Thursday, August 30, 2007

THE LOST MISSILE - Fred Engelberg - "My Cousin Says Go Go Go" (1958)

It's Friday again and here it is already, our 100th post. It's a super special one time celebration kind of deal. We never planned on using videos, but just this one time! Here's something, we're sure you're only going to hear or see right here first, a small scene from "The Lost Missile" from 1958, where this guy played by Fred Engelberg is on TV singing a folk song & they need to break in for a public service announcement. This song is great, but it's so short you should just watch it over and over until you think you fully understand the deep meaning within! A big Thanx to everybody who has taken the time to drop a comment, it's always appreciated, "So keep your faith!" Here's the video and the audio file!

Go Go Go

BLOOD THIRST - "Some Very Sleazy Music With A Deadly Ending" (1965)

"Blood Thirst!" What can you say that hasn't already been repeated many, many times? Probably second only to "Citizen Kane" to many film historians as far as reel significance is concerned. Here's another stunning example of some Filipino ultra sleaze-lounge with a bad ending! Get your own bad self a copy, you won't believe the sheer magnitude and depth of this classic! We also own a large bridge in San Francisco that we need to sell if anyone is interested!

Thirst Sleaze

REPTILICUS - Dirch Passer - "Reptilicus Song" (1961)

In "Reptilicus" we were lucky enough to get two songs. Besides the marvelous Birthe Wilke song, there was a second one, a fun little tune from the night watchman, Mikkwlawn Peterson, played perfectly by the late Dirch Passer! Enjoy the "Reptilicus Song" with your kids, you'll have a great time! I'm sure it was all the rage in Denmark in 1961!

Dirch Passer

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

HILLBILLYS IN A HAUNTED HOUSE - Molly Bee - "Heartbreak U.S.A." (1967)

Molly Bee

Kinda like a country version of "Travelin' Man" by Ricky Nelson, but from a woman's viewpoint, but only in concept, the songs are completely different! Molly is Hot in her cowgirl outfit no doubt, and this is one of the better songs in the movie. "Heartbreak U.S.A." by Molly Bee from that crazy offbeat country/horror musical, "Hillbilly's In A Haunted House."

IM STAHLNETZ DES DR. MABUSE (The Return of Dr. Mabuse) - Peter Sandloff - "Opening Credits" (1961)

This is a very eerie and sinister German film from 1961 that has yet another incredible jazzy but rockin' score for a soundtrack, this time by a gentleman named Peter Sandloff. Anytime you've got an electric guitar, a honkin' sax, and some tribal drums, you can pretty much bet you got a winner!! Kinda like a winning lottery ticket for all you music lovers! Thanx Pete! Dig into "The Return Of Dr. Mabuse," because Damn, this is Hot!!!

Dr. Mabuse

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NIGHT FRIGHT - The Wildcats" "Night Fright Medley" (1967)

The movie "Night Fright" from 1967, has a band called The Wildcats playing pretty much through the whole thing. Here's a medley of a few of these not exactly wild, mundane, but engagingly provocative moments! It gets pretty good, they really start digging out at the end! This is funny, this film was released for TV as "Fright Night."

GHOST OF DRAGSTRIP HOLLOW - The Renegades - "Short Instrumental" (1959)

Here's a Very short little instrumental from "Ghost Of Dragsgtrip Hollow" that is just TOO good to be left behind. Love the cymbal crash at the end!! Short but worth every second!! Here's a good one from "The Renegades."

The Renegades

Monday, August 27, 2007

GOJIRA, EBIRA, MOSURA: NANKAI NO DAIKETTO (Godzilla Versus The Sea Monster) - Pair Bambi - "Samashite Mosura" (1966)

Well, the same year that Eric Spear died, Masaru Satô wrote this song. In 1966, The Peanuts had been replaced by Pair Bambi as Mothra's Little Beauties for whatever reason, and here they are singing "Samashite Mosura" which translates to "Mothra Awake." It takes awhile for Mothra to wake up, so this music continues through the movie off and on for a long time before they finally get that stubborn Mothra to come alive!
Pair Bambi
Being redundant really isn't very cool, but we're serious here, go & get this movie, and once again, for all of you not paying attention, it's called "Godzilla Vs. The Sea Monster." Got it?

DER FALL X701 (Frozen Alive) - Eric Spear - "Opening Credits" (1964)

This 1964 West German film was released in the U.S. as "Frozen Alive." It has a Killer jazzy soundtrack. Composer Eric Spear was active in the movies from the 1930's to the 1960's doing soundtracks for various genres of film. The music for "Der Fall X701" is really exceptional, & we think you'll dig it. Here's one for Eric, who passed away in 1966! What a great composer! Let's have a standing ovation, please!! Hey, is that monkey poking the finger?? What the.......
Frozen Alive - Opening Credits

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A BUCKET OF BLOOD - Alex Hassilev - "Murderer" (1959)

Almost out of "A Bucket Of Blood" material, but not quite yet. Here's the truthfully poignant folk song about a "Murderer" that plays when Walter is prompted for info on his next work of art. The expressions in the photos on Anthony Carbone's face are priceless, to say the least, and if you don't know what I'm talking about, do yourself and your family a favor & get yourself a copy of one of THE most interesting films EVER made, "A Bucket Of Blood." This song is sung by Alex Hassilev, one of the original members of the ultra famous folk group, "The Limeliters," and is a real hoot!!

Alex Hassilev - Murderer

LAS LUCHADORAS CONTRA EL MEDICO ASESINO (Doctor Of Doom) - Antonio Díaz Conde - "Girl Talk" 1963

"It's just something I can't forget, they murdered her 3 nights ago"?? Now let me get this straight, they murdered her sister 3 nights ago and she can't forget it, no, I don't get it either, maybe it had something to do with that dogpile. Women wrestlers, the logic, go figure!! Only used as real background music, we just had to include this sleazy little piece because this amazing film needs more exposure! So here you go, from 1963, a little conversation from the Mexican movie released in the U.S. as "Doctor Of Doom."

Saturday, August 25, 2007

EEGAH! - Arch Hall & The Archers - "Poolside Party" (1962)

Another stunning example of how talented Arch Hall & The Archers really were, here's a fantastic instrumental from the "Poolside Party," scene in "Eegah!" Get ready, you're gonna love this one, because it is one smokin' hot shoulda been a hit, as classic as anything you will ever hear in your life! Nice sax!!!!

Poolside Party

MANTANGO (Attack Of The Mushroom People) - Sadao Bekku - "Hallucination" (1963)

In "Attack Of The Mushroom People," well, you see, these people get stranded on this island with a bunch of weird fungi growing all over the place, and even though they seem intelligent enough, they still eat these weird, extra large, oddly coloured mushrooms, so, now, what do you think is going to happen? "Hallucination" by composer Sadao Bekku pretty much sums up the whole thing!


Friday, August 24, 2007

MONSTER A GO-GO - The Other Three - "Theme Song" (1965)

Bill!!! Herschell!!! My word, what were you thinking? You know we really hate to say this, but yes, the music by The Other Three, IS THE best part of the movie "Monster A Go-Go." Period!! We advise all of you to rent a copy from Netflix or somewhere, just to prove we ain't lieing! Great movie to drink cheap beer and make out to, they probably made a fortune at the drive-ins of America in 1965.
Monster A-Go Go

EL SONIDO PREHISTORICO - (The Sound Of Horror) - Luis de Pablo - "Calliope Dance" (1964)

Okay already, enough of the common everyday stuff, here's a Very Obscure & also very, very strange song from that oh, so, popular Spanish film, "The Sound Of Horror," released in America in 1964. Sound of Horror, get it? The monster is Invisible!! No Cheap-ass makeup required this time, so we can save like $7.29! The maid's name is Calliope; she's the one standing in the hall, and so it figgers that the music sounds like a Music Box going at 78 RPM. 30 years before New Order on speed! This is music coming from the radio, & the blonde gal is actually dancing to it. You just gotta see it!!! It is Unreal!

Calliope Music Dance

Thursday, August 23, 2007

HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND - Karl Bette & Willy Mattes - "Opening Credits" (1960)

Here's a real short, swingin' & sleazy selection that needs no further explanation! The opening credits sequence from "Horrors Of Spider Island."

Horrors Of Spider Island - Opening Credits

THE DEVIL'S PARTNER - Ronald Stein - "On The Jukebox" (1962)

Another small town cafe scene where someone drops a coin in the jukebox before the conversation gets going, and one more rockin' little Ron Stein number always gets the job done right. From "The Devil's Partner," here's that song from on the jukebox as a very cool Ed Nelson enters the room.

Devils Partner Jukebox


All right, all links reposted and tested and everything is in perfect working order as long as we don't exceed our bandwidth again, but still have got to find a better place to host the songs. Should still be able to provide a couple more new tunes before the night is over. This is probably about the half way point down this internet musical highway, because we're not sure if we can find more than about 160 songs that fit into the format we're set up, maybe if we're real lucky, we might make it to 200, but be prepared, it will end some time. Thanks for all the encouragement! And after getting all that done, I found out that my pal, the guy who inspired us to do this blog, Reverend Tom Frost, is living on the street. Now we're talking some serious injustice here & it's kind of a new little dark cloud hanging over all our heads, and has taken some of the fun out of this whole deal. Good luck Tom!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


There was a big fire in the laboratory and all the link files went down for a couple of days. Sorry about that, corrections have been made, we're looking for a better file hosting site, and for now about 70% of the links have been restored. Everything should be back at 100% by tomorrow, and then everything can resume again hopefully!

Monday, August 20, 2007

HILLBILLYS IN A HAUNTED HOUSE - Sonny James - "The Cat Came Back" (1967)

This one goes out for our ole buddy Reverend Frost in South Of Hell, France! This one's for you Tom!! This tune is by none other than Sonny James his self, it's "The Cat Came Back" from "Hillbillys In A Haunted House," vintage 1967. It's prefect and besides, we gotta find some way to work in all 13 of the songs from this movie somehow! Everybody else, go buy this movie, I guarantee you will not regret it, I promise!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

GOJIRA, EBIRA, MOSURA: NANKAI NO DAIKETTO (Godzilla Versus The Sea Monster) - Masaru Satô - "The Dance Contest" (1966)

All jokes aside this time, because this is one great film!! This movie has got it all, it looks awesome, it's funny, it's got big monsters & it has superior music by Masaru Satô. The dance contest music is just the best there is. Killer groove, horn section and guitars. It's SO good, we're doing a twofer, the English and the Japanese versions, just so you can really hear how voiceover changes things. This song is like a drug, it is so addicting. You can really believe those crazy kids were able to dance for 3 days if the music was this hot! Please, do yourself a favor, rent or buy this movie, it is a true cinematic wonder!! In the mean time, enjoy these tasty tidbits!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??