Monday, February 28, 2022

THE MANSTER In Color - 1959

So, here's another classic fifties sci-fi horror movie that was recently colorized by United Artists. And, Eegah and I saw this one at the theater when it came to our town in late 1959 when we were in 6th grade. We loved it, what a wild and weird story, right up our alley!

It's about an American reporter who's given a strange injection by a scientist that turns him into a two-headed man-monster. It stars Peter Dyneley, Jane Hylton, Tetsu Nakamura, Terri Zimmern and Norman Van Hawley.

Things start with this ape-like creature here, he had escaped earlier from the lab and killed a number of women at a bath house, and has now returned.

It is the secret lab of Dr. Robert Suzuki, in the mountains, away from the city. He's experimenting with genetic manipulation, and the creature is his own brother! He has caused too much trouble and must be destroyed...

Larry Stanford is a reporter who was invited to Dr. Suzuki's place for an interview with the doctor for his newspaper.

The whole time, Suzuki planned on knocking out and injecting Larry with his formula.

Larry has changed, he just wants to drink and have fun with his new friend, Tara, Dr. Suzuki's lab assistant. When he goes to his apartment with Tara, he finds his wife Linda waiting there with Larry's boss, Ian. They basically want to know what the Hell's wrong with him.

Later, Larry starts to change...

His right hand has changed into one hideous sight!

Back at the lab, Dr. Suzuki tells Tara that Larry's about to go through a big change!

Let's face it, that would freak you out a little bit!

At this point, Larry's not really there!

Dr. Suzuki has one more murder to commit, he needs to put another of his experiments, Emiko, out of her misery. Alas, Emiko is his wife!

The Manster has made its way back to the lab, and receives one last injection from Dr. Suzuki. Soon thereafter though, the monster tosses the doctor into the incinerator!!

The place is coming unglued, so the Manster heads back outside...

Once back in the forest, the man and the monster split away from each other. The alternative title of the movie is... THE SPLIT!

The monster ends up tossing Tara into the volcano, and...

It goes after Larry, who has changed back to normal now. Larry fights back and ends up tossing the monster itself into the volcano!!

As Larry's carried off on a stretcher, Linda and Ian wonder how much on this is really Larry's fault. Love this crazy movie!

Saturday, February 26, 2022

FATAL INSTINCT - "One Extra-Large Joke" (1993)

This week's Saturday Night Special is a film from 1993 that is a spoof of 80's Film Noir, and a series of one liners, sight gags, jokes, and gigles, and the most special thing about it, is that it works!
I find most films like this tedious to watch, but I think it's safe to assume that this film is different because it was directed by supreme funny guy, Carl Reiner, the guy who wrote "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid," and "The Man With Two Brains."

The star of this show is the amazing Armand (Judge Dredd) Assante as Detective/Attorney Ned Ravine.

Ned and his partner, John (Bird) Witherspoon as Arch, are on a stakeout for a robber who wears a stocking over his head.

There's a hot pursuit on the Bumper Car ride!
This smokin' hot dame named Lola, who always has something stuck to the bottom of her shoe, shows up. The background music is cool, and the cat playing it, is the late Clarence Clemons, who is also in the background.
Ned Ravine's wife is having a torrid affair with a younger man. In this scene, after they have sex, they smoke cigarettes without lighting them. Kate (Terror Stalks The Class Reunion) Nelligan is Ned's unfaithful wife Lana, and Christopher (Happy Gilmore) McDonald is her lover Frank.

One of my favorite scenes is when Ned has trouble trying to pick out something to wear. Usually his secretary has to help him decide.

In his squad car, Ned has a ceiling fan.

This card from "The Hot Club" was so hot, it was smouldering!

Lola was played by Sean (Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde) Young.

A real mean and vile character named Max Shady who Ned defended in court but lost, is getting out and wants revenge on Ned for losing the case.

Armand Assante might be the star, but in my opinion, Sherilyn Fenn as his secretary Laura Lincolnberry, steals the show.

Sherilyn Fenn is one of those exceptional talents who besides being beautiful, is also incredibly funny, and this film seems made for her. Here she shows Ned the threatening faxes Max Shady is sending him. 

When Laura pulls out a gun, Ned asks her, "Where did you get that from?" and her answer is "My purse." That's the kind of silly stuff you can expect from this movie.

Ned and Laura go out for a drink, and as she dreams about what he thinks about her, he's thinking how stupid she looks with this 'Beer Bimbo" hat on.

Many of the sight gags are subtle, but most of them are in your face!

Besides all that good stuff, there is a plethora of guest stars like Rosie O'Donnell.

When Ned has to defend his wife, there are broadcast announcers in the court, and Bob Uecker calls the play by play action!

 Judge Harlan Skanky is played by the always enjoyable Tony (The Odd Couple) Randall.

When the background music switches from saxophone to trumpet, Ned opens a closet door to find Doc Severinsen sitting in for Clarence Clemons, stating that Clarence had another gig to attend.

Even Carl Reiner himself makes a cameo appearance in a urinal scene.
I'd say we could all use a good laugh these days, I found this one on Amazon.

Friday, February 25, 2022

METALOCALYPSE: DETHKLOK / "Snakes N' Barrels" - 2006

Here's one of my favorite episodes because it's pure insanity...

Before Pickles joined Dethklok, he was in a band called Snakes N' Barrels. They gained great notoriety and were on top of the charts.

Unfortunately, there was a problem, booze, cocaine and heroine, and after their success they broke up because of their addictions, basically they could not perform, just be stoned!

The Council is always looking for a way to derail Dethklok, as they are the most famous and rich metal band on Earth. And it's hurting the world economies.

They bring in their specialist on mind control who has a military strength formula called Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake that will erase the user's mind. They plan on giving it to Snakes N' Barrels (and especially Pickles) before their reunion tour begins.

Pickles has left to meet with his former bandmates to practice before the event, and Murderface is worried that Pickles may leave Dethklok.

Pickles has arrived and it's time to practice their tunes. The other band members are Antonio 'Tony' DeMarco Thunderbottom on bass, Sammy 'Candynose' Twinskins on drums, and Snizzy Snazz Bullets on rhythm guitar. Pickles is the singer and lead guitarist. Problem is, everyone has been clean for years (except Pickles) and can't play for shit!

Tony doesn't even turn his amp on because he doesn't want his electricity bill to go up, and Sammy sits on the bass drum instead of behind it! And boy do they suck!

Pickles copes with the problem the best way he knows how.

Well, it's almost time for the boys to go on stage, and the Council's agent (with fake beard) shows up to give the guys four vials of Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake.

And, they all take it!!

The band breaks into a very cool tune called "Water Horsey Blues" and they are starting to feel the effects of the drug.

Tony starts seeing snakes coming at him, and starts screaming his head off!

Sammy sees a demon coming for him!

Snizzy thinks he's being attacked by demon babies, he even thinks that he's naked on a light beam, trying to get away!

Tony imagines himself being attack by venomous snakes!

The band members end up with their minds erased, just standing there, drooling.

A double album is produced and it immediately shoots to number one on the charts, leaving Tony, Sammy and Snizzy all with their minds erased!

The other Dethklok members ask Pickles why his mind didn't get erased, and he says it's because he's been doing heavy drugs his whole life, so it didn't have any lasting effects! Just another day in the lives of Dethklok.

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??