Saturday, July 26, 2008


There was a movie made in Russia in 1962 entitled "Planeta Bur" or "The Planet Of Storms." It was bought and chopped up with new insertions using name talents Faith Domergue and Basil Rathbone and re-released in 1965 with Curtis Harrington at the helm as "Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet." Then in 1968 wunderkind Peter Bogdanovich tried his hand at it, but this time they tried the sex angle, and used blonde bombshell Mamie Van Doren as Moana and the Venus Vixens as inserts, and released it as "Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women" but unfortunately, it still sucked! By the way, none of these movies should be confused with "Prehistoric Women" from 1950 or "Slave Girls" aka "Prehistoric Women" from 1967 or "Women Of The Prehistoric Planet" from 1966!

For being a quite stunning gal, Faith Domergue looks pretty trashy with this big space hairdo! Mostly she's just bored!

Actually, I still can't get over the fact they named Mamie Moana!! The guy that thought that one up is still institutionalized somewhere!!!

Robby The Russian Robot!!

Here's four of the reasons Roger wanted to remake this movie!!

Here's some of the scarier footage from the original film!

Here's five more reasons to remake this movie!!!

"Planeta Bur" was probably the best version, they should have just left it alone!!! Roger Corman obviously really thought this film had a lot of potential and was in it up to his elbows, and the poor unknowing American chump moviegoers were duped out of another 25 cents because of it! Some things haven't changed!!

Oh, no, they killed the equivalent of Hugh Hefner, the Venuisan girls God!!!

Man, we're all in trouble now, Moana Mamie had to put on the big chef hat!! That's it!! We're all doomed!!

Ron Stein added some music to the 'Planet' version, Keith Benjamin did his best with the 'Women' version, but really, even the music isn't that great!!

"Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet Of Prehistoric Women"


Azathoth said...

Wow! You have succeeded in giving me the feeling somebody else has been crawling around in my brain! (Is there a word for that?)

I have just been working on a post for these films on my blog plus awhile back I posted Prehistoric Women and Slave Girls so everything you mentioned here (minus Women Of The Prehistoric Planet 1966) I have been immersed in myself!

This sort of thing keeps happening to the point that I am beginning to seriously believe all of us bloggers with horror/sci-fi movie and/or music themed blogs are somehow sharing one collective consciousness.

Great dialog mp3, thanx! :)

Greg Goodsell said...

Mamie Van Doren STILL looks great at the age of 74!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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