Monday, June 30, 2014

SAYONARA JUPITER / TOHO Entertainment - 1984

It's the last day in June with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. We gots a little known 2010 (the movie) style Toho production with awesome special effects and miniatures. At 140 minutes though, it probably goes on longer than necessary and has Space Hippies frolicking at the beach in their bikinis and such! The story goes like this.. On Mars in the year 2140, while extracting water from the polar ice caps, ancient carvings are uncovered showing alien spacecraft crashing into Jupiter, postponing Earth's plan to turn Jupiter into a second Sun. The film was released on my birthday in 1984, also known as BYE BYE JUPITER.

Eegah!! sent over a little soundclip from this movie, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button there by the jar of Jupiter jelly, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula! Here's our audio offering for... SAYONARA JUPITER!

Okay then, let's get things rolling.. along... Hey, it looks like this still got turned upside down in Photoshop or something!.. What gives?!!

Now, here a WTF?! shot for you!! Looks like the spaceship pilots in the future have it dicked!

Shots like this really show the level of perfection attained by this amazing special effects team!

Yes, there's sex in space too, enhanced by sensual futuristic technology, naturally!

There are some nice 'hippie' tunes to be heard, you can pick this interesting flick up for about $10, used, on Amazon.

To start Jupiter's change into a new Sun, the two lovers man a mission to fly into Jupiter's atmosphere!

More fantastic shots as the couple fly through the Jupiter sky! Sadly, lightning hits the ship and they plummet to their deaths. Top pic shows giant craft the ship in the bottom pic is dropped from for the deep probe.

Another mission also fails, this one due to a black hole!

Then, the third mission ends in total disaster!..

But, ultimately, gets the job done and Jupiter comes to life as our solar system's second Sun!

The people at space command salute their fallen comrades. Tune in Wednesday when Eegah!! will present our first post for July...

Saturday, June 28, 2014

BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING - The Zombies - "A Conspiracy Of Madness" (1965)

"Bunny Lake Is Missing" is a great little film made in 1965 from a big man in film making, Otto Preminger! Otto will of course be known throughout cinema history as the man responsible for such real classics as "Anatomy Of A Murder," "Exodus," "The Man With The Golden Arm" and more!

So what's going on here? A woman and her brother have just moved to jolly olde England from America and the film begins with her dropping her daughter Bunny off at the pre-school, BUT, you never actually see the kid! After her first day at work, she returns to pick up her child, and nobody seems to know anything about her or much of anything else either!

The panic begins! Carol Lynley is Bunny's Mother, Ann Lake! Carol always exudes that cuteness in a woman that you just want to cuddle with, the kind of a girl you want to take to the Fair, or on a picnic! In 1959 Carol starred in "Blue Denim," a movie that always bothered me, followed by "Hound-Dog Man" starring Fabian! She's been in quite a few strange films like "Shock Treatment," "The Shuttered Room," and "Beware! The Blob!" It's been a few years now since she's done any more acting, but Carol is still around and doing well, we hope!

Keir Dullea has the role of Steven Lake, Ann's brother, and the Bunny's uncle! What do I need to say about Keir Dullea except "2001: A Space Odyssey?" Keir has remained very active over the years and continues to work, and was in at least two movies this year! I also just wanted to show this street sign that says "Frogmore End!!" That's right up there with a place we have around here called "Brown Material Road!"

Considered by many to be the first Brit pop star, the multi-talented Noël Coward is magnificent in the role of Ann Lake's landlord, the über creepy Wilson!

Just in case by some remote possibility you don't know who Noël Coward is, here's a cut from a various artists tribute album by Marianne Faithfull doing one of his most popular songs, "Mad About The Boy!"

I love these scenes of mass confusion! This is when the Mothers come to pick all their kids up at the school, but there's no Bunny in sight!

The school officials are no help at all. The teacher for the class that Bunny was in left immediately at the end of the day because she had a toothache, and nobody else seems to have even seen the little girl, and they can't even find a record of her being checked in!

Ann Lake pays a visit to the retired founder of the school Ada Ford as played by Martita (Brides Of Dracula) Hunt, but that doesn't help things out any at all either!

Asking the children if any of them have seen Bunny doesn't yield any results!

At least Ann has her loving brother Steven to comfort her in her real time of need!

Now has come the time to report this whole mess to the proper authorities! Sir Laurence Olivier is Superintendent Newhouse, the man who will be in charge of the whole investigation!

The movie keeps getting darker and darker, as everyone questions Ann Lake's mental state, which doesn't exactly make her feel any better! It doesn't help matters to know that as a little girl, Ann Lake had an imaginary friend named Bunny too!

And that brings us to this point in the film where Superintendent Newhouse offers to meet Ann Lake at a local pub to further discuss the problem and any possible solutions!  Predominately featured on the poster, I was wondering how the very popular band of the time The Zombies was going to fit into this whole equation! It didn't seem like Ann Lake was going to be heading to a club any time soon to celebrate the loss of her daughter, but as it turns out, at the pub where she is meeting the Superintendent, the TV is on, and guess who is on the screen?

The Zombies had just had two of their biggest hit songs released a year earlier in 1964, "She's Not There" which went to number two in the U.S. and "Tell Her No" which topped out at number six on the charts! Here's just a small taste of their performance from the pub scene!  The Zombies popularity waned a bit  for a few years after this, but in 1968 they roared back with the number three smash hit "Time Of The Season" that has persevered for decades!

Even more mass confusion!

For just sheer creepiness, there's hardly anything that can outdo disembodied doll heads!

Personally, I had one Helluva time tracking down a copy of this movie, and once again as it has happened so many times before, just as I'm writing one of these things, I find the super rare movie I'm writing about streaming somewhere on the internet, and that is indeed the case with "Bunny Lake Is Mssing," so if you want to find out what happened to or whether even if there was a Bunny Lake, this awesome film can be found streaming on Amazon!

Friday, June 27, 2014

THE BLACK COBRA / Wiener Stadthalle-Station Betriebs-und Produktionsgesellschaft - 1963

It's just another Friday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. We gots a wild one today, filmed in Austria with lots of great characters keeping the insane action moving rapidly along.

Eegah!! sent over a lil' soundclip of cool music from this flick for our earjoyment, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button next to the white weasel, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's a taste of... THE BLACK COBRA!

You know, when you run a Euro crime syndicate, well, it's always wise to hire a brute like this handsome guy here to take care of business.

This greasy gangster's getting ready to interrogate another one of his victims.

Here's Dungeon hero Klaus Kinski as drug addicted weirdo piano player, 'The Snow.'

These are our heroes, they're in a tricky situation, with that cobra ready to strike and all!

I just like this shot of the busy bar.

Europe has some of the most interesting places you could ever wish for!

Here's the baddest of the bad guys, Günter Meisner as 'Mr. Green.' He doesn't look like much but he ends up with all the marbles in the end, and, has a cane with a poison dart in the tip that he uses on a regular basis!

It's a battle of the titans as these two go at each other, no holds barred!

At the auto junkyard, Mr. Green sticks the greasy dude with his cane and runs away and hides in a junker to escape the police who are on their way there. Greasy dude gets the last laugh as he throws the switch that starts the crane.

The crane comes down on the car Mr. Green is hiding in and takes it to the crusher!!

That's right, Mr. Green winds up inside chunk of compressed metal! Check back tomorrow when Eegah!! presents his next post.

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