Monday, July 1, 2019

TALES OF TOMORROW / "The Search For The Flying Saucer" Season 1 Episode 11 - 1951

In this early Sci-Fi TV episode, Army pilot Vic Russo is grounded after reporting an encounter with a UFO, he's determined to proved that flying saucers exist. He travels to a remote New Mexico town to investigate reports of alien craft, but the locals clam up when he brings up the subject. That is, except for Crazy John, an old weirdo who offers to lead Vic to their landing site, a cave in a mountains!

This one stars Jack (BATMAN - Hot Rod Harry) Carter, Olive (THE TEN COMMANDMENTS) Deering, Vaughn (PSYCHO) Taylor and Maurice (THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US) Manson.

Vic Russo shows up in Las Palmas to start his search for proof of flying saucers. Mother Walker's Boarding House looks like a good place to find a room to stay in...

After he gets inside, he meets good old Crazy John, who's playing chess by himself. Then, Ginny Walker makes her entrance, wearing her sunbathing outfit...

Vic goes out into the public and asks a bunch of people if they have seen any UFOs lately... Unfortunately, they all have nothing to report and not happy about discussing the subject.

Back at the boarding house, Crazy John shows Vic something he says is off of a flying saucer. But, Vic wants more than a small piece of metal for proof.

Then it happens, Ginny has fallen for Vic, and Vic feels the same way about her!.. And, yet another very awkward live TV kiss.

Vic shares with Ginny all the reports of saucers in the US, he just can't believe that people are not more concerned!

Crazy John says that he knows where the flying saucers are and takes Vic into the mountains. At a certain location, he shows Vic the cave they are using. There's no activity at the moment and's a great way to not have to show any flying saucer model throughout the whole show. Cheap-ass mofos! Anyway, Vic leaves to go tell the authorities...

So, Ginny gives the head saucer-man a call and informs him that Vic has gone to the authorities and will be back soon to bust them! He tells her that they have to leave the place immediately. Ginny's torn, she keeps saying... My mission here was not to fall in love!! So, there you go, long distant romances never seem to work out. Tune in Wednesday as The Dungeon continues its epic journey down that dusty wild 'n' weird flick trail...

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