Monday, August 8, 2022


 In 1999, Tabonga and Eegah decided to make a movie called THE CREEP that Tabonga had written a script for, from a dream Eegah had. They shot the movie in 2000 and it was released in 2001 after months of post production work dropped on Tabonga and Eegah by the director, but they got the job done. You can watch the trailer there on the right of the post.

Our pal Rod Opely stepped in to play The Creep, he was perfect for the role. We dressed him in black with shades and an appropriate wig, what a sport!

That's Tabonga signing the checks for the talent, not. He's probably checking out some problems we had, of which were numerous of course.

Karen Chow was our photography director, she had already worked for WB, and it shows, her photography was top notch.

Here she is working with the actors for a scene in a hospital where a car crash victim, at the hands of The Creep, talks to the police about the incident.

And here she is getting ready for an interior shoot in a family home. The boy there is reporting a run in with The Creep to his father.

Here are our actors in a park scene, that's the director in the back seat giving some directions for the scene before a take, where he'd duck down for the shot.

That's the gang in the back during the park scene. And, that's Eegah's little monster kid in the front, she will be in the Halloween shoot coming later.

We're setting up the police station in a vacant building in Oildale (you figure out why a city would have a name like that) where we did a lot of our our taping, mainly at night. In fact, probably 80 percent of the movie happens at night. Creep MO.

There's Rod with Tabonga talking about something... Oh, that's right, they're talking about the movie, it's starting to get dark, better get ready for the next scene.

An alley shoot where we used our gopher's house for a number of sets. Even though Eegah and I are big time animal lovers, we needed a scene (there's lots) to make you hate The Creep. But, he gets what's coming to him at the end.

We're putting a police sticker on our 'police car' that's dark blue, but the movie was converted to black and white so it didn't matter.

We're setting up a police encounter night scene, Eegah took all the pictures so that's Tabonga on the left, Rod, Mark (director) Del Rio and Greg Carpenter, aka Dr, Danger, who blows himself up in cars! Look for Dr. Danger online to watch!

Eegah's daughter gets made up as a witch for the upcoming Halloween scene.

Photo with Rod and his son with Eegah and his two daughters, all in the movie.

The director was slow as heck and the kids were not happy about waiting around. Rod, with his Halloween mask on his head, tries giving a pep talk to his son.

Here's the big dummy Eegah and Tabonga made for the final scene where The Creep meets his demise, because...

The Creep gets hit by a speeding ice cream truck, face first! That's an actual photo from the movie before it was converted to black and white. This's where the dressed dummy comes in, it's hit by the truck, and it looks great in the movie!

We're setting up the last scene. Hope you enjoyed this look at the time we had making THE CREEP, it was both fun and inane, and glad we made it. We also made a second movie, in color, called SILVER ANGEL vs. THE DEATH ZOMBIES, a take off on the old Mexican horror movies that feature masked heroes fighting monsters. Later

Saturday, August 6, 2022

THE HI-JACKERS - "In Colour" (1963)

Welcome to Saturday Night Special in The Dungeon. Our special feature tonight is the 1963 British film "The Hi-Jackers," but what's special about it is that this version is colourized!
Danke to Lord Litter in Berlin for finding it, and thanks to all those fine folks at the Internet Archive, because they are the reason you can watch this crazy film in all it's glory for free, RIGHT HERE!

"The Hi-Jackers" is only one hour and nine minutes long, so they don't waste a lot of time! 
Believe it or not, it's a movie about a gang of guys who hi-jack trucks!

I think if I saw this sign and I was driving a fairly large truck, it would scare the crap out of me!

SO here you go, first off, they fake an accident, and when the innocent truck driver stops to investigate.....

.............They wrap him up long enough to drive away with the goods!

It's a very benevolent gang, and they don't kill people, because the leader is this guy, and he's a gentleman, and that's the way he runs the show! This guy's name is Jack Carter, and he's played by Derek (Night Creatures) Francis.
Jack Carter is a very calculating man, and all of that was just a test run. Now it's time for the real thing!

This colourized shot of the Lupin Cafe looks like a cool 1960's postcard!

Your Mama always told you not to pick up hitchhikers, your Mama always told you not to trust truck drivers! As odd as it may seem, these are the normal people in this film. Anthony (Mix Me A Person) Booth is an independent truck driver named Terry McKinley, and his passenger is Jacqueline (Gutter Girls) Ellis as Shirley. Shirley is mysterious, so like Prince or Sting, she only needs a singular name!

The hi-jack gang enjoys a nice dinner out courtesy of their boss!

The word is in, the truck they were waiting for is on the way!

And of course it's the truck that Terry and Shirley are in.
 It all goes well, and nobody gets hurt, but then Shirley sees something she shouldn't have seen!

Yep, while she was hiding, Shirley saw the Boss! Now this is going to complicate things! She should have just looked away!

So what are these guys hijacking anyway? Booze, of course!!
Good ole Johnny Walker Red!

Wow! This is really a way out shot!

Shirley has no place to go, so Terry lets her stay at his pad for a couple of days. Pretty exciting, this is one of the sex scenes!

Jack Carter gets the word on where Shirley is and sends his goons to pay her a visit!

Is this a wild looking jail or what??

SO it turns out that Terry's best buddy and business partner is also the rat who told the gang what back road he would traveling on.

More Sex!

If you saw this gang of cops headed to your front door, you'd probably give up too if you had any sense!

Friday, August 5, 2022


 It's time to share some of  my favorite scream queens that I have had crushes on, ones that are so lovely that it pulls on my heart strings...

Faith Domergue was my number one heart throb for years, a mix of intelligence and loveliness, and was perfect for THIS ISLAND EARTH and IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA, she was exotic.

Beverly Garland was one beautiful lady, appearing in THE NEANDERTHAL MAN, CURUCU, BEAST OF THE AMAZON, IT CONQUERED THE WORLD and NOT OF THIS EARTH. She always set my heart on fire, so attractive.

OMG, then there's Yvette Vickers, she exuded sexiness to the tenth degree and was basically type cast as a hussy. She starred in ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN and ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES, two movies I saw back when they came out, and she even did a number of photo shoots when she wore little or no clothing! Ooh la la!!

After watching TERROR IN THE MIDNIGHT SUN I fell in love with Barbara Wilson, a real heart throb, there's even a scene in the cabin where you get to see her nude, in a shadow. She's a talented ice skater too! She's also the girl at the beginning of THE FLESH EATERS that loses her top and then gets her flesh eaten off.

Jeanne Carmen is another hot chick, and she flaunted it in revealing photo shoots posing partially nude. That lobby card  for THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS even shows her dressing (or undressing) while Don holds a blanket over her!

Then there's Adele Lamont, how could I not fall for her in THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE! She was so lovely I couldn't believe it, and when I saw the Euro insert of the photo shoot where she's nude, I melted, what a good sport! A real goddess.

Lastly is Sally Todd, that's her backside shown in this lobby card for THE UNEARTHLY, and nice photo insert! She was one sexy gal and did a lot of revealing photo shoots. Then she was in one of my faves, FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER, where she is actually the ugly monster dude! These have been some of my personal heart throbs, love 'em!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??