Monday, July 29, 2019

THE WORLD OF THE VAMPIRES / It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World! - 1961

Today, I'm redoing a post from 10 years ago, it's a Mexican horror flick about a vampire that uses two sisters to seek revenge from the last member of a family that persecuted the undead in Europe, but his plan is threatened by a man who knows how to destroy him with a peculiar piece of music!

We start with an overhead shot of Count Subotai, a local vampire that is out to rid the remaining ancestors of the man that offended him many years earlier! Wow, a sensitive vampire, he got dissed! Check out his cool skull and bone organ!

The Count makes an appearance at the home of the family he wants to destroy. He's there shopping for victims, but a famous musician, Rodolfo Sabre, is visiting and playing some obscure compositions from around the world. After he plays a tune from Romania, the Count freaks out and stops Sabre from continuing. Then, he leaves the get together.

Outside though, he tempts one of the family's daughters to meet him at his place...

Later, Mr. Colman is kidnapped by one of the Count's vampires and taken to the blood sucker.

In the meantime, Rodolfo is paid a visit from a female vampire and is bitten in his sleep. When he wakes up in the morning, his hands now have claws and are covered with hair... What the?!

Rodolfo and Mirta go to the Count's place. They are greeted by Subotai's servant, an imbecile, who lets them in. When their backs are turned, the crazed helper conks Rodolfo on the head and puts Mirta in a locked room. When he comes back, Rodolfo fights him off and knocks him out! Our hero then searches for his other friends.

Mirta tries to get out of the room but ends up finding stuff she didn't want to find.

Rodolfo and Senior Colman are then led to Count Subotai by a female vampire...

The Count is playing an evil tune on the organ for his minions, what are all digging the vibe!

Rodolfo and Colman join the crowd, but, what can they possibly do to stop the monster?!

Rodolfo has a plan, as he punches away, he clocks vampire after vampire making his way to the organ! The Count is getting more and more concerned as Rodolfo inches closer to the organ!

Then it happens, Rodolfo starts playing a tune that drives the vampires totally cwazy!..

All the Count's men faw' down an' go BOOM!.. Like, Kaputsville!..

The climax has Rodolfo and the Count wrestling above the Count's stake pit. One good roll over and the Count heads south for the winter.

So, the head vampire ist tot and Rodolfo's hands are back to normal. Unfortunately, the Count goes back to Hell, where he belongs!.. We're back Wednesday with more craziness, here, at The Dungeon!!

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