Friday, July 5, 2019

DOCTOR DRACULA / A Story of Sensual Torment - 1978

The story involves author John Wainwright who has a neat mind control act, and, he's available for parties! Wainwright believe he's the reincarnation of Svengali, whom he resembles. He picks up a young woman and intends on making her a human sacrifice in order to gain eternal life. There are other sub plots that tangle this one into one big old spider web of weirdness.

It stars John (RED ZONE CUBA) Carradine, Don 'Red'(FRANKENSTEIN 1970) Barry, Larry (184 acting credits, 16 writing credits, 13 producer credits, 4 editing credits, 1 animating credit, 1 composer credit and more!) Hankin, Geoffrey (NURSE SHERRI) Land, Susie (DYNAMITE BROTHERS) Ewing, Regina (BRAIN OF BLOOD) Carrol and more.

The movie starts with Wainwright performing one of his mind tricks, he's sawing a woman in half as she screams in pain to the horror of the audience!..

He then shows the audience the bloody saw he has used in the illusion.

Everyone attending has been hypnotized into believing he had actually cut through the woman! Time to pick up your marbles and go home.

This bathing beauty gets a visit from some unknown stalker. She doesn't get to finish her bath.

In one of the odd scenes, John is trying to convince Red that the occult exists and he should join their club. Red's part in this movies is minimal and almost feels like a cameo role!

Then, we have Gregorio. He's a womanizing psychic who gets to have a romp with Regina in his coffin!.. Like, what the Hell's going on with this flick!

Here's John in all his glory, he needs women to sacrifice in his devil worship club!

Believe it or not, Svengali shows up and pays Wainwright a little visit. Thing is, they look exactly alike, making for even more (woob, woob!) confusion!!

Well anyway, it's time to sacrifice Red's daughter for the pleasure of the club members. Gregorio shows up and the fireworks start... Gregorio is actually a psychic vampire, Wainwright tries to scare him off with a lit candle cross. Gregorio just knocks the candles away.

Wainwright tries to use his mind tricks on Gregorio, but, Gregorio turns the tables and everyone at the sacrifice dies because he has put the idea that they have lost the demonic war in their heads! Holy shit, how freaking stupid!!

So, Red's daughter leaves with Gregorio after the failed sacrifice, she tells him there is only one way to get rid a dapper vampire. She reaches into her purse and pulls out a switch, she pushes a button and this bomb is finally over! Actually, this is Al's finest production!.. Ouch! Tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! blows something else... UP!!

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