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PROJECT: KILL - "Total Lonely World Control" (1976)

Well, I just found out that this blog has been nominated again for the fourth year in a row  for a Rondo Award in the category of "Best Blog 2012." It's still listed as Monstermoviemusic on the ballot, and I'm sure we don't stand a mummy's chance in a sandstorm, but just in case you want to vote, you can go right HERE! Tell 'em Eegah!! sent you!!!

Despite how cool this picture looks, if I had to watch all the movies I've written about again, "Project: Kill" would be way down at the bottom of the list for various reasons, number one being it's not a very good movie! "Project: Kill" was also released as "Total Control!"

Somebody get over there and push the "Go" button so we can get this going and over with!

                                                                          Roll it!!!

Tricky location!

A lot of you younger people probably don't even realize that Leslie Nielsen used to be a serious actor! Of course my favourite out of  his 252 acting credits was not "Naked Gun" or "Airplane!" but "Forbidden Planet!" In "Project: Kill" Leslie is a government trained killer who wants out of the business!

It's up to Leslie's protégé Gary Lockwood to track him down and stop him! Of course Gary would be better remembered for his roles in films like "The Magic Sword!" or "2001: A Space Odyssey!"

This shot just looks completely pretentious! Standing off in the distance is the love interest of the story, Nancy (The World Of Suzie Wong) Kwan!

"The Lonely World" was sung by Pilita Corrales with lyrics by Sid Wayne and music by Robert O. Ragland! Talk about big guns, Sid Wayne wrote Lyrics for a bunch of Elvis songs like "Do The Clam," "Spinout" and "Clambake!"

                                                       "Private!" That means keep out!!

                                                    This door is locked for a reason!!

           It was a given that there was going to be a place called the Paradise Hotel somewhere in this film!

Most of "Project: Kill" was filmed in The Philippines, so there are lots of  Asian bad guys! One of the hoods is played by an actor who has one of the coolest names I've ever heard of! His name was Vultures Stuntmen! Now that's special!

Ollie Ollie Oxen, Free, Free, Free!! Come out, come out, wherever you are!!

                                                               The BIG showdown!!

Hey, where's the ref? That looks like a flagrant choke hold!

                          Of course, in the end, just like in the beginning, nothing gets accomplished!

I don't know how this keeps happening, but once again I found out just as I was writing this, that if you really want to, you can download "Project: Kill" for free over at "The Internet Archive." Okay, that's it for me for this month, stick around, we've actually got some good titles coming up in the next couple of months!

Monday, February 25, 2013

RIDERS TO THE STARS / Ivan Tors Productions - 1954

It's Meteor Mayhem Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. It's a redo post from the past all about the first rocket jockeys who pioneered catching meteors, an idea that has never really caught on! Seriously, how in the Hell could anyone catch a meteor?! This flick played on fifties TV regularly, that's where I first saw it, filmed in Supercinecolor even though it was always broadcast in b/w back then...

Kitty White sings the theme in this nice soundclip Eegah!! just sent over, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button over there by purple whatchamacallit, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula! Here's some audio from... RIDERS TO THE STARS!

The sci-fi story's written by Curt (THE WOLFMAN) Siodmak. The military races to get a 'black box' with info retrieved from a flight into space.

This is a cool looking scene where US agents are trying to aquire astronauts to chase meteors for their space program. Here's William (MEN INTO SPACE) Lundigan changing the bulb in his dark office.

King (INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS) Donovan questions Richard (THE MAGNETIC MONSTER) Carlson about becoming a rocket jock.

Richard's girlfiend's a hot chick that does commercials (she's sitting in the driver's seat) and who doesn't wear a bra!

Wow, the film crew had good access to some pretty awesome space equipment for some of the shots, like at this centrifuge at the University of Southern California for example! Martha (ABBOTT AND COSTELLO GO TO MARS) Hyer plays the very capable and shapely assistant.

William obviously went for a ride in it. Wheeeee!!!..

Just love this stock footage shot, that's all..

It's all about the meteor scoop!

Five..... four..... three..... two.....

Three rockets are launched to try and capture a meteor. The way they portrayed the Earth in the fifties is hilarious, WTF!

Of course, their first attempt ends in total failure!

As a kid, this is the part I always remembered, pretty shocking back then.

Richard looks through his scope and sees his dead amigo, so, totally freaks out! He unbuckles himself from his seat and floats in the cabin! Even worse, the gravity sticks him to the ceiling, making him helpless to prevent his own death!! Seriously wild scene.

Then, things go south for William after he captures a meteor!

When NASA was just a Rambler ambulance and a Chevy firetruck!

William crashes the rocket in the desert but survives the ordeal. I remember that shot of the tore up rocket in the early issues of FAMOUS MONSTERS and in SPACEMEN...

Here's what all the hoopla is about, a sparkling meteor from space with many secrets to tell those who will listen! Reminds me of ANDROMEDA STRAIN.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

THE DEVIL COMMANDS - "The Iron Hand Of Horror" (1941)

"The Devil Commands" is a freaky little picture! First off, there's no Devil in it, or even any reference to one, except in the title that I noticed!

It's actually about a poor misguided man searching for a way to reunite himself with a deceased person he loves more than anything, who, in this case, just happens to be his wife!

Boris Karloff is that man, a role he always plays so well! His name this go round is Dr. Julian Blair!

Dr. Blair is experimenting with brain waves, and communication without speaking!

One dark and dreary night his wife is accidently killed while she is sitting in a parked car waiting for him in the pouring rain!

Dr. Blair is a wreck himself after that incident and horribly distraught!

Firmly believing there is a path to the other side, Dr. Blair seeks solace with the local medium Mrs. Blanche Walters played by the Oscar Winning Anne (SCUDDA HOO! SCUDDA HAY!) Revere! I was going to make a joke that she was Paul Revere's wife, but then I found out that she was actually Paul Revere's descendant!

Dr. Blair wastes no time proving that Mrs. Walters is a phony, but yet he still believes she has more moxie than your run of the mill fake medium, and decides to invite her back to his mad lab for some further experimentation!

Mrs. Walters is a tough bird! Dr. Blair shoots ten thousand volts through her, but just like a Timex watch, she takes a licking and comes back ticking!

The two of them with the help of Dr. Blair's slightly warped assistant Karl, move to an old mansion and set up shop anew with the help of a few dead locals! Karl was played by Cy Schindell, who despite only living to the age of 41 before succumbing to cancer, was able to wrack up 152 acting credits including quite a few "Three Stooges" shorts!

Dorthy (Hot Rod Rumble) Adams as Mrs. Marcy the maid is just about to bite off a whole lot more than she can chew! Snooping around just doesn't pay!!

Whoa! A Dead body inside some kind of rockin' robot getup, what gives around this joint! AAaaaahhhh!!!

Right about here, this movie gets real creepy as all the bodies kind of come alive and start gyrating and bouncing around like a bunch of robots in some mad electric poker party!

The surge of electricity is way too much for Mrs. Marcy, so now Dr. Blair has really got a murder on his hands! Before it was just stealing bodies, but now they've actually killed somebody!

The local law enforcement was already suspicious, but when Mrs. Marcy doesn't come back home from work, her husband demands that the law investigates things a little further! Sherriff Ed Willis is played by Kenneth (Punchy Cowpunchers) MacDonald, and Seth Marcy is played by Walter (The first "Floyd The Barber") Baldwin!

Blanche Walters goes on one last wild ride! Aaiiieeee!!!!

Dr. Blair has now totally lost it, and is willing to sacrifice his loving daughter's life just to be able to speak to his dead wife again! Anne Blair was played by Amanda Duff! This film must have been enough for Amanda who called it quits after only 8 acting credits! After what they did to her in this film, you can't hardly blame her!

After the locals storm the house just like in a "Frankenstein" movie, Dr. Blair gives it one last final attempt! He's getting so close he can almost taste it!

But instead of success, the whole place crumbles down around him! What a weird movie, simple, short at 65 minutes, and very effective, but I still don't think they should blame the devil!

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