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There were eleven Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror films that were released from 1953 to 1955 in 3D. It was probably 3D's finest hour! After you see these titles, I think you'll agree!
In Alpha-Chronological order they are as follows:
  HOUSE OF WAX (1953)
"It Comes Off The Screen Right At You!"
 Richard Carlson is in three of the eleven 3D movies!
 Most of these cool International posters came from The Wrong Side of the Art, which is probably the best poster resource guide available!

Seriously, can it get much more electrically thrilling than "Robot Monster?"

THE MAZE (1953)
She really looks like she's about to leap from the screen all right! I believe it!
This "Creature From The Black Lagoon" poster is totally bizarre!!

GOG (1954)
Going backwards or forwards, this "Mechanical Frankenstein"is going to get you!

"From the highest point of the carnival midway...he unleashes a terror never known by mortal man before!" 

Besides Richard Carlson, Vincent Price was the only star in more than one of these 3D movies! He was in two!
This is the coolest poster I've seen in a long time!
This is the only movie on the list that we have never given a treatment I think. I've even lost track and our search engine doesn't always work correctly unfortunately, but it's free, so I'm not gonna complain!

The tagline was "ALL-NEW 3-D THRILLS"

Monday, February 26, 2018


Today we take a look at the Horror and Sci-fi Movies of one of my favorite character actors, Mr. Paul Dubov. He was also a writer for TV with 16 credits that includes HONEY WEST, THE GREEN HORNET, LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE, MY THREE SONS, MOD SQUAD, THE BRADY BUNCH, WONDER WOMAN, EIGHT IS ENOUGH and BACKSTAIRS AT THE WHITE HOUSE. He also appeared in SCIENCE FICTION THEATRE, ONE STEP BEYOND and THE TWILIGHT ZONE...

We start with THE ATOMIC KID from 1954, Paul only had a small part in this one. Mickey Rooney stars as a uranium prospector in the desert where atom bombs are being tested. He becomes radioactive, and helps the FBI break up an enemy spy ring.

Then, in 1955, Paul scores the role as the radiation infected human, Radek, in Roger Corman's DAY THE WORLD ENDED. The Mutant deep sixes Radek for stealing his meat!

Paul is back in 1956 in the role of Johnny, the arcade guy, in THE SHE-CREATURE. Unfortunately, Paul gets killed by the monster in this one too!

Then, he gets the role of Marcel the greasy owner of the bar in VOODOO WOMAN from 1957. This time, he avoids being killed, but, his partners in crime, Marla English and Lance Fuller, become the victims instead!

Okay, check it out... Paul appears in three movies in a row that have Paul Blaisdell's rubber monsters in them, how many people can make that claim?!!

Then, wow, Paul plays Lt. Milburn in one of my all time favorites, THE ATOMIC SUBMARINE from 1959. And, wouldn't you know it, Paul gets melted by a heat ray inside the saucer and becomes a fortune of war along with the two guys behind Arthur Franz!

Last on the list is SHOCK CORRIDOR from 1963, Paul plays Dr. Menkin in this super weird flick that also stars Peter Breck, Constance Towers, Gene Evans and James Best. Paul appeared in some of the best monster movies from the fifties, he'll always be one of my favorites! Join us again on Wednesday as we continue down the old bloody Dungeon trail...

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RING OF FEAR - Mickey Spillane - "Man-Killer" (1954)

Welcome to the jungle or what is known as the Dungeon Garden Maze because tonight's Saturday Night Special is just that! Freakin' Special with extra sauce!

"Ring Of Fear" is a real dichotomy unto itself! It is seemingly an extremely fascinating movie, and yet, boring as Hell, and somehow it manages to do it all at the same time!

Awesome amazing colour and wide screen CinemaScope for 1954!"

Here's the names of just some of the acts in the circus! The only thing missing is "The Flying Zucchinis" and "The Harvey Wallbangers!"

Sean (Them!) McClory is Dublin O'Malley, fittingly enough since that's where the man was born! Sean was also in the "Outer Limits" episode called "The Duplicate Man!"
Dublin is the real beast who needs to be behind bars, not the lions and tigers!

Dublin O'Malley is a psychopath who has just escaped from a mental hospital! He robs this dude, switches clothes with him, and throws him in front of a train so that it looks like he himself has died!

Too bad they never delved more into the Side Show, but then again, Dublin O'Malley is a big enough freak! "Step right up, and see the nice man, who is really a vicious killer!" That's what the barker should be saying!

Out of some 40,000 pictures we've put up on this blog, this circus crowd shot is one of the strangest!

1950's power trio left to right Pat (Harrigan and Son) O'Brien, the world famous Clyde Beatty, and wise-crackin' Mike Hammer author, and the only reason I wanted to see this movie, Mickey Spillane!

Hopped up on hot dogs, candy apples, ice cream, and soda pop, the crowd goes wild!

Just about as creepy as a clown can be!

Ta - Da!!
What a way to earn a living!

The circus is in town, and with each appearance comes the big parade! These people had some payroll!

How can you go wrong with Mickey Spillane playing himself in a movie? You can't! He's not an actor, he's a writer, and quite an eccentric character at that! He's here at the circus because there have been a series of mysterious deaths, and they thought his crime writing skills might come in handy trying to figure it all out, especially, since he wrote the freakin' story!

Here's what Mickey was focused in on!

Here Mickey can be seen interrogating Dublin! You wanna talk about laid back??

Mickey in a Hawaiian shirt!

Another great thing about "Ring Of Fear" is when there aren't elephants, there is an abundance of gorgeous gals in the background, and you just can't go wrong there!

Here's the big problem! A circus in 1954 made for a real interesting backdrop for a film. It doesn't have an every day appearance, and you don't really have to pay much for any sets or extras, but they always cram circus movies full of what else but circus footage, and as much as I liked the circus as a kid, I don't really enjoy watching animals like lions and tigers in small cages having whips cracked at them, and it's totally lost it's appeal, and consequently, there lies the rub! Without all that, this would have been a really good 40 minute movie! (but even as it is, it's worth it just to see Mickey Spillane's performance!)

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TROLL / Empire Pictures, Altar Productions - 1986

Today I continue with Little Freaks Fridays, this time we have a tale about the wicked Troll King Torok, who's in search of a mystical ring that will return him to his human form. So, he invades a San Francisco apartment complex where a powerful witch lives...

This one stars young Noah (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) Hathaway, Michael (IT'S ALIVE III) Moriarty, Shelley (THE STEPFATHER) Hack, Sonny (HAIRSPRAY) Bono, June (LOST IN SPACE) Lockhart and Brad (BYE BYE LOVE) Hall.

The Troll makes his way to San Francisco where he goes exploring an apartment complex and zeroes in on an interesting room with artwork he identifies with!

June plays the witch Eunice St. Clair, she now has the task of getting rid of the little unwanted pest, and, she takes her work very seriously!

Then, little Wendy Potter is confronted by the stinky old Troll. After that, she joins Eunice in trying to rid the place of the stench...

Eventually, Torok finds the magic ring and he knows how to use it!

Sonny looks like he's in a bit of trouble here! Did you know that Sonny has 159 movie soundtrack credits? That a freakin' lot...

Oh, and, the little sucker has a magic hypno-ball to screw with you!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus also appears in this flick in only her second acting role.

Most of the action involves the Potter family, Michael plays Harry Potter Sr. and Noah plays Harry Potter Jr. Funny in its own way!

Anyway, what are you going to do if this little creep comes to your house?.. Watch the damn movie to find out... So then, Eegah!! will invade this space tomorrow, be there or be...

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??