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TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED - "I Like It Here In Wilmington" (1984)

This week's Wild Wednesday presentation is season seven, episode eleven from the cool British TV show, Roald Dahl's "Tales Of The Unexpected."

This episode was titled "I Like It Here In Wilmington." Although this was a British television program, many of the later episodes like this one were shot in other parts of the world like America, and used American actors.
Episodes of "Tales Of The Unexpected" were only twenty-six minutes long, so they don't waste a lot of time. 
This episode had an awesome cast that included Robert Loggia as Harry Elton, a man whose garment industry is failing. Harry's partner Marvin Castlemore is played by Dungeon Hero, and one of the most talented comedians in the world, Tommy Smothers.
Their model Cissy was played by Wendy Austin in her sole acting credit.
 Robert Loggia has a familiar face because he has a massive 233 credits to his name. In 1965-66, Robert had his own TV show called "T.H.E. Cat," where he played T. Hewitt Edward Cat, a reformed cat burglar.
 Tom and his brother Dick Smothers had a very popular act in the 60's combining folk music and standup comedy. There is another episode of "Tales Of The Unexpected" that has Dick in it!

From 1967 to 1969, The Smothers Brothers had a very cool variety show on TV for 71 episodes that featured acts like The Doors, and other music you didn't normally see on TV. 

Harry Elton's beautiful wife Roberta is played by the always stunning Susan Strasberg. Harry has a plan to save his failing business.
 As it turns out, in Delaware, if you catch your wife in the act of adultery, it's okay to murder the other party without retribution, and it's only a hundred dollars fine. Since he has a 100 grand partnership insurance policy on Marvin, Harry convinces Roberta to have an affair with Marvin, and then he'll catch them in the act, claim the insurance, and they won't have to lose the Mercedes. 
It would be a lot easier if they could just get into her trust fund, but that's not possible as long as she's still alive.

Harry invites Marvin over for dinner, so that Marvin and Roberta can get better acquainted.

Susan Strasberg is also a real Dungeon fave, and has been in an array of cool movies like "Taste Of Fear,""Psych-Out,""The Name Of The Game Is Kill," and "The Trip."
Marvin is a fairly simple man, and is falling for the whole scheme.


The wheels are now fully in motion.
 Check out Harry and Cissy there in the background. They're getting pretty cozy themselves.

Harry leaves town for five days, and Marvin is in love!

To further reinforce their plan, when Marvin and Roberta go out for dinner, Roberta makes a point of letting shocked onlookers know there's hanky panky going on.

Harry and Roberta's plan does have a couple of faults to it. One is that she really does like Marvin.

I could tell you how this story ends, but that wouldn't be any fun, and since you can watch it yourself for free on IMDB TV, I'm leaving it up to you!
IMDB is usually so good about this stuff, I'm really surprised about one thing. For their post on this episode, they show Janet(Psycho)Leigh as being part of the cast, and then down below in the 'Trivia' section, the trivia is "Janet Leigh does not appear in this episode." 

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