Wednesday, December 31, 2008


That's right folks, two nights running with the Maestro Gustavo César Carrión! It just don't get much better than that, and since we're rolling into yet another year, I've chose to do the same thing, because quite frankensteinly, tonight's film has everything you need to get you going again, so, from barely out of the 60's, here is "Santo El Enmascarado De Plata y Blue Demon Contra Los Monstruos"!!! Happy New Year and Feliz Año Nuevo, Aiiee, Aiiee, Aieee!!!

This film absolutely has it all!! Just to start off, you've got Wrasslin' Women!!

Santo gives his seal of approval!!

In this movie they have re-created every conceivable classic monster there was in a battle between what is arguably the two greatest Mexican wrasslers of all time El Santo and The Blue Demon with the help of chica newcomer Hedy Blue!!!

The Cazadores Blanco is starting to kick in now, but let me see if I can try and explain just a little bit of what the Hell is going on here! Awful mad scientist Otto Halder is brought back to life by his little buddy and sidekick Waldo, and then together they revive The Mummy, Frankenstein, Dracula, The Cyclops, The Wolfman and some vampire chicks to help them kick Santo's butt, because Otto has a particular vendetta against El Santo because his nice neice Hedy Blue is Santo's girlfriend which really fries his eggs!! Hedy and Santo can make out even with that mask on, that's how strong their love is!!

That's the meat and potatoes, everything else is just gravy!!

Just being an evil dwarf wasn't enuf for the character of Waldo portrayed by the legendary Santanón, they also had to make him a hunchback, you know, the two birds with one stone theory!

Otto and Waldo and their henchmen capture Blue Demon, and turn him into a bad guy!!

By the way, I did tell you this was a musical, didn't I? If all that action, intrigue, and adventure wasn't enuf for your solemn soul, in this movie, there is also one fantastic dance routine featuring one of Mexico's finest, Adalberto Martínez, or as he is more commonly known, "Resortes"! I'm sorry, but Resortes was doing pop-lock hip-hop dancing a good 20 years before it's time, and he's just one of the reasons this movie is a must see!!

So the gang's just chillin', watching Resortes act, and all these monsters decide to join the act!!

La Momia does a 9.5 off of the high board, and wins the silver medal!!

The DDPMFTMM 2008 WTF Award goes to these guys for their oufits alone!! Huevos grande!!

Otto & Waldo revive all the monsters and wreak havoc, then Santo gets involved & gets Blue Demon back to normal!

As Santo and Blue Demon kick all the monsters hind ends, the ever sinister Otto and Waldo show how tough they really are!!

All that ends well, ends well, except we have to say sweet dreams to the last loss of many loved ones in 2008, R.I.P. Pookie!!! We'll miss you!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

CURSE OF THE VOODOO - "The Bobby Breen Quintet" - "Night Club Music" (1965)

I'm not a big fan of second party mayhem, preferring a more hands on approach, so it's no wonder that voodoo movies are not my favorite of the horror genre, but voodoo movies are pretty consistent in the cool music department!! "The Dead One" is a perfect example and so is "Curse Of The Voodoo"! Now, I will admit, you're almost 99.9% sure of getting some bongo or other percussive persuasions in any voodoo, jungle, or island flick, so I like to let Tabonga handle those, since native girls are usually also involved, but tonight's a different story.

"Projected Man" Bryant Haliday, on the right plays big game hunter Mike Stacey, a terribly misunderstood man!!! Real quick, the idiot with the rifle wounds a lion, and Mike has to go into Simba territory to finish it off, and because he was trying to take care of business correctly, he is cursed.

What's cluckin' at the Chicken House??

"Curse Of The Voodoo" not only has some cool jazz, but check this out, they actually gave the cat some credit as "night club music by The Bobby Breen Quintet," but now, as fate would have it, you can't find out anything about Bobby at all!!!

The Major explains things to his blah, blah, blah, as Mike makes his entrance!!

There is a vocalist born in 1927 with the same name of Bobby Breen, who was so popular as a child singer and actor, that he was one of the faces on the cover of The Beatles' "Sergeant Pepper" album, and whose last film credit was in 1942, but this is a jazz group with no singer!! Is it possible Bobby is the fair skinned fellah playing the piano??

This dance number featuring Beryl Cunningham goes on for about three minutes uninterrupted with some of the finer pure music you're likely to hear in a monster movie or any other 60's film for that matter, kind of a cross between "Watermelon Man" and a slowed down "Soul Makossa!" Sweet!!! Will the real Bobby Breen please stand up? Thanx!!!

The "Tusk"-like less interesting music in the film is provided by Brian Fahey, who you can find out all kinds of information about!!!

So Mike tries desperately to get back with his wife, and asks her to meet him at this bar back in London, so they can talk things out!! She never shows up, so as he innocently waits, this gal played by Valli Newby tries to pick up on him!

Valli doesn't want to be alone, so Mike goes back to her place with her!

But he passes out, because he really just wants his family back!!

Next thing Mike knows is, everywhere he goes, he sees this guy, the wound he incurred while going after that lion is getting infected, and his whole life is going in the crapper unless he goes back to Africa to undo the curse real fast!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

RETURN OF THE FLY / 20th Century Fox - 1959 / Music by Paul Sawtell & Bert Shefter (SOUNDCLIP NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Good eefning everbloody, Tabonga Tuesday splash down yet again for you listen, view and brain-warp pleasure...

Wow, check out greatest Brit double-feature poster ever!!

Well, Bert Shefter and Paul Sawtell back here at Dungeon creating atmosphere for tonight' lil' shocker. They also work on CURSE OF THE FLY, THE NASTY RABBIT, KRONOS, THE BLACK SCORPION, TEENAGE ZOMBIES, THE FIEND THAT WALKED THE WEST, etc. Then, very Dungeon favorite Ed Bernds directing to top it all off!!

Flick start with Philippe' mom die, they at cemetary, it raining. Philippe all grown up and want to see father' old laboratory, so, Vinnie take him there. Bonus!.. Michael Marks play dude that find Philippe' dad crush in press from THE FLY. He tellin' them to keep away from that infernal equipment, only bad thing can come from it!

Here are tonight' bad guy, Ronald and Max, pretty much total sleaze balls!! Ronald work for Philippe and he gonna steal plans for teleporter and Max gots all the rich-bitch connection to sell for giant illegal profit!.. Like Bush and Cheney!!

Ronald have no problem putting guinea pig in teleporter with cop, then step on poor lil' defenseless guinea pig man.

Vinnie want to know where is Philippe so Ronald shoot him in stomach!!

They find Philippe when they do teleporter download!.. Oops, 'nother fly head!!

Big guy Ed Wolff play monster again, like Robot in THE PHANTOM CREEPS, Mutant in INVADERS FROM MARS, and Colossus in COLOSSUS OF NEW YORK!

They tell everbloody to look for fly with dude head... Cop find it!!

Dick get what... Err... Max get what he deserve!!

Ronald get what he deserve too!!

So, everything turn out just right!!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??