Thursday, July 31, 2008

INVISIBLE INVADERS / Premium Pictures - 1959 / Music by Paul Dunlap

Dungeon favorite Mr. Paul Dunlap up again tonight, just after last night!!! Then, Rodan! tell me he up again on Sunday!!... WHAT GIVES?! So, give big listen to Theme, Fighting Zombies & Screech Gun! See if you can hear similiarities to 'nother flick he make, THE ANGRY RED PLANET! 
Tabonga miss the '50s, get all misty when see A-bomb blowing crap out of something!.. Sigh!
 In 2 more second John Carradine experiment blow up in face! Later, he go to see Adam Penner as zombie and show him invisible rock!!.. Wow, John good actor, he make it look like he really have invisible rock!!!
 Screech gun really piss off that zombie!
 Guys lucky, have cool garage to dress up for play fighting with monsters! 
Hey, that John Agar in there!! 
Good shot John!.. Right in bread basket!! (Neighbor kids like to play too!) 
This show you how fast rising star plummet in Hollywood!.. Here is Tabonga brother 'IT!' one year after star in IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE! Now, he have bit part in cheap flick. You can see he drunk!.. Poor bro! 
Anybloody notice that all zombie have suits?! 
John look so cool in radio-active suit holding screech gun! 
Hey, what dirty trick! Dick Cheney brother pop out from behind Bush and shoot John when back is turned! 
John aim at spaceship with screech gun! 
And... BOOM!!! Game over, Man! 
Ladies and germs, I present people who save Earth from... THE INVISIBLE INVADERS! Robert Hutton, Jean Byron, John Agar and Philip Tonge. Philip Tonge die before this flick release!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

BLOOD OF DRACULA - Paul Dunlap - "Party & Theme" (1957)

When we first started this thing, our object was to feature 'real' songs from the monster movies, you know, titles like "Vickie" by Arch Hall in "Eegah" or Frank Sinatra Jr. singing "Dance, Baby, Dance" from "The Beach Girls And The Monster," or any of the songs from "Horror Of Party Beach" by The Del-Aires, but it became increasingly clearer as we went along that a lot of really good stuff was getting left behind!! A perfect example is the Herman Cohen production "Blood Of Dracula" that had one of the best songs in a monster movie ever, Jerry Blaine singing the classic "Puppy Love," but right before and after that song is some Super Coolcat Party Music!! 
Inscecure Sandra Harrison as Nancy makes the BIG mistake of listening to Miss Branding! 
Nancy loosens up a bit, but her career still pretty much bombs shortly after this flick! 
Oh, No!!! Party Crashers!!! And they brought their own music!! AAAAHHHH!!!!! 
Oh, well, the girls are just dancin' with themselves and the cushions off the couch anyway!! 
The Goober Girls think having some guys around ain't that bad of an idea! 
Nancy tells Tab (Jerry Blaine), "I choose my own partners!" Ouch! but he comes back with the right on "Okay, but wait til you ask me to dance!!" The music cooks in the background!! 
Wow, is this dude hep or not! Cast your vote!! I only wish I knew the titles of all the records he brought to the party!!! 
Louise Lewis as the ever so evil Miss Branding was one of those not so lucky actresses that were actually blacklisted as a Communist in the 50's! In this scene she has got her grill overly greased and can't take that music no more!! Just to show the juxtaposition of Paul's talent, here's the pompous and overbearing theme that gives you no clue as to the cool stuff that is going to come in this movie!  

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

PROJECT MOONBASE / Galaxy Pictures, Inc. - Sept. 4, 1953 Release / Music by Herschel Burke Gilbert

Music dude tonight is the man! Look for self on Movie Database, WOW!.. You faint!! So, here is super spacey... Theme & Moonwalk! from PROJECT MOONBASE. Robert Heinlein one of story writers!!
 Hayden Rorke, Donna Martell and Barbara Morrison. Babs play most obnoxious and irritating broad on planet newspaper reporter, POLLY PRATTLES!.. See, even Hayden want slap her!.. And, he nice guy!! 
Rocket ready to blast off to Moon!
 To make it look in space, they tilt camera to side! 
This how make baby space-stations! 
An' this how Tabonga like space gurlz! 
How he have time to play on swing is anybloody guess! 
Hey, get that rocket out of the pizza!!
 Willy Makit?.. Betty Dont!.. 
Hey! Bill's dead, Briteis!.. So, come on, give Pappy a little peek! 
Oops! Oh, hi Bill, you're not sore, are you?!.. What I meant to say is!... I now pronounce you man and wife!.. So, go make some Moonbabies while we figure a way to get you guys down from up there! Oh, and, leave the telescreen on! 
This Tabonga's favorite pic of flick!

Monday, July 28, 2008

HANDS OF ORLAC - Claude Bolling - Dany Carrel - "In The Club" (1960)

Personally, I like this movie, "Hands Of The Strangler" or "Hands Of Orlac" or whatever you want to call it, just don't call it "Hands Of A Stranger", that's a completely different movie! This is a fun but creepy film, it's kinda sleazy, but with a great cast and a very swinging soundtrack composed by chid prodigy pianist Claude Bolling, one of France's finest Jazz musicians!!! 

So you can see that Mr. Stephen Orlac was no musical slouch either! He had a record deal!! Not bad Steverino, but I think it's time to jazz up your act! 

Orlac goes in this club and Li-Lang is doing her act!! Bam!! Off with the dress!! 

Mel Ferrer is impressed!! How many nights do you think Mel had to stay up to get this look?? What a great actor! 

The snuggly cute Dany Carrel was born Yvonne Suzanne Chazelles du Chaxel in French Indochina, better known today as Vietnam, and is as good a reason as any to check out the French section of your local video rental store!! The guy on the right had the best seat in the house and is using it to full advantage! 

Right about here Orlac forgets completely how to play the piano! 

Christopher Lee as Nero or as it says on the wall Neron is great as always, and it's worth the price of admission just to see his magic act, that is until he goes off and gets all diabolical!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

FRANKENSTEIN 1970 / Allied Artists - 1958 / Music by Paul Dunlap

The One...The Only KING OF MONSTERS as the new demon of the atomic age! (tag line) Music maestro Paul Dunlap returns to the Dungeon tonight with FRANKENSTEIN 1970 His last outing was THE FOUR SKULLS OF JONATHAN DRAKE. 
This movie has tons of great little elements!.. If this isn't the best Frankenstein monster pose, I don't know what is!!
 Excellent!.. No?! 
Yeah, its just a movie! That's Don 'Red' Barry as the director! 
Boris needs the money, so, he has the crew stay in his castle location as paid boarders while they shoot their movie. He hates them! 
He plays creepy tunes on his organ! 
Now, if you don't see the underlying evil in this face... Yer blind!!
 No modern mad lab is complete without floating eyeballs in a jar!.. 
... Or, an atomic microscope!!
 And, the monster is just... TOO COOL!!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??