Monday, October 19, 2020

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN / "Ghost Wolf" - 1952

Here's an adventure from season one of this great series, in it, Clark, Lois and Jimmy head to Washington state to see what the problem is at the Lone Pine Timber Company paper mill (owned by The Daily Planet) where they get the wood pulp for the newspaper...

I just wanted to show this pic because it's freaking awesome!!

Anyway, all the loggers have quit because there's a rumor about a... Get ready, yeah, a werewolf!! Sam, the company supervisor on the left, talks with lumberman Jacques, who is also quitting because he says he has seen the creature!

Perry's a real grouch in this one, so, he sends the gang to Washington to investigate the wild rumors that Sam told him about, concerning the situation there.

After a plane ride, Clark, Lois and Jimmy take a train to the paper mill. On the way, the brakeman (remember the caboose?) tells them about the strange things that have been happening recently. Like, someone has been trying to cause train wrecks and the like...

Clark says he wants to take a walk, and Lois responds... A walk?!

Sensing danger, Clark uses his x-ray eyes to see if he can notice anything suspicious. And sure enough, he spots something that's horribly wrong!

And if you don't believe me, when's the last time you saw Clark react like that?!

Superman holds up a damaged bridge trestle and the train just barely makes it across before the whole thing collapses, and he flies off to join his pals. That was a close one!

And who's this mysterious woman roaming around with her wolf? Could she be the dreaded werewolf in this story?!!

Lois has her own cabin, and as she's falling asleep, the 'wolf' jumps through the window and growls at her. She screams like crazy and everyone comes running. Then she tells Clark that she's sleeping in their cabin, him and Jimmy can sleep together in one bed and she'll take the other one, get it?! Love Clark's robe.

Well, it seems that Jacques is a wereweasel, he's behind all the mayhem. Now, the ass wipe sets the forest on fire!!

Of course Lois and Jimmy get caught up in the flames, Jimmy helps Lois up after she falls down while running. I don't know why I notice these things, but, look where Jimmy's left hand is!!

Supe saves the day when he swoops in and covers his pals with his cape!

Okay, it gets a little confusing here, but, the woman, Babette, thinks Sam is responsible for her losing the land, but Jacques was playing her while he did his dirty work. She discovers the truth and Jacques grabs the rifle and threatens to kill her and Sam, and her beloved pet!! 

Well, we know that ain't gonna happen on Superman's watch. He comes up with an idea to stop the fire, he takes 5000 feet of electrical cable up into the clouds to trigger a thunder storm!

What a sight to behold! And before long, it starts pouring down and the fire goes out.

A totally drenched Clark finally shows up and wants to know if Superman could please just stop the rain! Well, another one bites the dust as we round that old Halloween Countdown bend, here at The Dungeon!!..

Saturday, October 17, 2020

AGATHA CHRISTIES "POIROT" - "The Hallowe'en Party" (2011)

This Countdown To Halloween Saturday Night Special is a great story by one of the masters, Agatha Christie, titled "Hallowe'en Party" that was published in 1969.

"Poirot," also known as "Agatha Christie's Poirot," was on the air in the UK from 1989 to 2013. If you were lucky, you might have caught it on PBS or A&E in the United States.

Agatha Christie's murder mysteries are just as twisted as Edgar Wallace's, and there is no way I'm going to try and explain this story to you! I don't know enough words!

But here are the basics.....................There's a Halloween party going on!

Have you ever heard of or played the game Snap-Dragon? Apparently they would fill up a bowl with brandy, and then put raisins in it, and set it on fire, and people put them in their mouths to extingush the fire. I guess it's common in Europe and I read that it was played in the U.S. on Halloween. Sounds like a good way to burn the crap out of your mouth to me.
During the game, one young lady blurts out that she had once seen a murder!

Next thing you know, somebody has drowned her in the apple-bobbing barrel!!

Time to call for help from the Belgian super sleuth, Hercule Poirot!

This show is absolutely stunningly classic to look at with shots like this!

I'm colorblind and see things different than most, but to my eye, this color and beauty of this shot looks like a classical painting!

But this show isn't just about beauty, it's also creepy as Hell and yet still manages to be kid friendly, and that's a difficult task!

"Trick or Treat!"

Killer garden, literally!

Memories of happier moments from the past can also be clues if you're Poirot.

Another gorgeous shot..................

......................Just leads to more death and despair!

What a great Halloween story, and once again, you can thank The Lord for finding it for us!
"The Hallowe'en Party has been published so many times, and almost all the books have cool covers like this!

Feeling the need? Okay then!

Friday, October 16, 2020

RETURN OF THE BLUE DEATH / Monster Kid Home Movies - 1965

Nothing says Halloween more than some Monster Kids! So, today we have the sequel to THE BLUE DEATH by Bruce Tinkel which I posted a while back. Of course I had to make them a decent title card because they moved the camera around with theirs... Stupid kids!

In this scene, a kid holds up a special sweat shirt and the Blue Death appears, and he kills the poor little guy by chocking him out.

Then we see the monster creeping around on someone's roof. He sees some kids goofing around in the swimming pool...

Blue Death strips down to his bathing suit (why was he wearing a bathing suit?) and jumps in the pool only to toss the two boys around and kill them before he splits.

Okay, it's summer here, right?

Well, the next scene takes place in the fall! Guess the crew was on hiatus, anyway, Blue Death shows up out of nowhere and chases this guy in his own yard.

The maniac follows the dude into his house and ends up choking him out too!! So, if you see a guy with this sweat shirt on, RUN LIKE HELL!

Next, he grabs a hatchet and chops away on this unsuspecting guy, reminds me of the last guy to get killed in our movie, THE CREEP. Except, our guy gets an ice pick through the soft spot on the top of his head!

This scene is so silly. Looks like Blue Death is coming down a telephone pole, and there's some kid driving small nails into to roof. He doesn't see BD because he's so darn absorbed in whatever the freakin' Hell he's up to! Use your imagination to figure out what happens to him.

Yeah, and after he deep sixes another guy, he beats his chest like an ape and gestures what a great crazy person he is!

When this kid goes up against the human side of BD, he changes into the monster and what else, he choke's the kid out!

In one nutty scene, this boy is supposed to be getting run over by Blue Death, but, you can plainly see that the gear shift is in park!

Beware all of you out there, the Blue Death is on the prowl...

And the WTF! doesn't end there! Some guy's out grilling on the barbeque, using a fencing sword to, I guess, flip the burgers?  BD tries to attack him but the guy runs the sword through the bad guy's gut... Wow, kids and their imaginations! Who in the Hell would ever grill using a sword?!

Like in the many Universal horror films, the Blue Death changes back to his human form after dying, but goes one better by disappearing into thin air!

And this actor just shrugs his shoulders, signifying... Wha' hoppin'?

Tune in tomorrow as we keep on trucking down that old Halloween Countdown trail, here at The Dungeon!!..

Monster Music

Monster Music
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