Monday, December 30, 2019


Welcome to the last post of the decade, here, at The Dungeon!.. I tried to be funny but reality is a sadistic task master nowadays. But, enjoy anyway, like, what do you have to lose?!..

Here's a laff leftover from the holidays...

Here's one for those faced with the task of returning a present they just don't like!

Here's a public service announcement from concerned monsters...

And lastly, a public service announcement from concerned aliens...

Well, there you go, goodbye 2019, hello WTF!! We'll be back on Wednesday to post our first review of the new year and decade, wonder what it'll be??..

Saturday, December 28, 2019

LADY JAMES BOND - "The Kind You'd Like To Flaunt" (1980)

 Tonight's almost end of  the year Saturday Night Special is a little extra special.
It's titled "Lady James Bond" and is a Telugu movie made in 1980.

 "Lady James Bond" is 2 hours and 17 minutes long, and my copy is not in English!

 Just to prove it 's legit!

 On IMDB, the only credits are for the star whose name was Silk Smitha. Silk Smitha was a super popular actress in India in the 1980's. IMDB says she has 173 acting credits while Wikipedia says she was in over 450 films. All they really know was that she tragically died at the age of 35 from an apparent suicide.

 When she's not busy kicking bad guy's butts or being tied to train tracks................

 ............"Lady James Bond" is a dancing machine!

As far as I'm concerned, the best parts of the film are the insanely choreographed song and dance numbers, or maybe it's that they were the only scenes that I almost understood!

I said almost!
The concept of a "Lady James Bond" has been very popular in India over the years with the same exact title being used in 1972, 2003, and even in 2019.

To describe a dance number like this is really something that I can't put into words, but the good news is that this krazy movie is all over YouTube either as the whole movie, or some excerpts like this one, so you can figure it out on your own for free!
I hope you're inebriated otherwise this probably won't make much sense! So, just sit back and bask in a bit of that which is known as "Lady James Bond!"

Friday, December 27, 2019

MERRIE MELODIES / "The Bashful Buzzard" - 1945

After a month of battling a cold, I require humor, humor I tells ya'... So, here's a super classic WB cartoon directed by Bob Clampett, one I'm sure we all remember. It stars that goofy Beaky Buzzard and his family in this hilarious tale...

Here's Momma buzzard giving her little ones a pep talk before they head out to find something to have for supper.

Beaky is so damn bashful, he just doesn't want to join his brothers in the hunt, well, until mom boots him in the rear end and sends him on his way!

There's quite a difference between Beaky and his brothers' intensity over the hunt.

So, Beaky brings back zilch, causing mom to slap him around a little bit, trying to knock some sense into him!

After Beaky sees his bros bring back some sheep, he tries his hand at the task...

He zooms in for the kill but makes a huge mistake, and gets a bunch of bumps on top of his head for the effort.

His brothers are kicking A in the hunting department, and even bring back an elephants or two!

Beaky's bringing back a baby bumble bee! He's so proud of himself until Daddy bumble bee comes along and finds out that Beaky is responsible for the problem!

After getting stung in the rear, Beaky tries to cool things off a bit. Suddenly, Shorty shows up and laughs at Beaky, because it's funny...

After sizing things up, Beaky punches Shorty right in the mush!

Beaky tries to manhandle the dragon, well, until Shorty's had enough!!..

Mom calls out for her missing baby... Keeler, come home!!

A little beat up, Beaky shows up. Mom lectures him once again, he never, ever brings home even one morsel of food for the family. What sa'matta with my leetle-a Keeler?!

As it turns out, Beaky finally brings home something for the pot... We're back tomorrow as we wind down this decade, Lord help us all...

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

MAX HEADROOM - "Merry Christmas, Santa Claus" (1985)

I don't know what to say on this Christmas Day 2019, so I'll just let Max Headroom say it for me!

It was 34 years ago in 1985 when Max brought out this video as an homage to the big guy himself!

And the sentiment is still true to this day!
Now it's a staple on everybody's Christmas list!

"Ding, Dong, Ding!"

"Merry Christmas Santa Claus, you're a lovely guy!

And here's a little gift from Max and me!..."And to all a good night!"

Monday, December 23, 2019

THE OUTER LIMITS / "Corpus Earthling" Season 1 Episode 9 - 1963

What's XMAS without some Outer Limits!.. That's what I always say. So, here is a very depressing episode from the first season, and, it goes like this... A parasitic advance guard from outer space strives to kill a physician because he's the only human who can hear them communicate because of a metal plate in his head. The physician believes he's gone insane because he first heard the aliens right after suffering a concussion in a lab explosion. His wife, the laboratory assistant, comforts him while the lab's geologist is targeted for takeover by the parasites.

This one stars Robert Culp, who played tennis bum Kelly Robinson on I SPY, a show I loved back in the day. Salome Jens plays Robert's wife, she was the crazy looking gal from the future in TERROR FROM THE YEAR 5000, what Eegah!! and I saw around 1960 at the theater. It also stars Barry (THE INVADERS) Atwater, Ken (KILLER DILLER) Renard and David (TRAUMA) Garner.

Here's Laurie Cameron in the lab, she's putting up some new rock samples for study.

After an explosion, Paul Cameron is dazed, he claims to have heard some alien voices discussing the plans for an invasion of Earth! But like, you know,.. What, The, HELL!!

The other person at the lab, Dr. Temple, and Laurie, surmise that the metal plate in Paul's head (he was wounded in WWII) could have served as a receiver (they actually believe him!).

But later, Paul starts hearing the voices again, and, he becomes hypnotized and is ordered to jump out of a third story window!! He's barely saved from the fall.

After Paul and Laurie leave, and have decided on a vacation in Mexico, one rock transforms into a slimy parasite and attacks Dr. Temple. It isn't long before the thing takes over his body.

And now, he looks like this!!.. The thing knows what it has to do.

Pant, phew... It's hot and sultry in Mexico this time of year you know... hubba hubba!

And guess who shows up to ruin all the fun while Paul's away?.. Doh! Stupid question!

Well, it's not long before Laurie becomes a victim, and, it ain't pretty! I have to tell you, this episode is a real horror fest, and, it gets worse!

So, Paul returns to his adored wife and is greeted by THIS!.. He makes a hasty retreat and disappears into the city to hide from the invaders.

W!.. T!!.. F!!!..

Blind shadows is one of my fondest memories from the fifties!

Now back at the ranch, Paul has to fend off the thing's attack and ends up stabbing it with a scalpel, killing Dr. Temple and releasing the parasite. That second still is pretty damn freaky!

Anyway, here's the deal... Paul ends up shooting his 'wife' to destroy both parasites with fire. He carries his dead wife to the car as the narrator bids us adieu with a dire warning, watch out for monsters!! Happy Holidays Ever'bloody! Later!..

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??