Monday, November 29, 2021

THE THREE STOOGES In "The Cookoo Cavaliers - 1940

Here's one of my favorite Stooges short, when the boys fail at fish peddling, they seek another job. They end up buying a beauty salon south of the border thinking they were getting a saloon instead. Maybe they could have made it with as saloon owners, but a beauty salon?!

Here are our guys out trying to sell fish they've had in the back of the van for a whole month, and haven't even sold one!

A potential customer wants them to toss a fish up to her, so Curly goes to the back and opens the door. He nearly faints from the smell so uses a gas mask to grab one.

Of course Curly hits her right in the face with the rotten fish! She throws it back at them.

Fed up, they want to try their hand at something else, and decide that a saloon would be the answer. But when they make the deal, Curly tells the broker Pedro Ruiz that among other things, the saloon needs to be beautiful. They give Pedro $300 for the place and head across the border. Realizing they made a mistake, they try and make the best of it.

Manuel Gonzales brings four of his showgirls over to their shop to get the girls' hair bleached to blonde. OMG! Nooooooooooo!

Rosita says she wants a mud face so Larry goes out to find some mud, but what he mistakes for mud is... Concrete!

It takes all three brainiacs to prepare the facial for Rosita.

Larry trying to pull the concrete off her face is just hilarious.

They have no idea how to get the piece of stone off of their victim...

A little mallet didn't work, so, maybe a big mallet will do the trick, and it does!

Rosita gets up from the chair and stumbles away, with Curly yelling... Hey, we didn't finish! Oh well, they grab the other three girls and get their transformations underway.

Rule number one of owning a beauty salon, never look at the bottles to see what's in them!

Then, mix all the ingredients together and pour it into a bellows.

And then, let Curley have it!

So, the girls have hot towels on their heads when Manuel comes back with Rosita and threatens the boys with his pistol.

Moe tells him, Rosita was an accident, just wait until he gets a gander of what the other girls look like! Manuel puts his gun away to take a look...

It's not a pretty sight, so the Stooges run out the door and into the street.

On his way out, Manuel hits the door frame and a number of bottles come crashing down on his head, and he's out of commission.

The girls come out of the salon and do some target practicing on our moronic pals! Well, that does it for November, we're back on Wednesday with more from The Dungeon!!..

Saturday, November 27, 2021

THE FLYING SQUAD - "Our Miss Brooks" (1940)

This week's Saturday Night Special is a 1940 British film penned by Dungeon Hero Edgar Wallace called "The Flying Squad."

When I first saw the title "The Flying Squad," I immediately thought this was a war film, but it's not. "The Flying Squad" was an independent arm of the law formed in 1919 that was originally called "The Mobile Patrol Experiment." Their job was to conduct surveillance and gather intelligence on known robbers and pickpockets. They were given no boundaries and were attached to no divisions, and basically only answered to themselves.

Mark McGill is a dirty no good, lowdown murderer and dope smuggler played by Jack (Theater Of Blood) Hawkins.

Pretty Phyllis Brooks is a gullible and naive woman named Ann Perryman.
Phyllis was born in Boise, Idaho, and traveled in social circles that included people like John F. Kennedy, who was the Godfather of her oldest son. She was also in two Charlie Chan movies.

Sebastian (Anakin Skywalker) Shaw is Inspector Bradley of "The Flying Squad."

Ann Perryman's brother Ronald is up to his neck in trouble, and Tiser is Mark McGill's henchman.

Sedeman is washed up out of work actor, and Li Joseph is a senile olde man who only knows how to play one annoying song on the violin.

The trap door in the floor is a straight drop into the river. McGill uses it to throw out the trash.

Ronald introduces his sister to McGill.

The olde man Li is driving the gang crazy with his incessant violin playing.

This looks like a shot from some Edgar Allen Poe film.

McGill kills Ronald, and poor olde Li saw it happen, so he has to be disposed of too.

Rat dog McGill convinces Ann that Inspector Bradley was responsible for the death of her brother, even though he was really the one who did it, and she falls for it.

These two are just regular colourful Edgar Wallace characters.

Phyllis Brooks was engaged at one time to Cary Grant, but she ended up marrying Torbert Macdonald, who had been John F. Kennedy's roommate at Harvard University, and went on to become an 11-term Congressman in Massachusetts.

Dumbass McGill blows his cover when he leaves the phone off the hook after talking to Ann.

Before it's over, McGill has Ann moving drugs for him, and she doesn't even know it.

"The Flying Squad" is only 64 minutes long, so it doesn't waste your time with a bunch of fluff and filler! It's a bit droll, but it's worth an hour of your time.

Friday, November 26, 2021


Well, I have a special post Thanksgiving Day treat for you. This is what can happen to you if you get an invite from your old Army pal to spend that special Turkey Day at his turkey farm and hatchery with his family and friends...

Here's Joe's turkey farm on the outskirts of the small town of Pumpkin Center, you can see Joe has all the bases covered, including selling poultry manure for the pumpkins.

Our man Turk shows up at his pal's place but Joe's away doing some deliveries, so, Joe's wife Janie has Turk come to the pool with her to smoke a big old joint.

Turk gets way too stoned and he grabs a turkey, runs out into the street and lets it go, saying, shoo, shoo! Problem is, see that open door, one of the workers sees Turk do the deed.

Joe is informed about the the turkey so Joe goes in to ask him what the whole thing was all about, but walks in on Turk and Janie getting intimate while smoking another joint.

Joe goes to see his in-house chemist, Poindexter, and asks him if he could make him a special serum out of some turkey hormones. Poindexter says, sure...

Then Joe goes to their in-house chef, Tokie, and asks him to inject the serum into a special turkey that he prepares for Turk. The look on Tokie's face says it all.

Tokie takes the turkey to Turk, who's ravenous after a joint. Gobble, gobble, gobble!

It was delicious but it's making him feel nauseous, urp. 

Turk goes to his room to lay down, and when he wakes up, he's a freaking turkey monster, and has an appetite for humans!

Turk runs wild in the dark and seeks revenge on humans for all the turkeys what gave their lives on Thanksgiving Day!

He chokes this guy out and cuts his arm off with that industrial saw there!

But in the end, Turk is shot dead and he becomes a Thanksgiving Day Feast at the turkey farm. Well, I guess there's a moral here, but I don't know what it'd be!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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