Tuesday, July 31, 2007

GHOST OF DRAGSTRIP HOLLOW - The Renegades (1959)

They just kept crankin' them out, & it's amazing how good each & every one of the songs in this movie really are. "Ghost Train" by The Renegades, you tell me what kicked more butt than this song written by Nick Venet in 1959?? Nothing, that's what!!! It's like a weird parallel universe, great music, annoying movie! Rent it!

THE ATOMIC SUBMARINE - Alexander Laszlo - "Opening Credits" (1959)

Wow, Alexander Laszlo did the music for some of the major cool titles of the 50's, working with the world's best director, Bernard Kowalski on "Attack Of The Giant Leeches" and "Night Of The Blood Beast," not to mention 15 episodes of "Rocky Jones, Space Ranger" and more. "The Atomic Submarine" soundtrack was touted as "ELECTRO-SONIC" music, so relax, do something futuristic & enjoy!!
Atomic Submarine - Opening Credits

FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE SPACE MONSTER - Bob Crewe - "Scramble All Jets" (1965)

"Scramble All Jets" is just what it sounds like it should be, another rockin' Bob Crewe number only with the sound of jets taking off. You aliens better watch out this time cause we're bringing out the big guns. More great music from "Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster!
Scramble All Jets

Monday, July 30, 2007

CREATURE FROM THE HAUNTED SEA - Betsy Moreland - "Creature From The Haunted Sea" (1961)

Betsy Moreland

For true die-hard lovers of the genre, we present another awkward Corman comedy, the 1961 movie, "Creature From The Haunted Sea," and it's a scene where their boat is approached & they want to seem casual, so they tell Mary-Belle to sing, & she sings, and she sings, & she sings, but, it's all worth it to hear her sing one of the last lines, "Creature From The Haunted Sea." You'll see! Music by none other than Fred Katz.

BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE - Sheila Carol(Sheila Noonan) - "Home On The Range" (1959)

Here's a short piece from "Beast From Haunted Cave," Gypsy doing her version of "Home On The Range" in the bathtub, smoking a cigarette, of course!
Home on the range

Sunday, July 29, 2007

ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN - Ron Stein - "50 Foot Rock(and Roll)" (1958)

Here's yet another movie that Ronald Stein did the music for. "Attack Of The 50 Ft. Woman" was made in 1958 and was one of Ron's earlier efforts. This song plays in the background in a couple of scenes. Here's a version with dialogue, & one straight instrumental as it would have been on a soundtrack LP. Another Great movie everyone should see at least once!! Rent It, It comes with official free secondhand smoke!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

FURANKENSHUTAIN NO KAIJU: SANDA TAI GAIRA (War Of The Gargantuas) - Kipp Hamilton - "The Words Get Stuck In My Throat" (1966)

We know you've been waiting for this one, one of the more famous monster movie songs, and probably THE best song of 1966 altogether, seems like yesterday kind of, when "The Words Got Stuck In My Throat" with the oh, so appropriate ending. From "War Of The Gargantuas" with music by Akira Ifukube, and vocals by Carol Burnett's sister-in-law, Kipp Hamilton. You gotta see it, to believe it!! On everybody's Top Ten and easily found on Youtube!!!
The Words Get Stuck In My Throat


Splash of this, splash of sleaze, splish of that, and now a splash of slime! From Lou Foman, with Paul Sawtell, & Bert Shefter, we present the opening credits for the 1963 smash, "The Slime People." One of the most exciting movies ever made, the opening credits as great as they are, barely prepare you for the next 76 minutes of non-stop insanity. Be prepared for the future, get a copy of this movie now!

Friday, July 27, 2007

MESA OF LOST WOMEN - Hoyt S. Curtin - "The Evil Dance" (1953)

Wow, 1953, what to do, what to do? Make a movie. "Mesa Of Lost Women" sounds like a good idea! Yeah, let's do it, and we'll get Hoyt S. Curtin to do the music, we need some cool jazzy music for the "evil dance" number! Wow, 1953, what you could get away with! Hoyt S. Curtin went on to have a killer resume. A mere 19 years later or so, he'd be doing the music for "Josie & The Pussycats In Outer Space," "Goober And The Ghost Chase," "Tabitha And Adam And The Clown Family," "Partridge Family 2200 A.D.," "KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park" & so much more, the entire list is unbelievable, so if this song has cartoon elements, it was a mere blueprint for his future!!

Evil Dance

THE BLOB - The Five Blobs (Bernie Nee) - "The Blob" (1958)

Well, just in case you've all been livng under a rock or somewhere else even more obscure than that for the last 50 years, then you are very familiar with the ultimate 1958 classic, "The Blob." Sung by one guy, Bernie Nee, overdubbed to get that special sound, there's really nothing else to say about this Bacharach/David song, except, listen to it one more time, and bask in the wonder of that which is The Five Blobs doing the music from the beginning credits of "The Blob." Now somehow manage to go on with your life. One More Time!!!! Rent it or Buy it, just don't touch it!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

BIJO TO EKITAINGEN (The H-Man) - Masaru Satô - "Swingin' Club Scene" (1958)

1958 Toho film "Bijo to Ekitainingen" (The H-Man) had some great music, besides a couple of classic vocals, there was also this awesome swingin' club scene, featuring some over the top drums, with a solo that's a cross between Gene Krupa & Animal & some funktastic twin saxes!! Damn! How was I to know there was a party going on?!!
Go get the DVD for the whole show!!

H-Man - At The Club

THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH - The Del-Aires - "Joyride" (1964)

Back to the beach in 1964 with The Del-Aires, and possibly the first doo-wop surf tune. We're getting into some serious crossover material here. Once again The Del-Aires prove how far ahead of the pack they were. Everything is still quite innocent at this point in the film, and we get a bit more comic relief before the horror starts up. "Joyride" (My name's not Johnny) from "The Horror Of Party Beach."

Joy Ride

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


This one'll get ya, The opening from the 1965 Film, "Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster," A Bob Crewe production!!

The Opening

JOURNEY TO THE 7TH PLANET - Otto Brandenburg - "Ending Credits" (1962)

This 1962 Danish Sci-Fi classic had a great song during the ending credits, sung by Otto Brandenburg that was cut from the original American release for some reason. "Journey To The 7th Planet" starred John Agar, the Danish version music was by Ib Glindemann, & the American version had music by Ron Stein!! Can't get enuf? Find a copy!

Journey to the Seventh Planet

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE - "Swinging Bar Scene" (1958)

It's 1958, and "Slapsie" Maxie Rosenbloom is the bartender in a Sleazy Bar with some Swingin' music going on, the regulars are all acting odd, & they're tougher than the real ex-boxer, so why wouldn't a woman follow the stranger that just messed up Maxie out into the empty streets of Night?? Rent "I Married A Monster From Outer Space" and find out!! She probably should have been a little nicer, I guess nobody likes obnoxious hookers, not even aliens from outer space.

GHOST OF DRAGSTRIP HOLLOW - The Renegades - "Geronimo" (1959)

The house band from this 1959 film was The Renegades, and considering that Kim Fowley produced this record, it's no wonder they seem to have a pension for firing guns in the air, & everybody thinks it's cool & perfectly fine social behavior. From "Ghost Of Dragstrip Hollow," the Renegades here are doing a tasty little number called "Geronimo." Great band!!!

VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS - Beau Brummels - "When It Comes To Your Love" (1965)

By 1965, schlocky movies started to get some more well-known actors & musicians, it didn't really make the movies any better, in fact, many actually started getting worse. "Village Of The Giants" is a perfect example. Here's a pretty good song by The Beau Brummels!!!

When It Comes To Your Love

Monday, July 23, 2007

EEGAH! - Arch Hall & The Archers - "Vickie" (1962)

No matter what, and despite the fact that there is a giant caveman running around, In 1962, there's always time to stop & reflect for a moment or two, so just like reality, you have good and bad, sappy and mad all happening at the same time. Arch Hall is a genius, & you should make an effort to find and buy every piece of work he was ever involved in. Period! Sit back, relax, picture yourself poolside at some cheap motel and enjoy "Vickie" by Arch Hall and The Archers!

Arch Hall - Vickie

ATTACK OF THE PUPPET PEOPLE - Marlene Willis - "You're My Living Doll" (1958)

It's 1958, a time of giants & small people in Bert I. Gordon's world, but whether big or small, Albert Glasser would be called in to do the score again. This time from "Attack Of The Puppet People" we get Marlene Willis doing quite a remarkable job of singing this cute little tune despite the fact that she's teeny tiny & a crazy person is about to do whatever they want with her, but somehow here's "You're My Living Doll." The Irony of it all!! The lead-in is some swinging dance music.

MOSURA (Mothra) - The Peanuts - "Mosura No Uta" (1961)

The Peanuts, Emi and Yumi Ito, would have some brief success in the U.S. after the release of Mothra. The group recorded an English only album with covers of such songs as "California Dreamin" and "Proud Mary" & also were on The Ed Sulivan Show. Here, from the 1961 Toho film "Mosura" we have The Peanuts doing "Mosura No Uta" with music by Yuji Koseki. If this is weird enough for you, go out & buy or rent the DVD or buy a Peanuts CD!

Sorry, the soundclip is no longer available!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

A BUCKET OF BLOOD - Fred Katz - "Opening Credits/Beat Poetry" (1959)

The opening scene of "Bucket Of Blood" is brilliant, with sleazy music by Fred Katz & the overstated beat poetry of Maxwell H. Brock played ever so perfectly by the late Julian Burton. Lay back & dig! Dig?? Without a doubt, one of THE best movies ever made!! "You'll be sick from laughing!" And yes, he did say "sour cream of circumstance."Bucket Of Blood-Opening Credits

THE BEACH GIRLS AND THE MONSTER - Frank Sinatra Jr. - "Dance Baby Dance" (1965)

Now, we're dealing with some big names, so, MEANWHILE, BACK ON THE BEACH..........It's 1965 & Frank Sinatra Jr. is probably trying to come up with a career plan, so he writes this song with Joan Janis, who not only wrote the screenplay for this movie, but before that was a writer for Mr. Magoo and Beany & Cecil cartoons. Oh, now it's all starting to make sense. "Dance Baby Dance" is the opening song for "The Beach Girls & The Monster" & performed by Frank Sinatra Jr. in a new modern style I'm sure they thought was going to propel him to the top of the charts! Actually, this is quite a fun song, & is another one that can really stick in your mind!

Frank Sinatra Jr - Theme Song.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

THE CRAWLING HAND - The Rivingtons - "The Bird's The Word" (1963)

Every once in a while, one of these movies would actually have some music or artist in it that you actually heard of. Not often, but that's the case in this 1963 flick, "The Crawling Hand," when the jukebox comes on & we hear the oh so familiar "The Bird's The Word" by The Rivingtons.
The Bird

THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED - Ron Stein - Pete Candoli (solo) - "S.F. BLUES" (1956)

The world is almost destroyed after a nuclear explosion, but a stripper always survives, so we hear and see the extra Greasy "S.F. Blues" written by Ron Stein with a solo by Pete Candoli, so she can explain how she used to do her act, twice in this 1956 film. "I said Shut-Up!," he said. Dig it, then Buy it!!
"The Day The World Ended"

THE GIANT GILA MONSTER - Don Sullivan - "The Mushroom Song" (Laugh, Children, Laugh) (1959)

Well, I'm sure you could see this one coming, from 1959, "The Giant Gila Monster." One of the most heart wrenching scenes ever shot, where they bring in the little crippled girl with leg braces & Don sings this happy little song to make her feel better. Excuse me while I wipe the tears off my keyboard. Don Sullivan wrote & sang "The Mushroom Song" accompanying himself on ukulele. What is it about guys named Don? Enjoy!

Laugh Children Laugh

VOYAGE TO THE END OF THE UNIVERSE (Ikarie XB 1) - Zdenek Liska - "Dance Party" (1964)

The first ever Sci-Fi film from Czechoslovakia, "Ikarie XB 1" released in America in 1964 as "Voyage To The End Of The Universe" & tries to convey the future of 2163 in outer space, including what music & dance would be like. Most people still aren't ready for this vision of the future.
Dance Party

EARTH VS. THE SPIDER - Albert Glasser - "Waking The Spider" (1958)

Spiders, spiders & more spiders!! This 1958 Bert I. Gordon classic had music composed by Albert Glasser, who did the music for a host of giant Monster movies like "Giant From The Unknown," "The Cyclops," "Amazing Colossal Man" & "War Of The Colossal Beast." I guess if you were making a movie about something 'Giant', then Al was the guy to call for the music! In this film, there's this one scene where the band is practicing & the Spider awakes, as you'll hear as all hell breaks loose. Ricky Nelson's buddy Wally, on the "Ozzie & Harriet" show played by Skip Young, is Sam, the bass playing leader of the band. It's a swinging little tune!

Waking The Spider

SPIDER BABY (aka Cannibal Orgy) - Lon Chaney Jr. - Theme Song (1968)

This well documented film was made in 1964, but wasn't released until 1968 because of financial problems, so the world had to wait another 4 long years before we got to hear this Ron Stein (Not Frank's brother)composition performed by none other than Lon Chaney Jr. himself. It was definately worth the wait!

Spider Baby

Friday, July 20, 2007

HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND - Karl Bette & Willy Mattes - "C'Mon Gary, Let's Dance" (1960)

From the 1960 German film, "Horrors Of Spider Island," we've created a collage of music from the Babs 'Dance tryout' at the beginning of the film, some looking for Gary footage from the middle, & the music from the party towards the end of the film. 3 minutes & 29 seconds of swingin' pleasure, we like to call "C'Mon Gary, Let's Dance."

HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER - John Ashley - "You Gotta Have Ee-Ooo" (1958)

Written by Skip Redwine & Paul Dunlap, "You Gotta Have Ee-Ooo" from the 1958 Classic "How To Make A Monster" was sung by teenage heart throb John Ashley. More of an actor than a singer, John belts this tune out like a Teenage Frankenstein & Teenage Werewolf were after him. Rent it, you'll see what we mean, more re-cycled monsters.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ECHEN ME EL VAMPIRO (Bring Me The Vampire) - Los Electronicos y Flavio - "A la Salud" (1963)

This 1963 Mexican movie, "Bring Me The Vampire" had this great choreographed number we like to refer to as the "Achoo" song, "A la Salud." Produced by K. Gordon Murray, We have literally seen bodies come back to life after hearing this song. Find a copy on DVD to see the splendor of the whole dance number. Salud!!

Achoo Song

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??