The flashback scenes are always psychedelic!!

The Master Of The Flying Guillotine is not the only one pissed off at the One-Armed Boxer, and several other attendees of the tournament go after him too once he gets back to his school! This dude with the Mr. Fantastic arms that stretch out is particularly weird!

The little barefoot guy is also a real pain in the ass, so the One-Armed Boxer comes up with this plan to fight him in this shed, and then he has his students set it on fire, and block all the exits! The floor gets a little too hot for barefoot boy, and makes him a lot more vulnerable!

Yu Wang as the One-Armed Boxer gets credit for being the star of the first ever real kung-fu movie in 1970  titled "Long Hu Dou" or "The Chinese Boxer," and was the most popular movie star in China from 1965 to 1971 until Bruce Lee appeared on the scene!

The only way the One-Armed Boxer can escape the wrath of the Master Of The Guillotine is through distraction! He has to just keep faking him out, and causing him to make mistakes!

But it's not an easy task, and this final battle goes on for a long time!

I'll leave you with this great production still of the two protagonists really hacking it out to the very end! For all you fans of the genre, this film should not be missed, and can be found on Netflix! See you in 13!!

Friday, December 28, 2012


Welp, it's end of the year 8mm Box Art Friday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. 8mm box art can be some of the wildest 'n' weirdest you ever saw. I've been wanting to do this post for some time, so, what better time than now?

20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH ~ I got to see this great flick in 1957, went with my neighbors, back when you walked 2-1/2 miles to the theater without complaining or needing to text anyone to complain!

BEAST WITH 5 FINGERS ~ Saw this wild Peter Lorre flick on TV in the late fifties, we used to watch Friday Night Horror Theater on good old Channel 47 out of Fresno! Check out the misspelling of Peter's last name on the box!

CURSE OF THE DEMON ~ I was lucky enough to catch this great movie at the theater in 1957, what a treat that was! Still one of my favorites.

DOCTOR X ~ Somehow I missed this one if it ever played on TV in the fifties where I lived, but, got to enjoy the original color version on TCM recently, this flick kills!!

FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERES THE WORLD ~ Saw this one on TV in the sixties. For some reason what I remember most is when the doctors are examining the young Frankenstein, they say that he's obviously of Caucasian descent, when, he's obviously 104% Asian!

THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON ~ Here's another fun little flick I saw at the theater, Robert's sweat stained pants kinda ruined it at the end though!

THE HUMAN MONSTER ~ This is one of the best Lugosi low budget films, from 1939, British title is DEAD EYES OF LONDON.

I WAS A TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN ~ Missed this one until the sixties for some reason, I do remember seeing the poster at the theater with its double feature... I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF!

I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF ~ It's wild 'n' weird that Whit Bissell plays the evil doctor in both of these 'Teenage' flicks!!

KING KONG BATTLES THE MONSTERS ~ It doesn't take much to figure out that this 8mm film shows nothing but King Kong battling his big ol' buddies on Skull Island!

MASTER OF HORROR ~ This is a Jack H. Harris film produced in Argentina that's a trilogy of Edgar Allen Poe stories, all lead roles were played by the same actor.

MY SON THE VAMPIRE ~ If you ever want to see one whack flick, you gotta check this thing out! Arthur Lucan plays Mrs. Riley and Alan Sherman sings the theme tune, there's Bela Lugosi and a British robot, original title is VAMPIRE OVER LONDON.

NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST ~ Missed this one at the theater, the artwork here is from the Filipino flick, BEAST OF BLOOD.

NIGHTMARE IN WAX ~ Check this out! The film you will find in this box is NIGHTMARE IN WAX, but, because the people that produced these little gems could get away with murder, it's not the movie with Vincent Price you just paid for!

THE UNDEAD ~ Great artwork for this Corman flick starring Allison Hayes, Paul Blaisdell plays a corpse in a coffin. Eegah!! either has or sold his 1-sheet poster of this title!

THE WAR OF THE WORLDS ~ There were probably a ton of these little films produced over the years of this classic title!

THE WEREWOLF ~ Saw this one at the theater with TARANTULA double bill! My favorite part of this excellent film is where Duncan Marsh transforms into a werewolf in the jail cell and takes care of the people who caused his affliction!

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Monster Music
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