Monday, August 31, 2009

EL ATAQUE DE LOS MUERTOS SIN OJOS - Antón García Abril - "Mark Of The Devil" (1973)

Tonight's feature is an odd film from 1973 with a title that literally translates to "Attack Of The Blind Dead" but of course in America, it was released as "Return Of The Evil Dead"! The music was created by Spanish composer Antón García Abril, who has 177 composing credits in his portfolio with crazy titles like "Sexta-Feira 13", "The Bloodsuckers" and "Revenge From Planet Ape!"

The locals have their annual festival to celebrate the freedom they received when they destroyed the Templar Knights who had overrun their happy little burg back in the day!! Unfortunately, evil forces still aboud, seems like those Templar Knights lean towards not dying completely!!

Even our Hero, Tony Kendall, no matter how cool he looks, still can't fix a problem this grandiose! They need a bigger star than him to clean up this mess!

Loreta Tovar as Monica interacts with the dead Templar Knights! Not exactly what she had in mind when she said she wouldn't mind going out on a blind date!! Loreta has a very striking resemblance to Candace Hilligoss of "Carnival of Souls" Fame!

Just remember kids what old Uncle Eegah!! said, no matter what's happening, and no matter how horrible of a situation it is, there's always time for a drum solo!!!

As weird and creepy as these dead Templar Knights are, they would have been a Helluva lot scarier if they moved a little faster. As bad as it looks, you've got to be really dumb and/or completely immobile to get caught by these guys!

Damn, even the horses are dead!!!

AAAaaaahhhhh!! I see dead people!!

Did I tell you that this film is about a bunch of dead Templar Knights Hellbent on destruction and revenge??

Game over, man. Final score: Templar Knights 13 and Locals 0!

Mark Of The Return Of The Attack Of The Evil Devil Blind Dead!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

THE MURDER MANSION / Spanish-Italian / 1972

Okay, here is plot for today' Dungeon Saturday Afternoon Flick... People go to mansion, they get murder by sumbloody! Probably by crazy chick like in poster!!

Soundclip is great and end up in what seem like demonic funhouse! Music is by Mr. Marcello Giombini who have over 80 composer credit starting in 1961, for mainly Euro flick. A few interesting title he work on: GLADIATORS 7, FOR A FEW DOLLARS LESS, ZAMBO, KING OF THE JUNGLE, KNIFE OF ICE, THE SEXORCIST, TABOO ISLAND, WAR IN SPACE, WAR OF THE PLANETS, WAR OF THE ROBOTS, EYES BEHIND THE STARS, STAR ODYSSEY, BEAST IN SPACE, EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD and more!..

So, Tabonga' pet tarantula Ralphie waiting impatiently to hit big old 'GO' button wonst again... RACING TO GET MURDERED!!

Mustang Jerk like to show off and so he finally piss off Cycle Dude. Then Cycle Dude pass Mustang Jerk to show who king of damn road!

Sumbloody need to get all tore up after heart-pounding macho road race between Cycle Dude and Mustang Jerk!.. hic!

Maybe should slow down little bit if can't see where going in dark!

Everything seem totally safe here at Murder Mansion!

So far!!

Everbloody want to see more of the maid!!

Oh, that just effin' great, now, Big Ugly Guy show up and start causing all kind of mayhem an' broke bones!


Big Ugly Guy take off mask to reveal... Another Big Ugly Guy!! He like to squeeze dude head like pimple!! He enjoy the simple thing in life!

Cycle Dude and Gurlfiend barely escape from Murder Mansion and run like Hell... Far, far away!

So, all you bastards think you can two-time me... AND, GET AWAY WITH IT??!!!

Okay... This what happen if you freakin' nut collector!

Friday, August 28, 2009

THE REBEL ROUSERS - William Loose - "Well, We're Still Alive" (1970)

A year after "Easy Rider" and Jack is still playing second fiddle to the likes of Cameron Mitchell and Bruce Dern, a couple of interesting characters themselves for sure, but as successful as Bruce and Cameron's careers were, they would never ever attain the level of star-power Jack Nicholson was headed for! Here he only gets credits as one of the gang, but that's just the way it seems, you see, because this film was actually shot in 1967, but was shelved and not realesed until 1970 after Jack's star started shining ever so brighter!!!

This would be Jack's last small-time biker/indie/horror film, and it seems like there would be no looking back for Jack except to see what was coming up in the rearview mirror!!

The Rousers are in town, and their leader Bruce Dern as J.J, chances upon an old high school football chum Paul Collier, played by Cameron Mitchell!!

The local Mexican Police Force doesn't seem to care that the Rousers are there, it's just business as usual!

Cameron checks into the best and only 5 Star Hotel in town!!

Meanwhile, across from the "Economy Gas" station, at the local cantina, The Rebel Rousers have checked in, and it's time to get down and party!!!

The awesome theme and all the music including this wild bar scene are brought to you by the incredible William Loose, a composer with credits from here to TJ and back!

The fantabulous Harry Dean Stanton as Randolph Halverson does his weirdo/politcal/biker thing, which makes this band of misfits even further out!

The locals don't seem like they could even give a diddly-shit what's going on as long as the Schlitz is flowing freely!!!

This gal, although she looks like she likes to party, has had enough of this debauchery, and it's time to call the cops!!!

But it just might be a little too late!!!

This is one of those "I just like that shot" pictures of Diane Ladd outside of the Hotel where she was meeting Cameron Mitchell as part of a whole freakin' soap opera side storyline!

I wonder if jack had the same kind of contract as Sean Connery in the James Bond movies, where he got to keep all the clothes he wore during the production, because I'm sure he wanted to keep those striped jailbird pants!! If you have not seen every one of Jack's films, then literally, you don't know Jack!!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??