Friday, July 19, 2019

THE MONSTERS / Richard Olson: Monster Kid Home Movies - 1964

Today, we gots another Monster Kid Home Movie, this one's titled THE MONSTERS from Richard Olson and his many Monster Buddies! These kids didn't even make a title card (stupid kids!) so I added a title to the first still. Anyway, little dude is out digging in the graveyard, who knows what he's looking for. Then, a mysterious caped figure, I guess Dracula, comes into view... 1964 was a great Monster Kid time for Eegah!! and me, it was also the year we came up with DWRAYGER DUNGEON, which is a combination of our last names.

So, Drac attacks the digging fool. After he kills the guy, Frankie 9 shows up, and...

Drac brings the boy back to life, and then with some prestidigitation, the pastel vampire changes the poor guy into a lil' Skeleton Dude! What the, huh?!

Then, out of nowhere, other monsters show up, and, they start fighting Drac and his pals! At this point, it seems like this is the chance to show off some of the costumes the Monster Kids have in their arsenal... That green thing doesn't look all that scary or dangerous, stupid kids!

Lil' Pig Face also starts fighting the other monsters!.. When will all the mayhem end?

Now what?!!.. Looks like the local kids have arrived, and of course, they're fighting ALL the monsters that have invaded their turf!

How much fun these kids must be having, pretending they're in a fight to the end with a bunch of monster outsiders!

As in all the old monster movies, the good guys always win, like in this 2 minute wonder from those Monster Kids!!.. Tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! will have who the Hell knows what for us, later...

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Monster Music
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