Wednesday, October 31, 2007

VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS - Jack Nitzsche - "I Was Big Enough Before" (1965)

All right!! In celebration of Allhallows day 31, we proudly present this opus piece of ear candy. A real hallowed treat you won't forget real soon, and it's just that simple, life defined musically by Jack Nitzsche!! A few scenes from "Village Of The Giants" with a "Last Race" reprise all jammed together for your listening pleasure. Thanx Jack!!! Big Enuf Before

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

THE BEACH GIRLS AND THE MONSTER - Chuck Sagle - "Kill Vicki, Kill Mark" (1965)

It's Very Easy to write off "The Beach Girls & The Monster" as complete fluff, which it is, but you just can not take away the fact that it has some very real excellent moments. The piece of music presented here is beyond belief! Starting off with some cool bongos, then extra greasy surf sax and crazy distorted guitar laid over an A+ heartbeat pounding drum, which segues into a driving jazzy free drum set followed with a loungey Brubeck piano tinged Kenyon Hopkins type psycholicious nightmare extravaganza! Yeah, yeah, Sure, sure, Vicki and Mark get killed too, but that's really a very minor detail compared to the incredible musical contribution to the scenes! This is really good!! 

Monday, October 29, 2007

DIE 1000 AUGEN DES DR. MABUSE (The 1,000 Eyes Of Dr Mabuse) - Gerhard Becker/Bert Grund - "Main Theme" (1960)

Fritz Lang, who's directorial debut went all the way back to 1919 with "Halbblut" or "Half-Caste, went on to do a "Dr. Mabuse" film in 1922, long before he did "Metropolis" in 1927, and so, so much more. "The 1000 Eyes Of Dr. Mabuse" in 1960 was his final film! Can we have a standing ovation, please?? You can actually watch this movie for free at, along with a bunch of other cool junk! For all you "Dr. Mabuse" novices, it's a great place to start!

1000 Eyes

IM STAHLNETZ DES DR. MABUSE (The Return Of Dr. Mabuse) - Peter Sandloff - "2 or 3 Scenes" (1961)

These German "Dr. Mabuse" films have been going on since 1922, & it took 39 years to get around to the "Return Of." Here's some swingin' background music from a couple of scenes that I swear to you, sound so much like "The Firesign Theatre" that it's incredible! "What kind of joke is this, Ross" etc...., you'll see, or hear, if you know what I'm talking about, you'll get it! Dr. Mabuse, 100% great stuff, find it when & where you can!! 
What kind of a joke is this? Here's a short bit with the player piano that was playing in the background of a telephone conversation leading to the discovery of the suspect's whereabouts. 

Sunday, October 28, 2007

THE UNKNOWN TERROR - Sir Lancelot -"Suffer To Be Born Again" (1957)

From "I Walked With A Zombie" in 1943 to "The Andy Griffith Show," in 1967, yeah, I guess you could say that famed Calypso artist Lancelot Victor Edward Pinard pretty much did it all, including living to the ripe old age of 98. In this film he has a message for the elite at this party, "Apparently a normal Calypso song, but there is something behind the words, if you listen closely enough." Like, Yeah, we're talking 'Cave Of Death' here! Richard Gilden as the young native Raoul Koom sure as hell doesn't want to talk about it, so you'll have to try and find your own copy of this hard-to-find movie to see if they got the message! "All Right...Sir Lancelot."

THE BLOODY BROOD - Harry Freedman - "Main Theme" (1959)

There's a very fine line sometimes between Monster movies & JD/Crime flicks, but the general rule in defining genres usually seems to be, if there's a bonafide Psycho involved, that will make the plot just twisted enough to qualify as a Monster you get some titles like "Bucket Of Blood," "Anatomy Of A Psycho" etc, or in this case, "The Bloody Brood." These hip punks are a real gang of mental monsters led by none other than Peter Falk, who was, by my reckoning, 32 when this film was made. Seems like film makers in the 50's had a lot of trouble defining the 'Beat' generation! They manage to get some of the lingo straight, they remember to use a lot of bongos, and beat poetry, but the characters generally seem overly outrageous, & very rarely dressed properly. Okay, here's the deal, Beatniks should look like Maynard G. Krebs, period. Sweatshirt & tennies, no suits, man, that's for squares, you dig?!!! Harry Freedman provides us with a soundtrack a lot hipper than the people in the movie, but just as sinister! Here's The Bloody Brood

It was interesting how she just slid up there like a seal or a dolphin to get that drink!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

DIE NACKTE UND DER SATAN (The Head) - Lasry/Mattes - "Two Scenes" (1959)

Lilly's a stripper at the "Tam-Tam" tiki club. She looks good, but she drinks too much! 
The boys in the band are wailing! There's a good crowd! The room is hot tonight! 
Lilly's deadbeat artist boyfriend is bugging her, so she orders two or three more drinks! 
Even if you're in a movie, you should always watch out for who's watching you! 
Otto Storr as Frank the barkeep sees it all, but he ain't talkin' and the band just keeps on playing!! You might remember Otto from his role as Wenzel The Clown in the 1962 classic thriller, "Snow White & The Seven Jugglers." Here's the music from two good Head Scenes

HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM - Gerard Schurmann - "Guillotine Scene" (1959)

Seems like more than ever, everyone's trying to get ahead in this world, like a bunch of crabs in a barrel all scratching and pulling each other back down in an effort to get to the top. It's been that way for years, & especially in the movies. In this wild scene from "Horrors Of The Black Museum," not only are the weirdos trying to get to the top, they are also literally trying to get a Head! Portable guillotines are pretty effective tools no doubt! Man, that was brutal for 1959, and Michael Gough, although not in this scene, is tremendously sinister the whole rest of the film!
Plan Ahead

Friday, October 26, 2007

REVENGE OF THE CREATURE - Lava/Stein - "Lobster House Jam" (1955)

Every once in a while, you gotta throw in a classic, and they don't get much classier that the 1955 Universal production, "Revenge Of The Creature." Here's a great scene, coming directly from "The Lobster House," and hold on, cause the joint is jumpin'! John & Lori are getting all hot and bothered when the Creature makes an untimely party-crashing appearance, whisks her away and makes a 3 point dive into the water with her in tow! The music's by Bill Lava, who had a stunning musical career in cartoons & movies dating back to the 30's, and still yet, another Stein, Herman this time, who helped compose music for "Tarantula," "This Island Earth," "The Incredible Shrinking Man," "The Monolith Monsters," and a slew of other features. These two guys resumes combined will make your head spin like a satellite knocked out of orbit! Incredible!! 
Here's a bonus gratuitous shot of a very young and uncredited Clint Eastwood from an earlier scene. Clint also appeared in "Tarantula." So there you have it, trombones, giant spiders and more!! 

Thursday, October 25, 2007

EL FANTASMA DE CASA ROJA (The Phantom In The Red House) - José de la Vega - "El Infierno" (1956)

Welcome to "El Infierno!" 
313 varieties of Tequila available, the current weapon of choice being Corazón Blanco 100% Agave Azul! Gracias! 
How about those flamin' fajitas, just like at Jacalito Grill, only Hotter!!!
 This guy is only one of the "Hot" entertainers!! 
And you got this guys! 
We could only be so lucky to have a hot place as cool as this today, with or without some phantom dude!!! The Opening ActThe 3rd ActThe 4th Act

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

X : THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES - Les Baxter - "The Party" (1963)

Legacy, travesty, It all happened in Ray Milland's award-winning career. He was a truly fine actor, and is perfect in the role of Dr. Xavier in this movie. 10 years later, he's sharing a body with Rosey Grier and gets stuck in "Frogs." Not a very pretty picture, but in this film & this scene in particular, he does a fantastic job of mentally going from being a doctor to thinking like a 13 year old kid, when he suddenly realizes he can see through all the girl's clothes. The smoking sounds of Les Baxter keep the party rolling in the background. Great movie, period!!X-Ray Party

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??